Geesh! I wish folks would give Keri Hilson just a tad bit slack.  Early this morning (July 26th) Mr. Keri Baby set the Internet a fire when she posted a photo of herself partying the early morning away at Juliet’s in New York City with a female who resembled singer Amy Whinehouse.  The problem wasn’t the fact she posted the photo but the caption that came with it. Peep it out.

Offcourse, naturally many Amy Whinehouse fans & non-fans didn’t appreciate her “joke“, especially since the singer just past away.  Keri then issued this apology. *read from the bottom up*

It’s definitely wasn’t the best choice of words for Ms. Keri Baby to use but I knew she was simply joking.  We have more important things to be pissed about like the damn debt issues facing America. However, I don’t hear anything throwing fits over that! The way some people pick their battles is a trip! Now, Get off Keri!

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