It’s seems like everything around Oprah has been falling apart ever since the day she ended her talk show. After firing the CEO of “OWN” and deciding to take over as the #1 boss herself, yet more bad news has emerged.   The New York Post is reporting that Oprah’s  “OWN” readership base has reached an alarming all time low!

Word is that – Winfrey’s main contribution to OWN – has lost half its readership since The Oprah Winfrey Show left the air in May, the New York Post reported today., which Winfrey gave to Discovery Communications as her half of their partnership in starting OWN, was down almost 50 percent in site visits last month, according to

That reflects the period following Winfrey’s departure from broadcast TV after the May 25 finale of Oprah – which apparently is no longer driving the show’s millions of viewers to Winfrey’s website. source

Oprah might want to consider making a return to TV. In the meantime, yesterday (July 28th) O tweeted the above photo, the first day on the job as CEO.  The captioned read: “Here I am “CEO-ing” in my new office at OWN in LA!!”  We still believe in you O!

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