It’s been nearly seven years since Lil Jon dropped his last album “Crunk Juice” back in Nov. 2004.  The album produced monster hits like “What U Gon’ Do” feat Ice Cube, “Lover’s & Friends” feat Usher & “Real N*gga Roll Call“.

Fast forward to today and now the proclaimed King of Crunk is looking to jump-start his career with a new club geared album dubbed “Party Animal“.   Check out what Lil Jon had to say during a new interview with Rolling Stone on his new project.

On the producers, direction & sound of his new album:

“I’m working with all types of producers.  There’s all kinds of different music on the album. I call it club music or party music. When people hear it, it just makes them want to dance and have a good time and live life.

I think fusion is what’s the next thing. You got more and more hip-hop artists working with electro-house producers and the fish out of water thing sometimes turns into something incredible. “

On his first official single “Drink” feat LMFAO:

“Basically I took the old college chant that everybody knows for generations and generations – when somebody’s chugging a beer or hitting the funnel or drinking straight out of the bottle you always say, ‘Drink, drink,'”

On unveiling his new tracks in the club & letting fans decide which one’s make the new album tracklist.

“It’s a bunch of club tracks put together on the album, and whatever records raise their heads up when you put ’em out, those are the ones that make the album.”

As of date the album does not have an official release date, stay tuned.

What the f*ck did I just listen to?  I hate this song on so many levels! If this is the type of music he plans on dropping on that new album, crunk might as well be officially dead!


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