Now that the NBA season has come to a close for Dallas, forward Shawn Marion is looking ahead to the future.  Shawn has announced plans to move forward with his very own reality show based on the various women in his life.

The show dubbed “The Ladies Of My Life” has been in works for more than a year. However, if you’re expecting to see some Chad Ochocinco type sh*t go down, you can forget it, not that type of show.

The show, first reported by TMZ, won’t be some scandalous look at the NBA dating scene. Yes, the charismatic, 6-foot-7 Marion is a happy-go-lucky bachelor and more than just a bit of a fashionista, from his collection of Gucci footwear to designer eyewear — non-prescription, of course.

The ladies’ man will involve some dating in the show to spice it up, but the ladies who will share the show’s spotlight are those dearest to Marion: his mother, Elaine; his twin sister, Shawnett; and his two younger sisters.

“It’s going to deal with me and how I have mostly all ladies in my life,” Marion said Wednesday prior to the team’s morning shootaround. “I’m single-mother raised and I have all sisters and I have a single-mother foundation, so it’s about all that.”

At least one teammate said Marion is a can’t-miss reality TV personality.  “He’s actually reality-comedy every day in the locker room,” Mavs guard Jason Terry said. “We always tell him he needs to get his own show.

I guess everyone wants to display their life story to the public these days.  Interesting….


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