on today…Monday June 6

After serving a 21 month sentence for accidentally shooting himself in the leg in a Manhattan night club, Virginia’s own Plaxico Burress is now a free man.  The former New York Giant walked out the Oneida Correctional Facility in New York this morning with his head up.

With the past now behind him, Plaxico is wasting no time in moving forward with his NFL career.  According to his agent, the former Giants wide receiver is then scheduled to fly to Fort Lauderdale, where he will begin training in anticipation of resuming his NFL career.

Here’s what his agent Drew Rosenhaus had to say:

“First morning I’ve woken up in about 21 months to see my client as a free man, happy to be back under good circumstances.  I think he’s learned an awful lot.

He knows that he obviously made a mistake and certainly the maturation from being in this type of environment for so many months to reflect on your life and the things you might do differently.

To miss two NFL seasons in the prime of your career, to not be with your family, most importantly, to lose out on millions and millions of dollars – these are things that have forced him certainly to evaluate his life and we all would become a better person. So there’s no question, the teams I’ve talked to certainly haven’t expressed any concerns in that capacity.”

On what team Plaxico would sign to:

“I wouldn’t rule out any team. I wouldn’t rule out the Giants, I wouldn’t rule out any club,” Rosenhaus said. “I really won’t talk about specific teams because I don’t want to hurt his position. As far as the Giants, my personal opinion is he wouldn’t rule them out. I certainly wouldn’t. We are going to be open to all 32 teams. … Ultimately this will be Plax’s decision, not mine. I am here to help him pick the best spot and get the very best contract. And that is what we will do.”

One less “black” man in the prison system, this call for a celebration! If Michael Vick did it then so can Plaxico.  We all make mistakes but its all bout how to learn from it and move forward.  I wish him luck.


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