Detroit Piston’s forward Ben Wallace who happens to be a resident of Virginia was arrested Saturday on suspicion of DUI.   Please don’t ask me why in the hell he lives in Virginia but plays ball in Detroit.  But naw, I’m assuming the brother real “home” is here in the DMV as he probbly also has property in the Detroit area.

Moving on, now this is the part that got me. Not only did he get arrested but authorities also located a semiautomatic pistol & a loaded magazine with bullets in his SUV.  Aside from that police say he was “nothing but a gentleman the entire night.”

The Scoop:

Via DFP:

Ben Wallace is facing a five-year felony charge of carrying a concealed weapon after police found an unloaded pistol in a backpack in his car as they arrested him on suspicion of drunken driving early Saturday in Bloomfield Township.

Wallace, 37, of Bloomfield Hills was in a 2007 Cadillac Escalade at 3 a.m. Saturday when an officer spotted the SUV driving erratically northbound on Telegraph Road at Long Lake Road.

Wallace told investigators the gun was his wife’s, registered in her name and he does not have a concealed-weapons permit, according to the Bloomfield Township Police report released today.

Wallace said he threw it in a backpack on the rear passenger seat “because he wanted protection as he drove,” from his home in Virginia to metro Detroit on Friday, according to the report. Investigators found a magazine full of bullets for the .28-caliber FNH semiautomatic pistol in the backpack, too, according to the report

Wallace said he forgot the gun was in the car as he and a friend visited a place called “Club 21” earlier in the night.  Wallaced was released on a $5000 bond.

Keep the brother in prayers.

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