Former reality TV contestant Omarosa is currently coping with the unexpected death of her 34-year-old brother Jack.  According to sources, he was murdered in bed by his current girlfriend ex boyfriend who “allegedly” broke into the house. Hmmmm….

The Scoop:

Manigault was home with his 34-year-old girlfriend when the woman’s former boyfriend, 22-year-old Marco Cardenas, forced his way into the house past two juveniles and entered a bedroom where Manigault and the woman were sleeping,” the Youngstown Vindicator said, citing police reports. “Several shots were fired, and Manigault ran from the room and collapsed with a gunshot wound to the head.”

Manigault had a history of legal troubles, including a prison sentence for aggravated assault and arrests on weapons and drug possession charges. But Omarosa said in her statement that Manigault had “turned his life around.”

“My brother was so special to us! We loved him unconditionally. And we were so proud of him when he turned his life around and gave his life to God two years ago.” [source]

I have a slight gut feeling that something about this story is not adding up.  I sure hope the “girlfriend” did not let her ex into the house.  And besides if her ex is only 22 years old, how old is she? Anyways, keep O in your prayers.

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