a picture speaks a thousand words…..

Look what we have here! My boy Kenyon Martin had the look of shame on his face when he walked outside Trina’s trailer & a photographer snapped that darn pic.  Trina was on the set of her new video Hit It Right, a track off her new mix-tape when they were caught in action.

Rumors on the street suggest that the couple are back together again. If you look closely Kenyon has on a pair of  flip flop & Trina was dressed for her video shoot when they both excited the trailer.

Now, we could say maybe’s he’s making a cameo in her new video but I doubt it.  If that were the case, why in the hell would they be sharing a trailer. Like the old saying goes “a picture speaks a thousand words”.

Check out the clip of Trina on the set of her new video “Hit It Right” below.  Who ever shot this video sideways with their Android needs to be fired.

If they are or are not back together that’s their business. At the end of the day I support them both and I hope they are happy.

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