Last night the Internet was ablaze after footage showing Amber Cole, a 14-year-old young school girl giving oral sex was released.   But wait!  To make matter’s worst the incident took place on school grounds as other male students watched on.

It’s one thing for someone to be caught giving oral sex at such a young age but it’s something totally different when it’s all on film.  I can only feel for the young girl’s family at this point.

At the same time we have to be real here.  Young children all across this country are partaking in sexual activities that “some” of us would have never thought about doing at that age.  Mind you, the tech world we live in today is totally different from the world some of us older ones grew up in.

Most importantly, let’s not forget none of us are angels.  If cell phones, video camera’s, ipod’s and etc. existed when I was that age (not that I’m that old),  I’m sure a few of y’all could very well be in this same situation.

Obviously, I refused to post the actual video on my website due to the fact that those are children and not to mention that’s considered child pornography.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where people don’t believe things unless they can see it.  So for those who want to see (smdh)…. search for it. You will not find it here!

However, this is America where we can exercise our freedom of speech.  I want to know what you all think so please be respectful to one another and share your thoughts.


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  1. WOW!The video, the girl, the boys all WOW! The choices we make in our present , effect our future so much. This generation of children are so far off. From her giving oral to the boy recording it, it just saddens me. She has no self-respect therefore they don’t respect her. You only receive what you put out. I truly hope she can recover from such a life scaring incident & learn to appreciate herself.

    • PuertoRicanPride says:

      who cares if she didnt know they were videotaping her ? there is a time and place to do something like this, at home and when your married. not outside on school grounds where you KNOW that a few boys are watching you. i dont feel sorry for her at all. she knows the difference between right and wrong.

      • Tiffany says:

        i feel for her but right now im sitting here wondering is she proud of this?? does she regret it is she proud this happened imagine how her parents are feeling now one she shouldnt have done it two not on school grounds thats a reflection on the school and three she should have let no nigga video tape the shit unless she wanted that then its was her choice so now she gonna have to face the fact that ppl find her to be a slut at 14 so wateva it dont matter wat i say anyway its her life so yea

      • Mimi says:

        listen as someone who has foster kids in and out of this house, you never know what she is dealing with. I’ve had girls in here, whos mothers pimped them out for crack and all they know is how to please a man, and let them use them. I had a cousin who at a young age was being abused. This little girl 14, and she clearly is lacking some sort of guidance, and instead of saying ” i dont feel sorry for her” you all need to hope that someone interviens and lets her know right from wrong. even at 25, my step dad has me hip to some of the BS that grown women fall for when it comes to men and I’m still learning. Never judge these kids, reach out and help them educate them!

      • Iwasambercole says:

        You don’t feel bad for her?? I mourn for this girl she is confused looking for love and she doesn’t know what it looks like. As a Female from a broken home i can tell you how easy it is for young girls to look for love that they didn’t get at home. I was Amber Cole until I found God. So don’t judge her unless ur going to go to help carry her

      • blahblahblah says:

        You obviously didn’t see the last few seconds when she looks back at the camera smiles, giggles and then goes back to sucking

      • Young Duece says:

        I agree with yu on this! cause she is at the age where she knows rite from wrong. she brought on her self.

      • sandy says:

        was u married when u startd f88king lets be real

      • Chazzy Chaz says:

        You are talking about a 14 year old child I feel sorry for her because think back to when you was that age or even 18 I had did stupid stuff maybe not this but stuff that could have ruined my life she is not mature enough and you dont know what she is around at home

      • Satee says:

        i understand where you are coming from but it’s not as if you can honestly say you’ve NEVER sucked dick before . oral sex has been going on since before you and i was born and you dont know the hsehold she was raised into so you cant judge her . you are not GOD ! if the shoe was on the other foot and it was you or one of your family members your ass would be pissed so cut tha shit !

      • Deven says:

        puertoricanpride knows what he talkin bout she new people was watchin her do that to ur husband….

      • NIchole says:

        It is sad how you are so ignorant that you are quick to belittle and victimize Amber, but what about the boys who were criminals and taped someone without their consent? What about their self-esteem being so low that the only way that they feel good about themselves is to degrade someone else? I feel sorry for her as well as them because they are children and you are certainly very ignorant.

      • Donna says:

        Did you know the difference between right and wrong when you were 14? How responsible and mature where you at 14? You probable believe what your friends told you. If that where your child, you wouldn’t be says this. As parents we try to teach our children the proper way to conduct them selves but our children are faced with constant peer pressure to be sexual. It no only comes from day to day contact with their friends but also from magazines, videos, internet, tweeter, etc. Every where you look it is “ok” to be sexy at younger ages. I noticed you have said nothing about the boy who was on the receiving end or the one who was video taping it.

    • am says:

      You forget what generation raised this generation. Im part of this generation and this sickens me completely but I have seen that a lot of the kids that do this have parents that dont care so please dont blame it only on this generation. It’s not all our fault. Though I dont do crap like this it’s still not fair to put all the blame on us

      • Aakifah says:

        Alright, let me state this once again. It’s ALL OF OUR FAULT’S. Not just OUR generation, or our parents generation, or her parents, or the people who viewed the video, or the people who uploaded it, and the uploader’s parents, or the people who blogged about it, or tweeted about it, or commented about it (the both of us) IT’S ALL OUR FAULT. And this is my last comment, and I would appreciate if the author/authoritative figure of this website delete both comments of mine as I didn’t realize I may be contributing to the very cyber bullying I speak of. sometimes everyone doesn’t have to say a thing *that is directed at myself…and you…. and again… ALL OF US. I pray Love be with her in this difficult time and she doesn’t harm herself. Because this very blog, and all of it’s commenters (including myself) may be the very last straw she can withstand.

      • brenia16 says:

        True i am a part of this generation and not only the media but the parents are a big rule in this.And No, we don’t ho who was brought up so don’t judge her!.Honestly feel bad, not only for her but for our generation,were turning into something that were not.I hope to find one that will stand out in the crowd

    • savannah says:

      Where is this video?????

    • how is her SELF-esteem level our fault.

    • @ kifah i absolutely agree with you errbody talking bout the girl wat about the disrespect the boy has for her and himself wher is his parents wher is his role models n older siblings jus someone in general ya know alot can b sed but was is gonna b done… piss poor morally n the words of T.I.

    • Anonymous says:

      her name is not Amber Cole! Come on, doesn’t that just sound made up? J.Cole, Amber Rose. She is from Baltimore and attends Frederick Douglass High School. The boy who received the oral sex is named “Whitelock Redz” on Facebook.

    • ElishaSantana says:

      I’m sorry but dont lump everybody in america together. I can honestly say i’ve seen people with drug addict parents and family members that are whores and they turned out pretty damn good. She is at the age where whats right and wrong is clear regardless of parental suppervision. There are two types of people in this world: those who are strong enough to survive without feeling the need to change or follow others because of opinions and those who will do anything to be recognized. She is obviously the latter of the two because even at a young age you are able to define yourself, maybe not as fully as when youre an adult but still there’s a general idea. Plus the fact that you said ” POOR ALL OF US POOR AMERICA. this is a reflection of ourselves and we’re ugly.” is so far wrong. It shouldn’t even be “ppor her, poor girl” no she brought this upon herself knowing very well with this world full of information about sex, that her actions could and obviously will have consequenses. I’m not an ugly american and neither are my friends and family. Why should we be considered ugly? Because we have no sympathy for a girl who is giving another boy a blow job on school grounds? I’m sorry… well actually I’m not because she doesnt deserve sympathy, the family that loves her , not necessarily mom and dad or even sibling, the family –friends included– that actually cares for her well being .

    • Olivia says:

      In some ways i can agree with the fact that theres a time and place to do sexual things and that is not in public espically at school surrounded by immature kids but i also know that most people are sexually active, even at the age of 14. We all do it but she got caught, the rest of us are just lucky we didnt. so lets not judge.

      • LoysiaaBayybee says:

        I agree with @Olivia . i am a 15 year old girl and honestly there are alot of girls around my age doing this type of stuff. do this mean that i think that it is okay.? no not at all, but i dont feel lyk haveing thousands of people commenting talking about her and her family belittling them is right. everyone makes misteaks. leave her alone and let her learn from her’s

      • fe says:

        im 16 years old and live in phildephia, pa and really and truely i dont understand why EVERY last one of yall is sticking yall nose in to something that dont even concern you…yall are pathelic..really come on.. and also if yall really think about it…answer me this question if it was a guy eating some girl out…would it have gotten so much attention.?becuz they do it everyday and noone says a dont hold her to a double standard. if you arent going to do the same for a male. thank you fe

    • Alberto Sparks III (Alumni) says:

      Well said.

    • Tina Clarkson says:

      Definately agree. It is the typical way that are hyper sexist society operates. Let’s all throw our judgemental hostile stones at Amber, rather than support her, and allow the little pigs who manipulated her to go unnoticed and unaffected, while young boys (who grow into men) continue to be absolved from any responsibility for what they do. The people who should have “known better” is the boys who preyed on a young girl’s (who clearly has some stuff going on) vulnerabilities and feelings in order to exploit her. What you should be asking is not whether Amber “liked the attention,”??? But why and where young boys whould have conjured up the idea to colaborate around humiliating her. Amber could have been anyone of us, and to suggest that a 14 year old girl should “know better” makes me sick to my stomach, given that I am certain that the people saying this have very little information about Amber that goes beyond this derogatory video.

    • Tina Clarkson says:

      @ ElishaSantana & Alberto Sparks III…. You both are.

