…of her new movie role

The above photo of Mary J Blige has been making it’s way around the Internet.  As usual folks started spreading rumors and lie’s that it was “allegedly” her new look for her upcoming album “My Life II: The Journey Continues“.  However, that’s not the case at all.

The fact is the Queen of Hip Hop Soul is gearing up for her new role in “Rock of Ages” where she plays the character of Justice Charlier, owner of a strip club.  Here’s what Mary had to say about her new character.

“The rock. But she’s probably the person with the most problems that they never see. She has to keep everybody lifted up. That’s the inner work. The inner work is that she’s been through hell, she can’t find a love, so she ended up in a strip club. But, she’s fun. She’s funny. Most funny people have sad, sad stories. So, she’s the light and the dark place I believe.”

Also peep the video as she talks about the track “The Living Proof” she recorded for the movie  “The Help” due Aug. 12th.


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