On yesterday’s episode of “The View‘ things got heated after Barbara Walter’s blurted out the “n-word” while discussing a hot topic on 2012 Republican Presidential candidate and Texas Governor Rick Perry.

During the discussion Barbara said the “n-word” while referring to a hunting camp on land owned by Rick Perry called “n*****head“.  The part they got me was that Whoopi Goldberg also used the word but it seem to have not ruffled Sherri’s feather’s then.

I love Sherri to death but according to her no Caucasian person should use the word however, I would have to slightly disagree. Pop the hood for the footage.

Honestly, in a perfect world I would prefer that no one use the “n-word” regardless of race (black or white), however, this world is not perfect. My thing is I don’t understand how some “black” folks get all bent out of shape when other “races” use the word but some of us continue to refer to each other as “n*ggers” in positive & negative ways.

When Whoopi said it Sherri stated “ok, there’s a difference between the way you and Whoopi say it.”  In my mind the definition of the “n-word” means the same regardless of whose mouth it comes out of.

We really need to get away with thinking it’s okay for us (as in black folks) to use the “n-word” and expect no other race to use it.  Regardless of what you think it’s not okay for “blacks” to use the word in any context when we refer to one another.  I’m even guilty of that and I can acknowledge it.

When it’s all said and done I understand the context of Sherri’s argument as some African-American’s may feel a certain of way when there here a Caucasian person use the word.  And besides why would anyone in the right mind vote for Rick Perry as President of the United States when he was a camp called “n*****head“.  What are we really saying folks?


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