    • jazmine says:

      ur right this girl shouldnt have down anything like that cuz that is going to ruen her life forever. some of the people going to my school are laughing at it like its a joke but its really not so i wish they would stop sing that stupid song “amber cole”

    • alyssa says:

      clearly this girl d

    • Roland Headless says:

      I have little sympathy for this underage slut, but maybe it will knock some sense into the brainless bimbos of her generation who treat a blowjob like a handshake.

      I don’t deny that some of this didn’t happen at that age level back in the 60’s “Summer of Love” days … or that I participated in some of it … but that was before everything done in even a semi-public place became nearly certain to appear on video and go viral, if it was interesting at all. There are no photos of me getting a hummer from a 13-yr-old at a Stones concert, and her reputation and life remained intact after that .. as does her reputation as a trial lawyer today.

      Amber is an idiot, and will pay the price for being one.

  2. Sapphire says:

    Maaaaaaaaaaan Hold Da F*** Up!!!! Po’ child do anything for attention. 😦

  3. Laquesha corbin says:

    This sad but life. My heart goes out to her. She’s just a kid who have made a mistake like any other teenager; instead of her mistake being local it’s international. this world is cruel and now she knows.

    • Mimi says:

      basically and if she was ever going to be remorseful she is now that kid who has her business plastered all over the net, and then people will be shocked if she goes and does herself in from the humiliation. Thing is, parents on her judging think their children as so damn perfect, then the next thing you know you are grandpa/ma and wondering when on earth did my child have time to have sex, and who taught her that it was okay. here is a though instead of judging make sure you do your part, because all it’s going to take is ONE rotten apple to get into your child’s head and they are doing god knows what after school. Turn these tv’s off, turn this vulgar ass music off radio, go through their shyt, clean off these ipods! monitor their internet, and put them in some sports, or something that will give them hope, and something to strive for that’s positive. I’m not saying that every child can be handled this way, but coming from a single parent home, my mother did me well, she exposed me to different cultures, explained to me what men are capable of , and how they lie. She showed me a prime example. my dad! A deadbeat, and while all of my friends were pushing strollers in high school I wasn’t I had my head in my books, i played sports, and i was not sneaking around sucking off anybody! trust me the effort is worth a try.

      • amberlawliet says:

        Well my mom monitored everything i did and who i hung around and I ended up suicidal with depression. Parents should watch their kids but not over do it.Teenagers need their space.

    • Tina Clarkson says:

      I agree. It’s sad.

  4. neysha says:

    she is not the only young lady performing these types of action in the school house check the auditorium and other places in the school. I personally feel sorry for her because now she i another black young lady known out here not for a positve reason but for showing a sense of insecurity to please a boy that don’t care about her at all. Idon’t find this funny at all because its embarrasing to me as a lady. Yes it is fucked up how the shcool system is now days cause i feel like were ever they were im knowing some teacher should have seen them or either a camera should have been in place by that door for security reasons anyway. but to each its own she 14 years old and knows right from wrong you can’t jus blame teachers she has fault in that also and a whole lot of it. with that being said smdh at these young kids cause it really is sad but she knew wat was up when she had other boys watching! point blank peroid out the gate as us memphians would say…..

  5. Pree says:

    Honestly, I can’t feel sorry for her. I know our society is over-sexed and everything but even at the age of fourteen in modern times you know the difference between right and wrong. What makes it worse to me is that it sounds like her and the guy are laughing.

    • D. Divine says:

      She knew they were spectating; what she did NOT know was that this was being filmed. Pay attention to how the camera guy keeps hiding the lens with his hand. Not to mention the angle at which it was filmed. He filmed it sideways to hold his phone in the position most people do when they are just messing with their phones. The boyfriend, on the other hand, knows what’s going on, but she does not. She just knows they are watching.

      • Mimi says:

        So basically ya’ll watched a child participate in oral sex, LOL, ya’ll are no better then her! trust me when i say that! just GROSS! and SICk.

      • Raven says:

        I don’t care if she didn’t know they were filming it. She should have done it in privacy anyway. I’m not surprised that she did it. I’m surprised she did it in public with others watching.

    • Tina Clarkson says:

      @ Pree, would you say the boys in the film know right and wrong????????????? And to suggest that Children are some how in a position to know right and wrong would then mean it would be unnecessary to protect youngster from child pornography, or sex enslavement, etc… Since of course they have the capacity and power to know right and wrong. The point that is being missed is an understanding of the way that living in a racist and sexist society shapes ALL of our actions and is probably what has informed your explaination, as well as Amber`s and the little jerk who set her up`s behaviors and beliefs.

  6. anonymous says:

    Dude, lay off. It’s horrible that this video was leaked because it IS child pornography. However, it’s not like she’s alone in the world. Kids are having sex at younger and younger ages. This isn’t about her not having self respect or any of that BS. She’s a sexually active teen in the computer age. What blows my mind is that there are actually people clicking the link to WATCH the video. THAT is the real problem here.

  7. Chi-town says:

    Wow is all I can say. This young lady made a dreadful and immature mistake but it was a decision she made. I mean really in front of what looks like a total of 3 boys wheres the self respect? Wheres the home training and value of being a lady her mom shldve taught her? And for the young men have no respect for themselves or her to video tape that and post it on the web seriously. Look young ladies everything u do has a consequence ur past makes ur future so hold ur head high and carry urself to be untouchable by any man. You have to learn to respect urself b4 u can expect someone else especially a man to respect u. The trick with men is they will only treat u the way u allow so if u demand nothing u will get nothing if u demand the world u will find the 1 man worthy of giving urself to and if that man cant wait for u hes not the 1 for u!!!!

    • Mimi says:

      and she still deserves a fair chance of being changed into a proper young lady! I hope that someone reaches out to her, and talks to her, because i can only imagine have a few friends know, but now the whole world has excess to your sexual business.

    • Tiffany says:

      only guys like u would share this vid out like come on

    • Mimi says:

      Gross, you’re making it worse! Would you want someone RT’ing your sister.mother.aunt is this was them? NO! So don’t add fuel to the fire, and the fact that you watched it makes you a damn perv!

      • Dom says:

        If you looked at the link (don’t click it, just look) you would see that IT’S THE SAME WEBSITE YOU’RE ON NOW! Fucking pay attention.

      • ajsupreme says:

        Yes that is the link to this website…and if you click that link it will bring you right back to this post. he was not spreading any video of this incident at all. As you can see the video is not even on my website NO WHERE! The video did not originate on this website nor is it posted anywhere on this site. Just wanted to make sure I clarified that. Thanks!

    • Nik Nik says:

      You sick bastard why would you wanna share that anyway. You like watching kids? You fucking pedifile!! And dummy thats the website we’re already on.

    • dionne says:

      whoever chooses to watch this video is perverse….they are under age kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. LUSIFAAH says:


  9. I personally have no sympathy for the girl that was a CHOICE she made nobody accidentally puts their mouth on a penis. Im sure pure pressure had alot to do with it however there is a word called NO that is VERY REAL. This is why im Happy i dont have kids or a daughter because she would suffer the consequences on her own. If you all have daughters please inform them of what not to do.

    • aliyiah says:

      i agree . cuz even if it wasnt leaked for the WORLD to see she knew the other guys were there watching and laughing for that matter

  10. D. Divine says:

    The true sad thing about all of this, is that from what it looks like, she’s not even aware that she was being taped. Looks like only the guys are in on the taping part. She could probably pursue charges against them for videotaping her without her consent. There are laws against that sort of thing. Everything else about the tape is irrelevant. Who cares if she’s 14 sucking cock? Not all the women you see walking around started having sex at 18, in fact the average age is somewhere around 12-14yrs old. At least it wasn’t her and some 30yr old man. It’s sad honestly. My prayers are with her. It must be hard to endure all the backlash and cyberbullying. Not to mention they guy taping this is an absolute asshole because he knew his intentions from the beginning.. Premeditated shit. I hope he does some time for this.

    • Mistat09 says:

      If she was worried about that she wouldn’t have been outside with people watching the fact that it was video taped was a small factor. she knew what was up.

      • D. Divine says:

        I’m sorry @Mistat09 but you are wrong. You don’t know the situation; all you know is what’s on film. Again, I’m pretty sure that she doesn’t know she was being filmed. Like I said, she was aware of the guys spectating and watching, but you can clearly tell that old dude was trying to cover his lens and sneaking this video. I think the boyfriend knew, the other guys knew, but she did not. Again, in this day and age, it’s young girls out doing way more than THIS. you’ve got your kid prostitutes, let’s not forget those girls on the East Coast who made that pregnancy pact, etc Hell, even the R.Kelly case is a prime example that girls are doing waayyy more than what’s on this tape, and that was during the 90s. Then you’ve got underage pornstar Traci Lords from back in the 60s/70s, come on, people.

        Like I said; the truly fucked up part about all of this is the fact they taped this on purpose to ruin her life; this shit was premeditated. It would have been different had they told her she was being filmed and she was still down to do it, which I believe that if she knew they were gonna tape her, it is my belief she would NOT have participated. This is what I believe. Now, people who don’t even know her are goin to judge her. AMBER COLE IS THE TRUE VICTIM HERE. Whatever it was she was doing is irrelevant. People only trippin about what she doing cuz it was filmed. The reality is that many young girls started at or around this age; how you think we got 18yr old porn stars? You think they waited til they were 18 to start sucking and fucking? Chances are they were doing that WAY before they turned 18. Think about it.

        Again, my prayers are with Amber Cole. She could turn this around and do something really positive with her life. It’s up to her to write her book that is the future. No one can change the past, but anyone can start today and make a new ending!! I believe she will be fine once this dies down. Gotta look for the positive in things even when the situation is negative.

        She did NOT “know what was up.” And for you to justify it by saying that is absolutely dreadful.

