Here we go again. Bishop Eddie Long & his congregation New Birth have once again found themselves back in headlines.   After paying out nearly $1 million dollars in the settlement case with three men who accused Eddie Long of “sexual coercion”, Eddie want’s his money back.

Word on the streets is that the three men have been speaking out publically about the case and were not authorized to do so per terms of the “confidentially agreement“.  Now since the “allegedly” broke the agreement Eddie wants all his money back!  I swear I don’t think this case will ever go away.  Pop the hood for the deets.

The Scoop:

Via AJC:

Attorneys representing Eddie Long’s church have informed three of the five young men who accused the pastor of sexual coercion that they intend to recover nearly $1 million from their financial settlement, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned.

The letter, sent this week by the Atlanta law firm Drew Eckl & Farnham, alleges that Jamal Parris, Spencer LeGrande and Centino Kemp violated terms of a confidentiality agreement outlined in the settlement with Long and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.  The firm is seeking at least $900,000 already paid the three accusers, according to people involved in the settlement but not authorized to speak publicly. That figure is a portion of the total settlement with the three men.

Financial terms of that settlement have not been disclosed but, based on the letter and the fact each of the young men were paid equitably, the total comes to at least $1.5 million.

Parris, LeGrande and Kemp declined to comment on the letters received this week. Each has announced plans to write a book, with Parris and LeGrande telling the AJC they were collaborating on a tell-all that will reveal details of their relationship with Long.

And this is exactly why Eddie Long should have taken this case to trial.   If Eddie didn’t commit the crime as he claims, then why would he pay those men that type of money, I just don’t get it.  Until this case goes to a grand jury they are going to continue to milk him and speak out on it for every dime he’s worth.  Hell even if he does get the money back it wouldn’t matter; those dudes are going to make a killing on the books they writing.

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