Just one day after rapper Rick Ross suffered two different seizure’s while aboard two different aircraft yet another rapper may have fallen victim to the potential deadly convulsions.  

The Scoop:

Tone Loce collapsed on stage during a performance in Atlanta last night … TMZ has learned.

Loc’s manager tells TMZ he was suffering from exhaustion. Loc was transported to a nearby hospital and given an IV … but the manager says he is fine now.

TMZ received emails from several people claiming to be present at the concert who said Loc suffered from a seizure, but we cannot confirm this.

The manager added … Tone was merely exhausted from doing 12 shows in the last two months. It does seem curious that doing a show on average of once every five days would lead to such extreme exhaustion. [source]

Folks really need to start listening to their bodies and get some much-needed rest.  Exhaustion is not something you wanna play around with. Glad he’s reportedly doing much better.

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