      • Mistat09 says:

        no thank you. your telling me she missed all the flashing signals you are in an OPEN PUBLIC Place.where any one could just walk up to this. i could see that being the case if she was unaware of the people but they were right there watching!!!!!!!!!!

        am i missing something! no you cant seriously tell me.she dint even consider the possibility of someone video taping it, or is common sense something we don’t have anymore. if she seriously did not know that’s what i would find dreadful. the situation scream no to me, does it not to any one else???? she might have just potentially ruined her life, And why is her name mentioned!!!!
        so if your telling me she didn’t think for a second the people around her wouldn’t do this. then im damn scared for this generation because their becoming blind.

      • Caliboy20 says:

        Im not defending anybody on here but really “AMBER COLE IS THE TRUE VICTIM” is a little extreme. Im a strong believer in owning up to your mistakes and for you to say she’s a victim is a bit one sided. No lie, I do feel for her, but seriously she was on school property sucking one guy up while his friends watched in BROAD DAYLIGHT. To quote Mistat09 “she knew what was up”. Now it was scandalous to leak that video whether it was her or not, and she will have to live with those consequences for the rest of her life, but im sick of people defending ignorant behavior because of age. When i was 14, i knew what was considered right and what was considered wrong and clearly sucking dick in public with an audience is wrong. My 6 year cousin knows that!!!!!

      • Marquis says:

        I agree. She’s in public.. She got dudes over there watchin (really they should’ve jumped in [and I wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t just a groupie, and they had all already been with her before]), .. SHE IS A SLUT plain and simple. I’m coming to the party late; but really this just looks to me like a common example of a slut. How many prostitutes are out there? Girls in porn? Common sluts? Groupie sluts (and sluts of the popular and semi famous men)? “Amber Cole” just happened to be the first one who’s video was uploaded to Twitter, and with im assuming some sort of backstory. She’s a slut, its not that big a deal. Don’t come on here talking about sisters need to stick together, and these boys are horrible people for taping and putting this out there. Lol shit, how many videos of sluts can I find through a search right now? She’s just another one. Not that big a story.

        How is she known anyway? Why isn’t this video just an anonymous slut caught on tape? She has a name and a story and her age is out there. – That’s the reason this is news.

    • Alex Nicole says:

      She actually did know the video was being recorded . . she said it on her twitter page which has been suspended . . she said “How am I a hoe when I’m not bragging on the video”. The purpose of the twitter page was so that she could say that she wasn’t an hoe. Yet she was making post about being “thicka then a snicka” and “why you made I’m famous now” for a person that was recording sucking a boys dick , she really is just making a BIG joke out of this. I am 17 years old and wouldn’t dear do something like that! Do you know what my parents would do to me? Oh another thing she says “her parents aren’t around.. so people shouldn’t judge” right . . someone’s raising her and buying her ipads and what not (which was in her picture for twitter)

      • D. Divine says:

        She did not know she was being filmed. She did not brag in the film because she did not know she was being filmed to begin with. Sometimes there is more than what meets the eye. As a person studying forensic linguistics, you have to delve a little deeper into what was being said.

        I believe that now since the video is out, she probably feels that all she really CAN do is try to make light of it and joke about it. We all cope with different situations differently. An the page where you saw her supposedly joking, is actually not her real page, because my understanding is that she was talking about killing herself once the video leaked. If you’re talking about @darealambercole, that IS a fake twitter page. Don’t believe the hype.

    • I totally disagree Hun!!! So what if he recorded her, no he doesnt deserve to be arressted or brought up on charges, that nasty little girl looks like she has alot of sense and she knew what the hell she was doing when she did it and where she did it. Why does it matter so much of her being recorded when the fuck she did it not only infront 2-3 other boys but outside where anyone could see, so she wanted people to see and that’s what she got. I dont feel sorry at all for her, her ass should have been in that school in someone’s class unless it was lunch time and she was hungry for dick!!! IJS

      • Mimi says:

        the fact that people don’t think these boys need their asses whooped boggles my mind. i urge you all to go out and donate some time to troubled youth, these kids say anything out their mouth’s because they don’t know better. Trust me I KNOW first hand. They think it’s cute, but nobody sat down and told them it isn’t my sister brings girls here all the time, because they made a mistake. They are in our bathroom peeing on sticks, and once it’s said and done I sit these girls down, and have a serious talk with them. Some of them don’t come back with that BS, some of them do, and then they are telling me I was right. so it’s about getting deep into their minds. A lot of these girls are in the foster syster, or have shitty parents but you won’t know until you talk to them.

      • yes i agree i believe she did kno n even if she didnt she had an audience wat the hell was the reason for that n like someone sed she was n a public place where n e one cud walk up n catch thm seems to me apparently she didnt care if she lettin the others watch like they were next line or they was bout to run a train on her so y not let em video it ??? .. yeah she did wat she did but still ffrom the looks of it noone was forcing her to do n e thing she seemed to b a willing participant

      • Empathetic says:

        Shaday Robinson, I am 38 years old with teenage girls and boys of my own! As a woman I am more ashamed of YOU and many others than of what happened to Amber. I work very closely with law enforcement and in legal terms what he and the other individuals did is a crime. Simply because she did not consent and even worse becasue it was released over the internet making it pornography distribution.

        Don’t be so quick to judge you never know where you or your children may end up or what they may end up doing in life. Yes she is 14 and young people do stupid things, but the little boy is just as much to blame as she is and he also needs to be dealt with. Further, she did not consent to having the incident recorded and having it released on the internet.

        Hope you are not one of those hypocrites on the internet passing jugement and blasting this young girl while on the side in your own words you are hungry for and probably already sucked some dick! Hope you dont have nay kids or something like this doesnt happen to someone in your family!

    • what difference does it make if she knew she was being recorded or not? she was outside where anyone could have seen from a distance, or even walked pass so if she knew or not she wanted people to see

      • D. Divine says:

        It makes a WORLD of difference, actually; if she knew she was being recorded, I highly DOUBT she would have participated in the first place.

      • Royale O'Connor says:

        I agree she should have never put her self in that position and to do it infront of others u or asking to get in trouble someone will wail or in this case film. man its crazy

      • Monica says:

        I disagree , either way she was being watched . And for one why is she doing it at SCHOOL ! she needed to suck dick that bad . Please , she knew right from wrong . For her to be on her knees at that age is a damn shame . We’ve have got to do better . She should know her self worth and that is not the right way to get attention at all . It kills me that these young females are trying to grow up so fast . So down and be a kid because when you get older you’re going to wish you did .

      • i feel the way u do also she wanted to b seen not jus her all of them did sad n pitiful instead of being n the skool getting a damn education

  11. JH says:

    Wow, I can’t believe some of the people commenting are adults who have watched the actual video. I refuse, those are CHILDREN and that’s absolutly sick. ..But my heart goes out to this girl as well as the boy and their family. Although they made a terrible, sad, decision and old enough to know so, their going to have to face the shame of this for the rest of their lives. Hopefully the children as well as the school take this as a lesaon to change
    their morals and policies..

    • Empathetic says:

      JH, I couldn’t agree with you more! There are some real self rightoues people on this blog I really hope none of them have children and I hope those children don’t ever make a mistake. My heart goes out to the parents of both children. No one knows the impact legally and emotionally this is having on both of those families.

  12. D. Divine says:

    And I WILL say this much: it’s not necessarily people watching it to get any sort of gratification out of it; it’s more or less the shock factor involved, the unbelievable idea of some 9th graders doing something like that. Personally I watched it to analyze whether or not she knows she was being filmed, and it’s safe to conclude she most likely didn’t. Like, I’m sure she knew the guy’s friends were spectating; but I don’t thing she knew he was gonna go the extra mile and video tape it, AND on top of THAT, upload it to the internet. You can tell from the way he kind of covers the lens as if he’s trying to hide the fact that his camera is out. It could be argued that the boy didn’t know it was being taped either, but I have a feeling he was probably in on it. But she unfortunately wasn’t; otherwise I don’t think she would have done it.

    Again, it’s sad that they did this to her, probably as some act of revenge, or just to be assholes because it’s their nature. Either way, it sucks. To me it’s not about what she was doing, and to me she IS the victim here. Some of y’all wouldn’t say the same if you were video-taped sucking off your man unknowingly.

    • she did it to her self, and i wouldnt be sucking my man off outside school, work, or infront his friends.

      • SuchALady says:

        Probably because you’re not 14…no excuse for what she did but it’s CRAZY that ADULTS are watching CHILD PORNAGRAPHY and MERCILESSLY analyzing the actions of a 14 year old CHILD and CONDONING the fact that it was uploadied to the WORLD WIDE WEB….for EVERYONE to see and assess…..smh @ this cruel ass world…

    • Kittygirl says:

      Your mistaken Traci Lords was not making porn in the 60’s and 70’s it was the 80’s so get your facts straight and this girl honestly is like any other ” girl” out there probably going to use this as a platform or stepping stone for a reality show OR somehow cash in. Girls role models today it’s 2011 BTW are binge drinking orange chicks on MTV , 16 and pregnant , and surprise surprise PORN stars!!!! Yes it’s true!!! Why get a job OR go to college when you can be famous for f$cking on camera or having no skills but giving head!! True!! I mean we do it for free anyway right!

    • Mama D says:

      Lets just face it, everybody’s not trying to get to heaven……no matter how hard YOU try to preach them in…..God set before us GOOD and EVIL…..choose……

  13. C. Strong says:

    I heard people talking about this girl and just read about it here. All I have to say if lets be real about the age we live in, this is what they are doing. I was her age ten years ago, and knew of girls performing these acts even on school grounds, and this was in a very suburban school. The difference is we did not have camera phones. I feel bad for her because she probably doesn’t really understand the consequences of her situation, people will never look at her the same. Black women are already stereotyped as loose women, now this will be used to add fuel to the fire.

