Without a doubt Beyonce stole the night away at last night’s VMA’s! I must say Beyonce and her team pulled off one of the biggest PR events since Whitney Houston’s comeback album.

A glowing Bey came prepared; she pulled out her best lace-front wig and performed her single Love On Top, off her 4 album.  Clearly she was singing to the love of her life; Jay-Z. However, the moment came at the end of the performance when she rubs her belly to confirm what rumors suggested she’s pregnant!

Throughout the performance daddy to be Jay-Z watch his wife as she preformed while carrying their little one. Hov looked so happy & excited, he had a look on his face that I have never seen before.

I give praise when praise is due and Beyonce knew exactly what she had to do and she delivered!  Check out the footage.

Moments like this just make you enjoy and appreciate real love! Form the song choice, to the whole performance, that’s how you announce to the world that your’ pregnant! I’m not even a huge Beyonce fan but some off your other favorites need to take note.

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