I am just so disappointed to learn that after all the drama Bishop Eddie Long has experienced, he still hasn’t come cleaned.  On top of that, he’s continuing to preach every Sunday from the pulpit of his Atlanta mega church as if nothing is even taking place around him.  To be honest this has to be quite embarrassing to his church member’s, supporters & followers.

Unfortunately, months later here we are yet again.  According to reports, Atlanta’s Fox 5 I-Team have uncovered yet a 5th accuser in his sexual misconduct case who hadn’t previous been revealed. The young man has been named as Centino Kemp & is said to be “barely 22“, he even has Eddie’s name tattooed on her wrist!

Now, I’m not the one to judge others but who is Eddie Long trying to fool?   Pop the hood for the dirt.

I am so over this whole situation how sad & embarrassing to his family.  A friend of mine on Facebook said is best:”Dang Eddie Long had a basketball team. Lol., are there anymore?. Why is he still allowed to preach? Are the folks in his church that stupid?” I guess we will never know.


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