    • mommaj87 says:

      i agree with everything u said except the last part…..its not just black women that are stereotyped its all women of every color…but just because there is more recorded events like this doesnt mean it wasnt going on til now, difference is back in the day things like this were not spoke about, tht goes along with rapes, child molestation, prostituting, men beating women… this stuff has always been a problem it just back in the day bad things were not to be talked about

  14. Nigga Watch Out says:

    Man Nigga Watch Out Im 15

    • Wakierea says:

      im 14 and this is just ridiculous i think she knew she was beinq recorded but its the past now so it shouldnt be brouqht up anymore

  15. why says:

    Y do everyone keep on saying she made a MISTAKE….yeah u make a mistake by not doing ya homework or not knocking something over …….u don’t make a mistake like diz….where is her mother & father cuz I’m sure this was not her first time….

  16. BX_LaidBack says:

    Yoooooooooooooooooo That Shits Niceee,.. Nigga Gotta Slammer! Haha 8======D~~~ O:

  17. @BeckyLana says:

    This is so sad because if this little girl would have known she would be publically humiliated like this, she would have never done it. She probably isn’t even a “nasty” girl, just one who wanted to be accepted & liked by boys and they probably made her feel that this was the only wayt to do so. what’s so bad is that I’m almost sure that there are more 14 yr olds girls in america giving oral sex, than ones that aren’t. Not that it being normal makes it right, but this girl shouldn’t have to take all the heat for something so common. This little girl may or may NOT have a mother at home who has told her acts like this are unlady-like, but, even if her mom did tell her, the encouragement to do things like this are much more influential. All i’m saying is, i bet that little girl is a Rihanna & Nicki Minaj fan & i bet that little boy looooves Little Wayne. These (& most ppl in the media) are the people who are teaching the kids of our future that acts like this are acceptable & the technology to be able to upload things like this is just as bad. Until people realize that media laws need to change in order to keep our children from being exposed to such things, then news like this will soon become just as common as hearing about someone being killed.

    • Lehman SChwab says:

      Music is freedom of expression, there is absolutely no way it should or can be censored by laws. I believe this situation is a tragedy, but I’m not for taking away civil liberties.

  18. Natalie says:

    I honestly can say that I can’t feel sorry for her. Yea she’s the victim (Now, because she was caught on tape and people are talking about it) but, She knew what she was doing and she shouldn’t have partaken in that especially when she saw other dudes around with video cameras and even then it was at school. I’m not going to say that It’s the most terrible thing ever because she has to learn (Unfortunately in this manner), but now she has to pay the consequences for her mistakes. I mean, I’m a teenager, i’m in college and like a lot of people said, we are in a place in life where there is a lot of pressure to have sex and do sexual activities but you have to have someone to tell you that and be willing to listen. Maybe she should just learn to set standards for herself and she has to learn her lesson.

  19. T says:

    Some of you guys sound like morons. She’s 14 years old..she doesn’t have the capacity to consistantly make the right decisions, yet you expect her to think like an adult and do what you would do when you’re more than likely 20 or older? I mean, how much self-esteem and maturity do you really expect her to have? I’m only 20, and this is the SAME stuff I saw at her age. Guys recorded sexual activity with girls all the time, and even let their homies watch. The ONLY difference is she got caught because she’s growing up in a post-industrial society that emphasizes the sending of information. 6 years ago, we didn’t have to worry about our business going national, because people didn’t use the internet in the same way they do today. Blaming the school is stupid, they got hundreds or thousands of kids they can’t watch every single one 24/7. I don’t blame the parents either, I mean for all we know they may be good parents, when you give a CHILD the choice of listening to 1-2 parents vs THOUSANDS of peers from society…they are going to make very stupid, but common mistakes. I blame society, I don’t see anything wrong with this girl at all, or the boys for that matter. They’re doing the same things previous generations did before them, they just have a MUCH GREATER risk of getting caught, and she fell victim to that risk. I hope you all go have a talk with the young boys and girls in your families. It may or may not help, society will always out number and will tell your child to do something that you don’t want them to do, but the only thing you can do about that is try. And with that, I’m off to visit my little niece

    • D. Divine says:

      @T, well said. Couldn’t have said it any better. People are so caught up with the littler things that they are not seeing the bigger picture here.

    • ChicagoBounD says:

      I semi agree with you…the only thing i disagree with you on… is i do feel the school could of had a better system of keeping track of their students….Now i know at that age when you wanna do something you’ll find a way, but were talking two people…not five people missing at a time!!! Plus the parents…like im thinking back in my time, i did some crazy shit!!!! I also knew tho certain things i wouldnt even take the risk to get caught by my parents…especially in SCHOOL!!

    • brent says:

      its all her fault you let feeling control you faggot

    • Taylor says:

      T: You are exactly right! I couldn’t have worded it better myself! Our generation needs more 20 somethings like you!

  20. key key says:

    I would kick her ass if I was her mama and have all those boys locked up!

  21. ya im 18 so what says:

    damnnnnn she was goin hammmm on it! lmfao

  22. ChicagoBounD says:

    You guys are having waaaaay to much compassion for this shit!!! Yes its sad, but it happened…no it happens…its not the first nor the last time…everyone knew what was going on…from the filming…. to the girl getting her knees dirty…the only part that makes the situation ugly is that all of us see it as well! Think clearly 14 yrs old is like a freshman in high school…come on now…u prudes sit here and tell me you never heard of stories in high school about people and their sexual acts… under bleachers,lockerooms,closets,washrooms..etc im pretty sure if they could have done it @ home we would be watching a different video! Bottom line everyone is to blame!!!! teachers,parents,school staff….and not to mention the people who took part in the video…

    • NENEE says:

      I agree with you to the highest point ! its not like she was force , blind && didnt know wat was goin on , errbody sayin oh shes just a baby biut from dah video ii couldnt tell. if she ah baby she need to act like one bottom line ! EVERYBODY IS BLAMED , BUT MOSTLY HER ! she could of said NO or she could of went to a empty house or something . I dnt support dett at all . how do uu expect dah world to respond respectfully to this video when uu disrespectfully did dett out in dah public.

  23. sexy lady says:

    She a nasy azz lil girl what the hella she was thinking about? And I know she feel hella bad about this I konw she seen the video of her self. now she may think why did I do this to my self ? And the boy dick she was sucking don’t give a fuck about her. smh

    • @sexylady u sed it it honey i kno she is embaraased as hell bout the whole situation…my thing is alot of people r taking the side of the girl… asking wherez the parents n all this jazz but hardly n e one is getting on these young men wherez the male role model for them n wat is going on n their mind as far as respect of a woman…some may say we cud place blame on alot of things but ultimately the decision came down to these children making a grown up decision…i agree wit ole boy who sed the thing bout the bleachers n the locker rooms lol…COME ON PEOPLE I FEEL SHE WANTED TO BE EXPOSED MAYBE NOT LIKE THIS BUT SHE WAS N A PUBLIC PLACE WITH AN AUDIENCE N BROAD DAYLIGHT… N MAYBE SHE DID WANT THIS EXPOSURE JUS SO SHE CUD C WAT PEOPLE SAY.. EITHER WAY ITS A FKD UP SITUATION THTS GONNA B ON HER RECORD FOR LIFE….

  24. dee says:

    Believe it or not, this type of behavior has going on for years. I’m really not sure who to blame for this …..the boys or the girl?? I definitely can’t blame the school because if this act did not take place on the school premises it damn sure would have happened somewhere else. Poor parenting or lack there off is probably the case with parties involved in this video. With the ever endless possibilities of technology available today, this is one of the negative aspects of it. Poor kids.

  25. yahoo says:

    she should have had more common sense im 17 and i was doing nothing like that at 14

  26. My issue with her is not that she is giving head (looks like she knew exactly what she was doing), or even that she did it at school (where else would kids be during the least they are at school), but that she even allowed the other boys to watch…from my perspective, it doesnt look like he is her boyfriend. it looks almost like it was a dare or something, but I couldnt really hear the audio, so I could be wrong. That’s where she set herself up to be recorded. Poor thing. I really feel for her bc I’m 30 and I know I would be HORRIFIED if some of the freaky shit I do as an adult was made public to even a few ppl…she has the whole country up in arms abt something most of us do anyway but have some sort of puritanical views about.

    I would just like to say to her, you live and learn. Be more careful about what you do and who you chose to be around. My grandmother told me when I was younger that a LADY can turn a dime up on its edge and go behind it to do her business and still walk from behind it a lady. This means to keep your shit under wraps and nobody can KNOW anything to have anything to say. Now that its out girlfriend, just try to move on…no more boys…wait!!!!

    • @ANGELICA lol at the comments she lookd like she knew wat she was doing n at least they was n skool hahha but i agree the issue i have is the same as urz which is she had an audience so whether she knew she was being recorded or not she knew wit all them bk ther sumthn was bound to get out

  27. SayItAintSo says:

    I think she did know she was being video taped, you just never saw her face because she was trying to hide her identity. But the saddest part about this whole situation is how fast it went viral.I’m from Memphis and saw the original video being posted on FACEBOOK at around 9:00 om. It was a worldwide trending topic on Twitter by 11:00pm (my time). This little girl was probably hurt somewhere crying. Never expecting this video would cause the problem it did.

