RL, T-Low & Tweet are back; I never thought I would see this day come.  I don’t know about y’all but Next was one of my favorite male R&B groups of the 90’s next to 112, Jagged Edge & Boyz II Men.

For the longest time I been have been waiting on this fellas to get their sh*t together and it looks like they did.  All original member’s of the group were able to handle their differences like man and are back together working on a new album.

Now that band settled their differences and T-Low’s throat condition has been successfully corrected through surgery, Next is embarking on their fourth studio album ‘Music 101.’

As the band records new material, Tweet describes the group by saying, “We are giving the world that raw R&B we are known for. Stellar vocals, clever lyrics, and harmony that will move any audience…Our performance game has elevated with our maturity and experiences.”

It’s about darn time now I need to go find Brownstone. LOL

Their song “Too Close” was the business back in the days. In celebration of their return let’s get this party started.


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