In a new interview with The Mirror,  former Destiny’s Child member LaTavia Roberson is speaking out 11 years later following her departure from one of the biggest selling female groups in history.

In the new interview LaTavia bares all & I mean specific details on topics ranging from the groups relationship with Matthew, Kelly’s mother leaving her abusive husband, how Beyonce’s father use to make her cry, plus much more.

However, the biggest moment came when LaTavia revealed she “regret” leaving Destiny’s Child.   Check out what she had to say after the jump.

On Matthew Knowles making Kelly cry:

“Matthew did not mince his words and it can be tough to take that kind of criticism when you are a little girl. We would try not to let it break us.  But Kelly was the sensitive one, and sometimes she would go to her room and cry.”

On Kelly’s strength:

“It’s ­ ­amazing how well Kelly has done since then. She has really ­blossomed and for me it has been fantastic to watch her become this strong, ­independent woman.  She is an inspiration to anyone, and I am honoured to call her my friend.”

On when her, Beyonce & Kelly were young:

“I would go to Kelly’s house to play. She was just as sweet as pie. Her mother worked as a nanny and eventually started working for my aunt, so they ­became like part of my family.

Beyonce would come over to Kelly’s house and we would go swimming, build tents, read magazines. We would play Barbies all the time. Kelly loved Whitney Houston and would sing her songs. I was like, ‘Hey, I’m in a band, you should come over and rehearse’. She came to Beyonce’s house to audition for her parents and the rest is history. ”

On the groups relationship with Matthew Knowles:

“We used to call him Joe Jackson.  It’s not like he beat us with his belt or anything, but he was very strict. Beyonce was the only one brave enough to stand up to him.  We worked really hard. It was ­rehearse, rehearse, ­rehearse. It would be the four of us and he was like a drill sergeant. When summertime came he would start a camp at his house in Houston.

He would make us wake up early in the ­morning and take us to Herman Park. There was a three-and-a-half mile track and we would sing while we jogged around it. Then we would go to the house and ­rehearse.

That’s what our days consisted of, seven days a week. Looking back, working that hard did cost us our childhood. But at the time we were just focused on living out our dreams.”

On Kelly moving in with the Knowles after her mother left Kelly’s abusive father:

“Matthew and Tina would share one room and Beyonce, her sister Solange and Kelly would share the other. They had two single beds with pull-outs underneath. Looking back, it must have been ­stressful for the family.”

On touring:

“We always switched who was sharing rooms. One week I would be with Beyonce, the next with Kelly, then LeToya. Kelly was always very sweet. She was kinda shy, especially when she was younger. I am not going to say that Kelly had bad self-esteem, but she was timid. She was definitely the quiet one of the four of us.

LeToya was the jokester, I was the sassy one, Beyonce was the mamma and Kelly the sensitive one. Watching movies, she’d be the first to cry.”

On her biggest regret, leaving the group:

“Things seemed unfair.  Beyonce and Kelly had cars. I’m not saying pay cheques were any ­different, but Matthew used to say a lot of crazy things like, ‘Y’all should be glad I’m giving you money’.

We were happy for Matthew to stay on as manager, but we wanted another manager to work with him.

My one regret is that I should have spoken to Beyonce and Kelly before I sent the letter.  That is the one thing I would have done different. I would have gone to my sisters and discussed it with them. After that, we didn’t speak for many years.”

On the past & future:

“I saw Beyonce in 2003 and we just hugged and talked… it was so emotional.   I spoke to Kelly last year and I asked her, ‘Do you understand why we did what we did?’ She said, ‘Oh gosh, yes’. And that was enough for me.

I am convinced that if it was not for Matthew Knowles we would still be ­together as a band.  We’ll always be sisters. Nothing can take that away from us.”

Wow! I definitely learned alot after reading this. I think in my mind I am still secretly wishing for an original Destiny’s Child Reunion. Maybe just maybe……

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