    • chantal says:

      it sure was live and trending on twitter bcuz a lot of my followers were tweeting about and had the link to it….im from tunica bt im n jackson ms….its just sad to c how things turned out for them….if they guys were laughn bout it, they should be ashamed about it now cuz thats not a good look for either of them

  28. letsbereal says:

    ok so im 15 and me being a teenager and knowing how teenagers act obviously she knew. So all of the adults STOP tryna make this a pity party for her.Common sense would tell you if its his friends are watching those are his witness and they are gonna talk reguardless.She is not dumb or naive she knew what she was doing they was all LAUGHING thats the point she probably upset now because the whole world knows, but if it stuck between the 4 of them she wouldnt have done it again. I feel bad that the whole world had to know, but thats what you get when you make dumb choices so now she gotta suck it up and move on and get her education ,lesson learned, case closed!!!

  29. Pearlific says:

    These boys are cruel. They took of Amber. She was probably trying to please a boy who filled her head with lies. Fourteen year old boys have already started being dogs. He took advantage of her. People need to teach their sons to have more respect for women. This is what young teens do now. They arent going to stop. The least the boy could have done if he wanted a quickie was keep it to themselves. He didnt have to let his friend record it. They set out to humiliate Amber.

  30. WeKnowBetter says:

    The chick is 14yrs old.. Do you guys REALLY expect her to make consistent good decisions on a consistent basis? She didn’t know she was being filmed. She just knew people were watching.

    Probably wanted to be accepted by her peers. Low self-esteem. Don’t blame the parents; some people have really good parents but they still don’t always reflect that. Then again, she may not have parents. These are things we don’t know. Unfortunately the guy who taped this is a moron. He needs to be place in juvenile hall.

    • TXBOI says:


      • yes txboi she does look like a pro.. lol..n ur rite she knew wat was up whn she agreed to it ,, i wud have given her the benefit of the doubt if she realized all the people back ther n turned around n left or even if she got up n walkd away but she did neither so liike i sed seems she wanted to b caught

  31. RenaPorter :p says:

    Ok , im a 14 year old Girl … & Even i knoe these little games that these boys play to get what they want ! ima freshman in high school and i have a friend thats KNOWN for doing this , throughout the whole school & from what she goes through i KNOE i dont want that for myself. i think , she shouldnt have done it in the first place . $hit save that for college ! thats crazyyy , i dont EVER seee myself doin allat NONSENSE ! you crazy ass hell , if yu think yu’ll catch me on my knees doin that smdh

  32. Meme says:

    Everyone Is Sayinq She`s Dead Now Beacuse Of The Video Went World -Wide..She Killed HerSelf..

  33. D Divine says:

    AND, for the record, the REAL twitter page of Amber Cole is @AMBERCOLEE, and there is not an OUNCE of her bragging about ANYTHING. In fact, she saying it’s not even her in the tape. She’s being ACCUSED of it being her. The other twitter you guys are referencing is a fake Twitter page, which has since been shut down because it got reported.

    So like I said earlier don’t believe the hype. If you see any pages of her supposedly joking about it, it’s a good chance it’s not even her and that it’s a parody page. Someone even went far enough to make a parody page of her MOTHER.

    Alright. I’m done here.

  34. GK says:

    There is only one judge!!! I pray she ask for forgiveness, and move on with her life!

  35. Jcrew says:

    This girl needs to go to Church or something

  36. Kaui Simmons says:

    Its sad because everybody OS talking about Amber Cole, what about the young man in the video?? Do we even know his name? This should show young boys and girls that this is not right. Everyone is trying to shame the girl but blame is on both parties. If I was his parents I would be just as pissed. So I just hope the youth take this and realize that you have to be smart in all situations. This will follow them for the rest of their lives.

  37. ajs3237 says:

    It’s nothing new that kids today are having sex not saying that’s its good but if it was talked about more maybe they would be more responsible and i feel that the ppl that are keeping this going are worst then the “kids” in it…keep re-posting it in vid from on fb nd what ever other site is doin nothing bout promoting kiddie pron

  38. KendraKiddo says:

    Okay, you guys need to stop saying it’s a mistake. you don’t put your mouth on a penis by accident.

  39. KendraKiddo says:

    This wasn’t a mistake, you don’t put you’re mouth on a penis by accident.

  40. ladytee says:

    Who ever recorded and posted the video should be charged.

  41. Girl says:

    People can be judgemental all they want& saying they dont feel sorry for her, but yall just realize God said, “He without sin cast the first stone.” With that being said while your judging her realize you got your own dirty laundry and you need to stop saying “I wouldnt dare do something like that”or “She’s a hoe” or whatever because YOU ARE NOT INNOCENT!!!! You got skeletons in your closet the difference between you and her is that she got caught and her business is out in the open and yours is still hidden. I feel sorry for her because regardless what she was doing,which Im not supporting her actions at all or making excuses, it doesnt make it right for people to have videos of her and being a tt on twitter, regardless of her wrong doing.

  42. Aaron says:

    Thats NAStey !11 like come on girl what was you thinkin ! wait never mind you wasnt THINKIN !!!!

  43. CHOKEN_onTWEETS says:

    It’s funny how someone can make fun of how Amber Cole was sucking dick , well it’s mighty strange how no one ever pays attention when 12 year old are doing it in PORN MOVIES like wtf ! And half of the people might not know if she was forced or anything , so why bother on judging someone, wow ! People like Amber Cole are sad in all , but some of yall need to stfu because words hurt ! What yall need to do is put yourself in her position and see what if feels like ! Smfh

  44. WTFmaTE says:

    Okay she was caught sucking dick..,and? Lots of chicks have been caught sucking dick around this age and they have been persecuted by there peers. We usually call them the SCHOOL HOE!!! I don’t feel sorry for this chick because even if she wasn’t aware of the video camera she was aware of them perverted dues watching. Killing yourself isn’t an option, its going to be hard but believe it or not IT WILL BLOW OVER. The only reason why its getting this much attention is because these perves recorded it, if they didn’t it would’ve just been a situation around school. If it wasn’t recorded and it was just a rumor most of ya’ll would be like okay so what. Let’s be real and lave the girl alone. You’re just adding gas to the fire. Now she’s going to have the same rep as the woman in the White House known for sucking Bill Clinton’s dick. Oh you all probably forgot about that one huh. Yeah it’s wrong for her to be sucking dick in public, but damn why are yall judging her like this? Stop acting holier than thou and smack yourselves with the dick she was sucking.

  45. i am 14 and i mean there is alot of qirls i knw who think suckinq d..ks is nothinq i mean they will learn a lesson by catchinq sometime type of STD and boys asks me question like that i say NO CAUSE IM NOT STUPID AND GULLIBLE

  46. Ashley says:

    You should know right from wrong at the age of 14. She probably didn’t know she was being filmed but that still doesn’t change the fact that she was outside giving head with 2 other guys watching, when she should have been in class. Anybody could have walk up and filmed this. Every decision has a consequence. I will pray for baby girl and hope she makes better decisions in the future.

  47. Tia says:

    Honestly ive watched the video and I read it on blogs,come on do yu relized every where yu go sex is advertised on billboards in music,magazines everythng is about sex.. Am not gone lie but the school I go to half of the girls are haven sex and am in 10thgrade right now every since 6th I witness touchin kissing and fingering at a young age and some of these kids today are experamenting wit different things I feel for amber cole bbecuz mi own friend was in that perdicument they video recorded her but didnt post it the only ppl who saw it was the school yea it was hard fa her intell his friend talk him out of it and he deleted the video of his phone and she is still standing tall all around the word teens are haven sex in the bathroom on stairs and in classrooms every chance teens will take to do somethng sexuall they will take it yea she might was givn oral outside its da same as sex on the beach or sex in the car or sex in the park ..she probablly thougt the boys were her friends and she felt like she can trust them but they messed ova her all am saying is sex is sex oral is oral everybody probably did it once upon a time or had it done to them sex dont have age nor pregnacy dosent either so stop judgein her but it was wrong fa them to sneak a video in the situation itz not the teens look at the surroundingss and for those who keep calling her a nasty gurl come on having sex is nasty to if yu call oral sex nasty AMBER COLE keep ya head up yu cnt trust everybody ama keep yu in my prayers baby girl

  48. open mind says:

    there will always be a million and one sides to this incident . but i feel who are we to judge the next person ? how can u compare ur self to a child, let alone another person ? yes , the girl was wrong but it still doesnt make it rite for some one to video take it then put her out there . im 19 nd never thought about doing such thing but i m many 14 y/o and younger then tht doin thing wayyy worst then tht . its the way our society works , the lack of parenting , television , music all habve a part in it . its todays world …… no i dnt feel sorry for her but my heart goes out to her from all the cyber bulling nd negativity tht she’s recieving . sometimes even if the persons wrong u still have encourage them to do the rite thing the next time not push them dwn lower . a negative comment can only lead to negative situations soo lets think positive cause lets remember its not u or ur child thts in the situation …………….

  49. Patience says:

    this is sad…, i feel bad because everyone makes mistakes., hers was just posted && blogged about. parents need to sep up and talk to their kids and stay involved, thats where the root of the problem is. this type of thing only shows the type of respect women have for themselves and ho other people veiw them. i mean…whos the guy that recorded it.? wonder if he would think it was funny if someone posted something like this about him. hes prolly still laughing. what consiquences were faced.? what are the parents saying && what the hell is the link still doing on the internet.??? im having a baby girl in december && ill be damned if my daughter thinks shit like this is cute or acceptable.

  50. DGHTV says:

    Super messed up well we pretty much know where she is gonna be in her future sad that this is happeneing but what are you gonna do… first we need to keep our kids minds clean of stuff like this but then again Im glad this video came out i hope other young girls see what can happen to you if you put yourself out there like that!

