As Percy Miller aka Master P prepares to launch his new cable network BBTV (Better Black Television) this fall, the current oil spill situation in the gulf sits heavily on his mind.  After the struggles of Hurricane Katrina in his home state of Louisiana he feels people don’t understand how it’s gonna affect “the entire country”.  And I agree!

He tells AllHipHop:

“It’s definitely something that’s another tragedy for our community. You have to realize we have to prepare for this but you never know when something like the oil spill will happen. It’s out of control and it’s killing the animals and the business (for) people that do fishing in that area (sic). People don’t realize how this is going to affect the entire country.”

It’s easier for some of us to be unconcerned because we are not the ones being affected directly by the oil spill.   I can only imagine what it’s like for all those who live along the gulf coast.  People daily lives, businesses and wildlife are at stake.  It affects all of us,  think about the different types of seafood we eat daily.  And boy do I love seafood! *makes a call to Red Lobster*

But on a serious note I hope BP gets the leak under control before Hurricane season gets in good.  *Cross fingers*   At the same time, after it’s all over and cleaned up BP needs to be severely punished! The amount of damaged they caused is unspeakable. SMH.

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