I am so sad to report that one of my twitter follower’s was stabbed to death tonight (Sept. 15th) by her room-mate.  The incident took place in a dorm room on the campus at Bowie State University, a historically black university located in Bowie, Maryland within the Washington D.C. metro area.

Out of respect for the immediate family who have not been notified as of yet, I will not reveal or post the female’s name or twitter page.  Sources, say the female sophomore student was stabbed after some sort of confrontation around 8pm EST surrounding an ipod.

This definitely brings a somber tone to the air on the campus where student’s are in the mist of celebrating their 2011 homecoming festivities.   Personally, this is a little too close for comfort as I knew of the young lady so please bare with me.

Via ABC7:

The stabbing happened around 8 p.m. in the 14000 block of Jericho Park Rd. Prince George’s County homicide detectives are at the scene.

Police tell ABC7’s John Gonzalez the student was stabbed on the second floor of the Christa McAullife Resident Hall. The female victim was taken to a hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

It is unclear what lead up to the stabbing. University spokesperson Cassandra Robinson had “no details yet.”

This is just tragic…..I was plan on attending Bowie State’s homecoming parade on this Saturday and now this happens.  All I’m going to say is that I spoke with the victim earlier today via twitter and now the young lady is dead. Words can not describe how I feel right now.

I also took the time out to read over her twitter timeline from what she tweeted today and a few things stood out at me. Hopefully, the proper authorities will look into those items during their investigation.

For now I will leave it here as the story is still developing.  You just never know the day nor the hour.  Life is just too short.

Update #1: 11:30PM

Update: #2 Sept. 16 – 7:50AM

The police have notified the family and the victim’s named has been released.  As I suspected the victim as been identified as Dominique T. Frazier, 18, of Washington, D.C. (pictured below)

(Photo from her twitter account which I will not reveal out of respect)

Via WUSA9 in DC:

According to police:

“The suspect is in Maryland State Police custody, but will not be identified until charges are filed against her. She is a 19-year-old student at Bowie State University and was a roommate of the deceased. She is from District Heights, Md,” Maryland State Police said.

Bowie State University Police Department officers found Frazier in the hallway. She was bleeding from the upper torso and was unconscious, police said.

Police tried to revive the victim, but she died later, at the hospital, police said.

The suspect turned herself in at around midnight last night, police said.

“The preliminary investigation indicates the victim and suspect became involved in an argument in their suite that escalated into a physical confrontation. Investigators are continuing to interview witnesses. No one else was injured in the assault,” police said.

Please keep the family of Dominique Frazier and the entire campus/community of Bowie State University in prayers.

Update #3: Sept. 16th – 8:10AM

All classes & activities have been cancelled for today.  A community gathering for consolation and support has been scheduled for 12 noon in the James Leonidas Physical Education Complex on campus.  Bowie State University has also released the following statement via the school’s website: here

Photo via WUSA9

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  1. Melissa Day says:

    Once again another senseless act of violence. Why cant we all respect life? When you reach your limit…you should walk away! At the height of anger is when some of the most life changing, horrific events take place. Today, we have another young spirit gone and another in jail…where is the tolerance???? SCREAM!!!!
    Signed: MRS. FEED UP

  2. Nicole says:

    When I heard about this I was in shock. I didnt know the victim or the suspect personally but I instantly felt some type of way, its like this feeling came over me that I couldnt describe and still cant. Tears are forming as I write this because I just realized that we as a people need Jesus more than ever right now. This generation is going ham doing things you would never expect. I feel like something heavy is weighing on my chest and I just had to get this off. As far as the victim, once again I didnt know her but reading her twitter timeline creeped me out in more ways than one. Reading the tweets from people who knew her personally broke my heart in a billion pieces. I cant imagine how her parents and her friends and family are feeling right now. Imagine watching the news and your babies face is on there, imagina hearing the news reporters saying she was murdered on the campus of her school. I feel horrible right now. Then I read that she was celebrating a birthday soon which made it even worse. I cant even think straight because you dont imagine things like this to happen so close to home. My prayers are going out to her loved ones and to you as well. Then, on the other hand.. I feel bad for the suspect as well. Reading her timeline freaked me out too, but all of her friends were saying that the whole situation was completely out of character. Thats sad. I feel bad for her parents and family also. I wouldnt want to get that phone call telling me my daughter is in custody without bond for 1st degree murder. I couldnt even imagine seeing that on the news. Both ladies were young and it just saddens me. The amount of hate shes getting, people calling her a murderer and etc. is completely out of line because at the end only one person has the right to judge. What she did was wrong and she deserves the consequences but I just couldnt read all the slander. People are entitled to their opinion but nobody really knows what took place. The public will never get the answers they seek because its the suspects word against the victims and shes not even here to defend herself. This is crazy. Im keeping both families in prayer because I honestly feel that this is one of many situations that were taken too far and could have been avoided. Smh.

  3. Rochelle says:

    I am filling up with tears just reading this awful story!!! I am a parent of a 16yr old son and it scares me to death to know that I put his life at risk just sending him off to college these days. What are these kids thinking!!!! I am 44 years old and back in my day, (only if it was absolutely necessary), we just duked it out….not permantly mamed someone or even worse and kill them. Now a days people just don’t value life and I think that is so sad. My prayers goes out to the deceased girls family. Gosh this is sooooo tragic!


  5. bowie_resident says:

    This is sad. I think adults should have intervened, if the tensions were that obvious.

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