  51. Niya says:

    This Should Be A Message To The Female Gender , I Saw A Comment About People Stereotyping Black People , It’s Bigger Than Black People It’s Females In General Regardless Of Race . Women Are Clearly Judged More Than Males , Where Does Any Of The 3 Male Participants Names Come Up ? Never . Only Ambers . That Boy Looks Like “The Man In School , Where As To Amber LookingbLike The Schools New Slut” Lastly Girls Don’t Feel You Have To Do This Or Let Alone Have Sex To Be Noticed Or Cared About , No One Will Respect You If You Don’t Respect Yourself .

  52. Tiera says:

    1st of all everybody keep talking about her boyfriend this and her boyfriend that. No way in this world thats her boyfriend. Your bf is not gonna have u outside sucking him up,,or have no other guys filming let alone watching. She put her self in that predictament. Like you 14 so you have sense fck all that she young shxt. Why would you disrespect yourself and suck somebody piece,,then outside,,then outside of school like c’mon man. I blame the unfit parentd these days. BLaCK ppl need to really get it together. i hope that lil girl dont commit suicide for all this publicity. People need to stop talking bout it,,they making matters worst. thats cyber bullying and child pornagraphy.

  53. RoChelle says:

    At the age of 14 no you are not an adult, yes we make mistakes but when it is ever “cool” to perform such initimate activities in front of anyone else but your boyfriend…
    The fact of it being wrong or right flew out the window when she decided to get down on her knees and perform for her audience. I have a child and if they are dumb enough to do it outside with people watching then they deserve whatever comes to them.
    I get up every morning and dress my child for school not so they can give out blow jobs. I have no sympathy here.

  54. Laquesha says:

    @why mistake lesson or whatever in life we all live and learn. I’m pretty sure you have made a mistake and it had nothing to do with knocking anything over. Lets be real she is young and I bet she won’t be proud enough to show this to her kids when she gets older. Thats a mistake.

  55. brent says:

    She sucks dick so what its her own choice to do that and its her fault she got recorded. if she wasnt sucking dick she wouldnt be on the internet thats the consequence for being a harlot. she doesnt deserve any kind of sympathy just because she’s a “little girl who is a victim” n shit she wasnt too young for sucking dick so she shouldnt be too young to handle the attention she’s getting for being a…well a harlot. thats what she is and id tell her “oh well thats what happens for being a harlot.”

  56. amy-gaffigan says:

    While this is quite appalling, the biggest issue is not necessarily, “How could she do such a thing?” Rather, we need to ask, “Why was she not educated on the harms that come from oral sex?” America is the worst in terms of sex education. We make the whole situation awkward because we either make it a bad thing and then not say anything else about it, or we pick and choose the info we share because we don’t want to feel uncomfortable.

    But what happened if we decided to just answer the questions kids have without acting like penguins teaching their kids how to fly? What if it was a straight answer, and not a straight lie, like the whole “stork” thing? What if we knew that we just needed to answer the question, and not have to pull out the skeleton to tell the WHOLE story? What would America be like if we told it like it is, and not how we feel about it?

  57. Monee Jae says:

    How do I feel about this? I was appauled when I first saw the video. Truth is, kids are going to do what they do. It’s natural for kids to explore. But this? Totally inappropriate. Apparently this girl cares nothing about her herself, and these boys are learning how not to respect women or themselves through this experience. It’s truly pitiful. I hope these kids and their families can get through this.

  58. Mitch says:

    Man look, whether she knew or not she still did it in front of other people. If she really cared about being recorded it would’ve been done in privacy. All I see is a girl that wanted some attention and now she’s getting it.

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  60. Heyleen Lopez says:

    Honestly, this was all her fault. lol
    first of all, she’s too young to be sexually active, second of all why in the fuck does it make it “ok” to suck someones dick infront of two other guys?
    and third of all, she shouldve known better on not to be doing that shit.

    I do have some pity for her, but she did this to herself.
    I hope god helps her get through this and makes her realize she shouldn’t be doing all this shit till she’s married.
    even though nowadays ppl have sex like it’s just kissing.

  61. Shout Outs to Amber Cole. An innocent hoe doing her thing when she gets screwed over by a couple guys. She was “hoe-ish” enough to give head in front of an audience of two, and the cameraman was stupid enough to post it online.

    • Nik Nik says:

      She not a hoe stupid! SHE’S A CHILD!!

      • Ickno says:

        Im 13 years oldnd i hhave enough sense to say SHES NOT A FUKN BABY iknow um people might say im too young to say this but its true and im only 1 year younger than her it doesnt matter if she got recorded she was sucking some dude up its the truth you cant feel sorry for her dumbass because she probably only felt sorry when she found out there was a video she was OK with being a school hoe but hoe of america she just didn’t want that, stop bitchin america and lose the fuckn pity

  62. NikkiAdd says:

    Smh, well I do feel sorry for this girl to get caught and for this to end up across the world but I don’t atthe same time. If your doing this Outside with a Group of Guys watching then it’s already a bad scene. I’m sure she didn’t mean for this thing to end up soo badly but shit happens, *like sending a private picture to a boy nd they put it on Facebook!!* now she has to live with this experience… It’ll either make her or break her. Low self asterm does alot to a teenager…. & she is Not the only one doing this! Just the one who got caught!! I could give a list of people who’s done more then just give oral outside but sex in hallways, locker rooms etc. So everyone should grow up nd check yourself!

  63. Courtney says:

    Im honestly ashamed. Females and males put theirselves in this situation. Im 17 years old and i wouldnt dare do this anywhere. What made her do something so stupid? Does she not realize that her reputation is beyond ruined now? What happend to going to school for education? I mean really? I wouldnt have let this slide. She would have been reported because she has no right doing this and he has no right letting her. I admit that i have had some sexual experience but that was BEHIND CLOSED DOORS as it should be. I am young and I should have waited, but this is terrible. I hope something was done about this.

  64. Im 20 years old &+ i just lost my virginity this year. I knew right from wrong and growing up in a good home I knew that &+ it was instill at sex before marriage or when you arent ready is wrong. Can not blame the parents, the boys or the school. she made her own decision&+ I doubt if they put a gun to her head and said suck. She made her bed now she gotta lay in it.

  65. Jay says:

    She obviously didn’t care if people seen it because she did it outside smh poor children I bet she comes from a broken home too….

  66. small town girl says:

    she looked right at the camera at the end. she knew this was happening and she has absolutely no self respect. the boys know that so that’s why they don’t respect her.

  67. Sweety12 says:

    this young child must be going threwww very hare and difficult times right now… Just keep her & her family in your prayers….

  68. ciera says:

    well i say its her life i mean she had to know they were recording sooooooo……….. but it wasnt rite to post that video i say who ever that boy is gettn suck shudnt ever get a nother girlfriend cuz they cnt be trusted

  69. CmonSon says:

    As your parents say ..
    If you don’t respect yourself
    NOONE will care for you

  70. Jay Rivera says:

    $real though. Every1 just get the hell off her back, man. I ain’t tryna preach, but how many of y’all done somethin reeeeeaaaaallly retarded as hell lyk this (but weren’t caught on video) Smh if she kills herself because of cyber bullying it’s gonna be most of y’all faults. Shut the hell up and step down. We’re not perfect because we all have our “moments”. (not all lyk this but still…)

  71. Robin says:

    (I’m 18) I do not feel sorry for her and but do feel sorry that her life is probably ruined by this. Why does everyone keep saying to ” leave her alone everyone gives oral sex behind close doors don’t try to act like you dont.” Yes everyone one does it but its different when your 14, have a audience there thats watching you , beening filmed ( I’m sure she didnt know) and on school grounds. She knew actually what she was doing, and even if she wasn’t filmed or put on the internet I’m sure the guys would of just showed it or even told everyone around the school! Actions come with consequences just learn to live from them !

  72. X says:

    People don’t have self respect anymore. The new generation is going to be the most messed up generation in history. I can tell already.

  73. Dee says:

    If I could take her shame so she could be free, I would. Who cares for the children that hurt? Who cares for the parentsor guardians that mourn for their beloved? We can have all the knowledge in the world, but if we don’t have love we have nothing. God please help us to love, in Jesus name.

  74. Cherise says:

    Its hard being a teenager in this society today because were surrounded with alot of peer pressure and alot of things that we go thru today and no one thats not a teen in today society will never know because its gotten worst er then when these adults were teens. She probably did it to fit in with everyone and alot of girls her age probably do it she was the only one singled out. I’m not saying I feel sorry for because i really dont. My advice to her is just be prepared to face the rage and insults from this cruel world. Because i feel sorry that now she’s just a joke to everyone and even the video is beening posted on everything (facebook, twitter etc.) . And a trending topic about her on twitter is now going on. Thats my only problem with it. Just leave her alone to face her problems and let her think about the decision’s she made. Because i’m pretty sure she wont do it again!

  75. Dissapointed says:

    First of all, how can you actually watch the video? That is child pornography, and are you really that interested? Second of all, some people on here sound like adults and I find the things that are being said absolutely APALLING. I’m 17 years old and I know that VICTIM BLAMING is absolutely wrong. Who cares about the details of the situation, whether she was aware or not. You do not know her personally and have no right calling her a slut or whatnot. Slut shaming is one of the most ignorant things you can do and I find it sickening conming from adults. The content of the video is not the problem, it is people’s closed mindedness. I do not care if you were from “a different time” or you have different morals. You do NOT know her, do NOT judge her.

