Like the old saying goes “what goes around comes back around“, especially after the way Diddy showed his a** in the club during T.I.’s BET Hip-Hop Awards after party (see here).  Now, someone done stole Puff’s American Express Black card number. I think I know who did it.

The Scoop:

Earlier this week, someone who clearly has a beef with Diddy, posted copies of the rap mogul’s super exclusive credit card on a website, along with his passport and private phone numbers.

The website where the info is posted seems to make a vague reference to the ridiculous rumors that Diddy is a member of the illuminati … a secret society rumored to run the world.

Sources close to Diddy tell us … he is aware of the situation and has launched an internal investigation to find the person responsible.

A rep for Diddy had no comment. [source]

I wonder if the man who Diddy attacked in the club over that damn Ciroc jacked his sh*t for pay back? Maybe next time Diddy will keep his mouth close when he’s in the clubs.

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