Can you imagine a judging panel that could possibly include rap pioneers like Jay-Z, Run DMC, Lil Kim, MC Lyte, Eve, 50 Cent, Nas, T.I. or even LL Cool J?  If we leave it to boss man Snoop Dogg dog it may just happen. Snopp Dogg has announced plans to produce a new reality show to find the next Hip Hop star.

According to The Guardian UK:

The rapper Snoop Dogg has announced he wants to produce an X Factor-style television programme to find the next big hip-hop star.

The 39-year-old singer, who is in the UK to promote the launch of his 11th studio album Doggumentary, said that although he thought X Factor and American Idol were “great shows”, he felt there was space in the market for a televised talent contest “straight directed to the hood … at people with no money, just talent”.

He said: “I’m looking for a deal from a network to find America’s hottest hood artists.”

To be honest; with the recent success of The Voice, there is definitely room for a reality competition show geared towards the Hip-Hop community.  If Snoop actually brings his vision to life, he will most definitely have a hit on his hands.  Let’s just hope & pray Lil Mama is not involved. LOL (Sidenote:  I would love to see Lil Kim as a judge). 

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