  76. Link says:

    Who really gives a f**k

  77. LovednBlessed says:

    This young lady may have been molested or raped and now she is just acting out. You never know. Molestation can do a number of things. It can make a person sexually aggressive or very sexually recluse. She may have been acting out on something that happened at home. She needs some counseling after all this. These young men need a lesson on how to treat a woman and from what I am reading, they have never learned that particular lesson. I hope she can recover from this. I remember being humiliated from getting caught kissing a boy everyone t hought as weird! That was years ago. I remember hearing stories about other girls caught doing unmentionable things to boys. I also remember having a friend who had been raped and molested and came out of the closet as a bisexual and the backlash she received from that. Being a teenager is hard. I have a 10 year old daughter and i am constantly talking to her about sex and peer pressure. I talk to my son also. This is sad and I hope other teens learn a lesson from this. No matter what, kids need to be taught to make better decisions because kids don’t come here knowing how to make them on their own.

  78. collin12345 says:

    she knows right from wrong . im 14 my self . and i have never done any thing this wrong . she’s smart , she knows she was being video tape and she knows what she was doing ! i dont care what any body says ! shes dirty ! point blank , . oh and for her parents , no need to hit her , she already in enough pain with this being open to the public . but she does need to be informed . about alot of things , because yes i do believe she knew what she was doing and that she was being video tape but i dont think she knew what would be the out come . you need to inform her on ALL STD’s . and how she can get them . and you also have to inform her on how these lil boys now in days that say they “love her” dont mean it . they just want the pussy . lets keep it real here , thats all they want . hopefully after a while people forget about this , but for now no guy will ever take her serious . and thats sad . and im JUST SAYING .

  79. I have no sympathy for that girl because any human being that gives oral sex outside is asking for public views. She could have spoken up and said No or at least went in a bathroom. Did she not know that cell phones with cameras are very popular these days, so we cant blame the boys for recording this b/c i’m pretty sure some of yall would have pulled out your phones to. The person who I feel bad for is her parents. I guess people arent talking to the kids about being sexually active and the birds and bees!!! SMDH… yall just pray for the child because she is still a child!!

  80. LJoyner says:

    I just graduated this yr from highschool & can honestly tell you that I’ve been seeing & hearing things like this since middle school days. It’s just a shame how young adults can’t act right nor wait for the right time to do that to their husband or what not . My senior year a 14 year old was caught on the school’s camera doing the same exact thing as this young lady . But she did it to a senior . It all has to do with self respect .

  81. kboop says:

    She is not a victim she knew she was wrong for doing this her and the guy she was doing it to. hopefully she has learned her lesson, but not just her all of them, and not only was she filmed he was to, im sure he didnt want this to be posted.

  82. Girlshaverespect says:

    Now, you guys need to stop acting like you were there. I’m sure none of you go to her school and were actually there when it happened so there is no way you could possibly know what was going through her mind. This truly shows how kids of this generation have such poisoned minds! It’s sad because even if she knew what was wrong, which was obvious any girl knows that… She still did. So even though it’s sad you shouldn’t feel sorry that she getting in trouble she needs to be!!! Hopefully Amber’s embarrassment was a lesson to some of you girls who think that doing things like this is cool. HAVE RESPECT LADIES! And may god bless the ones who don’t have anyone to tell them that!

  83. Melissa says:

    She 14. I’m 16. And honestly, everyone our age has either thought about giving oral or given oral. Even if she didn’t know it was being taped, it still shouldn’t haven been done in public. I doubt she’s proud of what this has become. And I’m sure she doesn’t want all these people carrying this on. She’s got the rest of her life ahead of her and I’m sure she wants to move on from this situation.. People make mistakes. Just like I’m sure all of you have once in youre life, maybe bot this dramatic, but its happened. Leave the poor girl alone for goodness sake. She’s 14! -Melissa

  84. Innocent Bystander says:

    People are saying that she didn’t know she was being taped or anything like that and I’m sure everyone understands that. The problem is that she 1) did it in a public place 2) did it while others were watching 3) did it in a place where anyone could walk by and see. I’m not gonna lie, I’m 17 and I’ve gotten head at school before, but it was in a secluded area. Yeah, dumb on my part, but I didn’t give a show to an audience. She just should have thought before she did it in front of people. If she wouldn’t have done it in front of people, it wouldn’t have been video taped.

  85. Avey Rose says:

    These girls today do this on the regular. Corrupt? May be an understatement but it is the norm of today. I only graduated high school two years ago and there were freshmen who did these sort of things just to be doing it and some started off in middle school. This digital age of today makes it hard for children to stay young, and when you’re not taught to have a certain self-respect for yourself this is one of the outcomes.

  86. RobRockly says:

    Kids are gonna be kids… It’s unfortunate that this had to happen as public as it did and I do feel for her parents. There is nothing they could’ve done to prevent this, neither the school staff! I will not place any judgement on her or the young boys. Stuff like this is on the Internet all the time… Technology is making it hard to keep ur secret life a secret, which now puts the responsibility solely on those to keep their sexual acts behind closed doors and between themselves and the individual they are having intercourse with. It’s a virtual world. Someone is always watching!

  87. Sadden Mom says:

    Pray without ceasing……………

  88. Janae' says:

    First and foremost my heart goes out to this child and her mother. I have a daughter and couldn’t imagine going thru or seeing my daughter go thru this humiliation. The root of the issue is the childs parents. Children only follow the examples set for them. Although she knows this was wrong, I’m pretty sure if she was aware she was being recorded this wouldn’t have occurred. This child needs guidance, and those boys should be ashamed for doing such a thing.

  89. Qwamaine Canady says:

    This little girl is a whore!! She got sucked this guy with the school watching… She was fully aware that what she was doing was wrong of low ethical standards…. You knew that ppl were watching but she did it anyway…. I feel no remorse for her because she is a whore!!

  90. Nai says:

    thats sick, now she is known for a bad reason. but its her fault, she knew what she was doing! personally i do feel for her, this is going to be talked about for a long time. because people are mean and dont know how to shut their mouths!

  91. day says:

    It makes me sick to see young people now a days destroy their lives by the choices they chose to make. When I was 14 I sure in hell wasn’t worried about anything that had to do with sex. And I tell you one thing it all starts from the home. Yes if I were that girls parents I would be embarrassed at the fact that now the world knows that I clearly do not know how to raise a child. Another thing that bothered me is where is the campus supervision? the video goes on for two whole minutes and some seconds where were the adults? If I were Amber Cole I would feel so ashamed at the fact that I degraded myself for a bunch of ignorant little boys who obviously don’t care about me but not even themselves. Because if the boys cared for themselves they would’t have put themselves out there like that. At least in that manner. I feel everyone present for the filming of the video needs to be held accountable, Including the parents

  92. Chinnooo says:

    bruh kids these days, yall shud at least got naked!!!!

  93. Angel M Jackson says:


  94. Tiara says:

    I hope the police get involved in this so that whoever posted this video will get punished

  95. Jaya says:

    First of all where is her mother?! And that Twitter page had to be fake! If this child mother or father or any guardian gave a rats a** she wouldn’t have been in this situation and she wouldn’t have been on twitter at 2 o clock in the morning on a school night talking about the situation! I strongly believe this type of thing happens in allot of schools which is absolutely ridiculous. And to say that she wasn’t aware that she was being recorded is completely absurd! A part of me feels bad for her but another part of me doesn’t. Young women these days mature very quickly and at 14 you at least KNOW you have some type of responsibility to your well-being and “some” sense of right and wrong. This is something that this young lady will have to live with forever and I guarantee it will strongly affect her professional career in the future. The real question is who’s gonna give a damn about this next week? NOBODY!

  96. This is completely disgusting…this little girl has no shame for herself…its sad to say that as the years go by the youth get bolder…being in my early 20’s, i know right from wrong and so should she…regardless of whoever says we shouldnt blame her, I do!!!! If she has been treated like that dont do that where people are watching, and recording and especially not on school grounds…idk why kids these days are thinking that they are old enough to do things like this and have babies, when they’re not even old enough to work or suppose themselves…it just sickens me and its sad to say, but with this kind of behavior and premature actions, i really dnt think we will ever be able to control all the diseases that plague this world…smh…enough said…this makes me sick to my stomach and even though I dont know her….im disappointment..

  97. K-Ant says:

    Out of self respect. She’s at that age where she is conscious enough to make decisions. Regardless of how she grew up and taught within the fresh hold of her home, there is a time and place to do such activities. Those who feel bad are only saying that because she is now being attacked. Feel bad because of her actions and how it will effect the family. The sad thing is..she not only gave a guy head in public, in front of doors where people can go in and out. But the fact she did it in FRONT of multiple kids. Obviously she had the choice to preform such actions. If it was against her will, she would’ve been reacting differently. Parents aren’t responsible for everything that a child does. If a child wants to do something obscene from being destructive, miss mannered or sexually active; they will do so. You cannot monitor your kids all the time. In the end it was her decision, actions and her CHOICE to do so. For those who feel bad. Don’t. She knew what she was doing. And for those who are blaming this obscene video on how she grew up. Then don’t. She’s obviously in school, has a family and a young girl who just chose to do whatever she wanted to. There is no lack of education or self taught pity here. Her family will now suffer with this embarrassment. Actions speak louder than words. The video only made it louder. Good luck on going to college Amber. You will need it. And for a few petty words for the family. I’m sorry for what her actions did to you and shame she has brought on. Good day.

  98. Why such sympathy says:

    Why is everyone saying she made a mistake or, blasming it on there guy’s recording. She was not forced to do this. It wass upon here own choosing. Peer pressure probably effected it alot but it was still her choice. And if she wouldn’t have done it then it couldn’t possibly be recorded.

  99. b5hottie123 says:

    OK this whole thing that she did is completely shameful like im 16 years old and i am not giving any sympathy for her. like no offense she kinda deserves what is being thrown at her so she cant be a victim to this. i saw the video i i dont really care if she knew it was being taped or not but it was in PUBLIC…juss think how many people would juss spread it around by mouth if the video wasnt here.

