Do y’all remember the 1980’s group “The Fat Boys“? We’ll for those of you who don’t get a refresher here.   Anywho, Prince Markie Dee one of the groups member’s (pictured above far right) lost some major weight.

According to sources, after originally weighing over 450 lbs, the rapper dropped a staggering 175 lbs for the sake of his kids and a healthier lifestyle.  Now he’s definitely #winning

Via TMZ:

Fat Boys rapper Prince Markie Dee ain’t so fat anymore — because TMZ has learned, he actually dropped SERIOUS weight … all thanks to his kids.

43-year-old Prince says he’s lost 175 pounds in the last six years … down from 450 (left) — telling us, “I am not young anymore. I cant go eat a couple of Big Macs a day and not worry about it. I have to watch what I eat and care about my diet. I have kids to live for.”

Prince — real name Mark Morales  — says he’s also planning a huge comeback after a 12-year hiatus … and has even signed with a label called Uncle Louie Music Group to put out an album.

Congratulations to Prince!

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