We’ll, we’ll, we’ll look at what we have here, the truth has finally come out.  After all the recent drama surrounding VH1’s popular show Basketball Wives, Shauie O’Neal finally comes clean on why there is so much embarrassing drama on the show that deficits “black” women in a negative way.

During an interview with Black Tree Media at Kevin Hart’s “Laugh At My Pain” movie premier, she revealed what everyone has suspected. It’s all for the ratings! In her words “the number say otherwise, people tune in to people arguing, and all that stuff that goes on, it’s unfortunate but that’s what the network want, the ratings“.

I don’t agree with a lot of the things on the show but it’s a show! Simple as that.

You know what to be honest it’s a business, if you don’t like what goes on during the show then don’t watch it.  So for all those people who say Basketball Wives just does nothing but give the perception all “black” women are confrontational is just B.S.

I think some black folks just chose their battles wisely. We have more issues going on in our “black” communities that no one seems to care about but as soon as a show comes out like Basketball Wives, all hell breaks loose. Why? Are we really being fair now?

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