Rapper Bow Wow has become the latest celebrity to be a victim of the cruel “dead hoax” stories folks start on the Internet.   Rumors hit this morning (July 28th) claiming that Bow Weezy committed suicide today in Miami.  I can rest you assured that Mr. 106 & Park (Bow Weezy) is very much well alive.  Pop the hood for the receipts.

It all started when a website posted a story which it claimed to have “CNN” as it’s source. The article headline read “CNN News: Rapper Bow Wow Found Dead In Apartment“.   I was able to get a screen shot of the story before it was deleted.  The fake story goes on to say:

Apparently, the dumb idiot who started the story didn’t think to realize that at the bottom of the website it states “make a free website with yola” at the bottom.  Clearly, that story did not come from “CNN“.  That alone gave it away.  Some people really need to get a life!

Literally moments ago Bow Wow tweeted:


Update 12:37PM: The dumb idiot who make up the story has since deleted it from his website and replaced it with a childish azz message.  But, luckily I got that screen shot!

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  1. rumors and lies ppl need to stop

  2. msgotihtmade says:

    wtf had me thnkn mii babe ws dead smmfh..yall sme ducks

  3. luciankisha says:

    Praise god it was just a rumor…but them things and fake websites are fucking ridiculous that person has problems.

  4. naz says:

    considering the grammatical and random spelling errors in the ‘CNN’ story (ie..Bow Wow is also typed as Bow wow, ‘a open bottle’ instead of the correct ‘an open bottle’ ..just to point out two), the story also says cause of death hasn’t been determined but is being ruled suicide by sleeping pills…so many problems with that I wouldn’t have thought it was legitimate.

  5. cmiller 318 says:

    Omg scared tha hell outta me some people need to get a life!!! Bow wow keep on pushing you doing something right to have hates like dat!!! Love ya!!!!

  6. Michele King says:

    Wow. UNBELIEVABLE. What part of that nonsense was suppose to be a joke? Come on, educate me and all of the readers of your filth. How disgusting. Very bad sense of humor and no imagination at all. There are many things you could have wrote about but, you took the time to write such a horrible, horrible, so not funny article. Hope your education isn’t as senseless as your humor. If it is, you are one dumbass person. Did you stop to think about all of the family and friends of this young man? How about his child and all of the fans that was obviously devastated for a moment because of your insensitive humor? Grow up please. Find something more logical and helpful to others to spend your time writing about. This place is sad enough without your sense of humor. I just expressed myself to the culprit as if you were my child. I would have said the same thing to him. Find some other way to entertain yourself because clearly, noone else found it entertaining. Take care, Michele

    • ajsupreme says:

      Hello, thanks for your comment but you are directing your comment at the wrong person. No one on my blog wrote that “fake” story….did you even read what I said? It was written by some dumb azz person someone who don’t wants to be revealed on another website. Since then that person has deleted it. Thanks for your comment and please direct that anger at that culpit and not me nor my website AJ-SUPREME.COM. Thanks!

  7. michelle says:

    i am really going to miss bow wow becasue he was a very good rapper and he was sexy as hell and all his fan are going to miss him as well and his family too becasue all of your fan love u and i love u so much and i am going to miss and rest in peace bow wow

  8. MIKE says:

    maybe he did it for the publicity

    • ajsupreme says:


      I agree it’s sad they could only find that away to publicize themselves by writing something negative and fake like that.

    • Heather says:

      well I don’t think he did it as publicity!! An I think your a punk for ever thinkin that!!!! at least with him he would be missed if the rumors were true!!!!

  9. ppl need 2 stop playin and be real

  10. aniyah martin says:

    ppl really like to spoil ppl life yes gosh dey dont find dey to big 4 dat

  11. adeniyi says:

    long live bow wow. Talk’s cheap, people can say what they like with their mouth. It just ridiculous, d person u should have replaced bow wow’s name with his/her own name. Fuckin shit eater

  12. smart jay says:

    let all rumour-mongers go to hell

  13. meelah lovelost says:


  14. joseph says:

    i dont believe dis so u pple want me to cry shea no probs

  15. Y people want to make up lies about people dying? Those type of people has to much time on their hands……

  16. y does ppl do this man cha like get a life

  17. Heather says:

    Come on people, why would he do this for a publicity stunt???? He has a great career even without this fuckin rumor that started!! So all of yall who thinks that Bow Wow started it can go to hell!!! I can understand something about going through depression and not wanting to live anymore!!!

  18. marta says:

    Thats really childish i cant believe someone would make up such serious story about someone what a clown.

  19. peggy says:

    thnk god it wz nt true. Bow weezy jst ignore ths idot.

  20. Ashley says:

    Wow pple can lie

  21. addie says:

    hes so beautiful ❤

  22. Ani-Katia says:

    Do really have nothing better to do than make up a story about a well-liked artist commiting suicide? You really don’t have a life, huh? Coming from someone who has attempted suicide, this is the worst joke ever. In short, whoever did this is a fucking idiot. I hate America.

  23. Monica says:

    People have time to waste !!

  24. j man says:

    i dont belive nun they say

  25. j man says:

    and stay doing yo thing bow

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  27. Skizzy Bhoo says:

    none of it is true if it was he wudnt made that sing with lil wayne duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  28. Bow wow is much alive..and pls stop spreadin nasty fake new..

  29. abdul says:

    wow…pipo can lie…

  30. wo rumaz goez nower sory dam ..

  31. Douggy kah says:

    Bow wow is not dead ppl so stop all this fake rumor.bow wow has a long life and move on wite his carrier.bow wow stay good.mcg

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