The city known as our nations capital (Washington DC), where I live, work, eat & play has always been dubbed “Chocolate City” due to its large population of African-American’s since my existence.   After becoming the first city in our nation to have an African-American majority nearly 51 years ago, it’s no more.

Washington’s black population slipped below 50 percent this year, possibly in February, about 51 years after it gained a majority, according to an estimate by William Frey, the senior demographer at the Brookings Institution.

The white population jumped by 31 percent in the past decade, while the black population declined by 11 percent — many less affluent blacks say they are feeling left out of the city’s improving fortunes. In April, the Census Bureau reported that Ward 8, in the city’s mostly poor and black southeast, had the highest jobless rate in the country.

Despite the decline to African-American population, one thing remains and will never be changed.  Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton has this to say: “This is a cosmopolitan, artsy town, black people laid down a culture that lives here. The flavor of the city is not going to change with whites moving in.”

I think the landscape of DC has been changing dramatically for the past few years, higher business taxes, more revitalization of neighborhoods and even the bad economy has taken a toll on some  African-American’s.  However, at the same time many have chosen to leave the city to head to south (Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia).  No matter what this will always be Chocolate City!


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