As one of the strongest African-American females in the game; who would ever thought The Queen of Hip Hop Soul would be so nervous about playing a movie role.   Despite all the battles, struggles, ups & downs MJB encountered through-out her career, she finds her new role in the upcoming Nina Simons biopic to be slightly challenging.

Here’s what MJB had to say on why she’s nervous on her new role:

“Nina was different from me in a lot of ways,” the Grammy-winning Queen of hip-hop soul tells the October issue of Paper Magazine for a revealing cover story. “She was courageous and confident. I’m just growing into that. But she was like that ever since she was a little girl — she was never afraid during a period when there was so much racism. She was always bold. I have a lot to draw from — all the trials and tribulations and battles. But my God, I hope I can do the work and pull it off!”

Mary also spoke on her upcoming new album “My Life II: The Journey Continues” dropping Nov. 21st:

“I wanted to make sure everyone understands that this is me taking things to the next level. It’s about learning how to live after the drama. Everybody is saying to me, ‘You have to be like this person, you have to be like that; you’ve got to be younger.’ I know that doesn’t work for me. I just want my fans to be happy about the direction I’m going in. I’m never going to stop doing me.”

I guess living your own life & dealing with your own life issues is one thing; however the reality of playing the role of another person & trying to re-live their life on film is something totally different. I’m sure it’s never that easy for any actor/actresses..we feel your pain MJB.


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