One thing I do know about Lady Gaga is that she’s a huge risk taker.  So it’s only natural for Gaga to fully commit & put her best foot forward in everything she does. Just one day after the 2011 VMAS, people are taking reckless about Gaga’s alter ego Joe Calderon.

An insider has now revealed that Lady Gaga may have taken her alter ego to the extreme. According to sources, not only was Gaga dressed like a man she’s went as far as using the mens bathroom’s the entire day.

During Gaga’s multiple appearances on stage throughout the night, she continued to find the need to reinforce that “Gaga wasn’t here tonight” and that “Calderone” “was accepting the award on her behalf.”

However, we’re told Gaga’s somewhat crass drag routine wasn’t just restricted for the cameras. An insider told FOX411’s Pop Tarts that the performer also spent the day using men’s room.

We’re sure that was … interesting … for male attendees.

“Gaga’s persistence as ‘Joe Calderone’ degraded an otherwise enjoyable VMAs, and stood in stark contrast to tasteful and classy presentations by the likes of Adele. Gaga’s performance art philosophy may excuse this, but it remains a poor execution of what, at this point, falls squarely into predictably ‘random’ pattern of behavior,” added Jed Smith, head of music composition company, Beta Fish. “If Gaga’s going to be a guy, she should be the biggest bear on the stage, not some sleazy beta karate kid knock off!”

While I can understand why some people may think Gaga went a little too far I think differently.  If you take a look back at all Gaga’s performances & video’s she always pushes the limits.

I simply think she just wanted to prepare herself mentally for the role of Joe Calderon so she could come correct during the actual show. But hey, that’s just me.

If Gaga could sit her azz inside and egg for over three hours to prepare for her infamous performance during the 2011 Grammy’s, then why would people folks expect something different. Get over it, it’s Gaga!

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Source – FN

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