How would you feel if a retail outlet like Target or Best Buy leaked your album ahead of its official release date? Quite pissed off I’m sure.  But wait! And not to mention, only to find out on stage from fans during your tour. Hell, that’s exactly what happen to J. Cole.

J Cole’s debut album “Cole World” is scheduled to hit stores on  Tues. Sept. 27th nationwide.  However, while performing in Arizona on Wednesday night, Cole ask fans “how many people in here tonight plan on going to the stores Sept. 27th and getting that f*cking album?”

Following as fans screamed, Cole got the shock of his life after a fan pulled out an actual “real“, “legit” copy of his “retail” album, smdh.   According the our friend Miss Dimplez, “certain Target stores actually got the dates confused and put his cd out a week early…”, well damn!

Peep the footage as Cole endures the awkward moment & handles it quite well. The drama starts around the :43 sec mark.

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