    • b5hottie123 says:

      like who wouldnt expect someone to post this…theres sex tapes everywhere so why wouldnt anyone think this wouldnt get on the internet somehow

  100. Daisy Stockett says:

    What is wrong with this young generation of teenagers? Posting a video of a 14 year old girl givin oral sex on a world wide website, don’t you ignorant fucks know that is called child pornography and is illegal? This is somebodys daughter! A human being who has clearly made a mistake, which is a part of learning & growing up. Just because a lot of bitches wasn’t caught on tape like her doesn’t mean they haven’t been involved in sexual activity such as that. Mufuckas need to have a heart and feel for her instaead of reposting the shit & tagging niggas in it. Simple minded ass ppl! Smfh!

  101. Chloe' says:

    Sad to hear and even see. But i can’t judge, cause that’s not the thing to do. But I don’t believe that she was or even would make a joke out of the situation. I mean really why would she do that? A video of you (now International) ,I bet her little heart is broken into little pieces! Just watch what you do and be careful who you call your boyfriends, friends, & even associates.


  102. iloveGod777 says:

    I don’t know what possessed her to get down on her knees and decide to give “head” to some wotless loser who most likely would boast about it to his friends and he probably won’t even talk to her after this event. Kids now a days do things that grown-ups themselves wouldn’t even think of doing, and most of them do it just because they want to fit in, because they don’t want to be labeled as the “the weird one” . I sincerely feel sorry for this girl and I hope she gets through whatever criticism comes her way.
    I can’t imagine what her parents, possibly the church her friends the entire school body would do to her besides mentally/ physically kill her! I mean this girl is 14! How is she sexually active already?
    When I was 14 I had the most innocent mindset ever, things like this would never cross my mind!!
    All I have to say is….if you ever get down on your knees girl it should be for praying.
    And that’s merely what this girl needs at the moment.
    Praying for you..

  103. Jessica says:

    I don’t know what possessed her to get down on her knees and decide to give “head” to some wotless loser who most likely would boast about it to his friends and he probably won’t even talk to her after this event. Kids now a days do things that grown-ups themselves wouldn’t even think of doing, and most of them do it just because they want to fit in, because they don’t want to be labeled as the “the weird one” . I sincerely feel sorry for this girl and I hope she gets through whatever criticism comes her way.
    I can’t imagine what her parents, possibly the church her friends the entire school body would do to her besides mentally/ physically kill her! I mean this girl is 14! How is she sexually active already?
    When I was 14 I had the most innocent mindset ever, things like this would never cross my mind!!
    All I have to say is….if you ever get down on your knees girl it should be for praying.
    And that’s merely what this girl needs at the moment.
    Praying for you girl

  104. LiviaaDenney says:

    This Is Horrible , Seriously If She Lives In Memphis HOW THE HELL DID THAT VIDEO SPREAD TO FUCKING Wisconsin ( Which Is Where I Live ) Goshh Her Life Is About ASSSS Right Noww

  105. Like, come on. People are still surprised young ones do this, when some of us shouldn’t even be talking. It’s been like this for 20, 30 years, even more. Stop being shocked, America. Amber Cole giving head, deal with it. The last generation and a half made this, so take it on you, modern generation, to stop it, if you even care.

  106. Jackie says:

    Seriously, if you think this is funny, your honestly pathetic. Knowing this little girl and what she did might have been for a reason. You don’t know her, enough to really judge her. So shut up. I most likely know, you people who are saying the bad things about her are dumb. I bet, half of you won’t even say it too her face. This girl might even kill herself cause of this. Just think of what your saying.

  107. Raven says:

    This is crazy. I can’t believe they posted a video of this on the internet. This video is all over facebook. For those of you that are surprised she is doing this at such a young age, don’t be. Sadly, this is how our generation is. She is getting labeled but half the people labeling her have done it themselves. I’m 14 and I can’t imagine being in her situation. I feel for her but it was her mistake for not doing that in privacy. This is nobodys buisness but hers and that dudes.

  108. LowLa says:

    I wold prefer it if we all here would NOT judge. The fact of the matter is, we can not go around blaming only her for this EVEN THOUGH she has a sense of right and wrong, peer pressure is NOTHING to joke with. Everyone has responsibility when it comes in this matter, her parents for not being involved enough in her life, her for being as foolish enough for doing this while OTHERS ARE WATCHING, the 3 little boys, not young men LITTLE BOYS, because young men would have sense enough not to do this, the school system for not being strict enough(when it involves the well being and security of the students), because uniforms ( as I can tell she is wearing) only does 25% of the job when it comes to discipline, and etc. I mean I can go on and on about this, but no one should have the right to judge her! The thing you most certainly should be doing is steering her in the right direction so she wouldn’t make the SAME MISTAKE twice. Mind you all this is coming from a 19 yr. old, which is only a 5 year difference. Also do not forget that the same generation that is judging us as youths are the SAME ones that raised us. We cannot tell her not to go out and have sex, who are we to be foolish and believe that she wont after we tell her not to, all we can do as i’ve stated previously before is educate her on the real world not what is illustrated in the text books.

  109. pink says:

    This BITCH is crazy if she was my child that BITCH would be out my house and she talking about part two comming soon

  110. Raven says:

    People need to realize that there are MANY sexually active teens! Shes not the only one that has done this at a young age but she is the only one that was recorded and put on an internaional website!

  111. Giovanni says:

    Wait a sec how are people just naming names you dont even see her face how do you even know its an amber cole why do people just role offf of what people say

  112. angel says:

    wow im 17 and i would never be caught dead in non of these young females we have to carry ourselves as ladies not SLUT!!!..basically what im tryna say she shouldnt be upset about the video going out she put herself in the situation and its no way out of this at all..once it gets out to the worl wide web there’s no way of deleting it or trying to take it just can’t fry everybodies computer..and i seen the video and its very disturbing to me..this why i told my lil siters dont get caught up with these boys cause they only want one thing…so to all my educated ladies act like a lady and the fellas will respect you’ act like a hoe and he’ll treat like a piece of trash..

  113. josh says:

    Sheesh!, so this is what I’m hearing about all over my Facebook news feed…I DO feel sorry for her, not because she’s been filmed doing something she had no business doing, under the circumstances of her age, the place it happened, but I feel sorry for her because clearly she had things going on prior to this that spun out of control and caused her to do this, I’d also like to point out the fact that this is child pornography, and possibly at some level can be considered cyber bullying, clearly people had intentions of slandering her, seeing as they took time to film it (disgusting) and take down her name, notice no one has said “Oh that boy is tooo nasty for getting head in public” but everyone has something to say about this female because her name is on it, and the boys on the other side of this situation are being applauded ( not necessarily here) just something to think about…

  114. angel says:

    i mean sisters

  115. Devon says:

    I Just Wanna Say That Im 13 &&’ This Video Is On Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. Its Probally even on the news. But She Controls Her Actions And i wuld never do That ! No matter wat. and i the dumb part was it was on school grounds. And Lets Hear dhis comin From a Teens Point of view. Yes There are some ” Sexually Active” Teens ! But They can Keep it To ThemSelves. and Who ever was Recording was Also wronq, And the people sitting watchin. We All have Choices. and We All have To Make them. But This is Just Not Right. But i wuld just say whoever recorded it ruined her life. She Probally has to be Homeshooled , Moved out of theCountry or state. change her name, Looks, and personalities. Just To be a “Regular” Teen. So i wuld just say To the Parents. Make sure You are Cautious Of Wat A Child is doinq. because 1 Little Recording Can Easily Ruin The Child’s and Your Lifee. 🙂

  116. Gorqeouss Lee says:

    I’m a 17 year old female who’s on her way to college in January and I wouldn’t dare to do something like this in a million years ! My mother did her job as a parent teaching me right from wrong and how to be a lady with some class , respect , pride , & dignity . I don’t feel not an ounce of sympathy nor sorrow for this girl . Although , I do feel bad that it’s all over the internet . She knows right from wrong ! She was in public ! School grounds ! Broad daylight ! In front of boys ! Giving this idiot oral sex ! You’ve got to be kidding if you think she didn’t know that this wouldn’t have gotten out . She’s a fool for doing this for whatever reason , I don’t care . These boys were just being boys : young , dumb , & full of cum and honestly I’m not mad at them . She shouldve never had done this smh . Hopefully they all will learn from this experience . They all , ESPECIALLY Amber , needs guidance and a long talk about what happened . Or maybe they should just keep the videos to themselves next time smh .

    Btw , I didn’t watch the video & don’t want to because I think it sickening smh and there’s ” adults ” up here who have .

  117. Kim says:

    i think if shes gonna do what she wants to do , and I know half the people on here saying mean things about this little girl have giving someone oral sex before. LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE!!! Don’t you think its bad enough she has to know she made a mistake because someone posted her doing it on the internet now she has to see all this grown people and other kids talking dirt bad about her. SHE IS NOT DOING ANYTHING MILLIONS OF OTHER PEOPLE HAVENT DONE BEFORE!!!!!! Stop tryna make her feel bad regardless of her age shes gunna do what she wants get over it. Yall are making a 14 year old girl feel like shit, does that make yall feel good? GET OFF HER AND GET A LIFE!

  118. Gorqeouss Lee says:

    I also live in Brooklyn , New York . Where’s she from ?

  119. charles barkley says:

    hahahaha stupid bitch can someone say SLUTTTTTT

  120. Anthony says:

    I find it funny that people are making the assumption that if she did know she was being recorded, that she would not have done it. Really? Do you not know the times we live in? Who knows how many videos are recorded of teens by teens daily, just that not all of them go public or viral like this.

  121. destiny says:

    where can i find this video?

  122. Tiimmiiaa says:

    Honestlyy Imm 14 And You Guys Have To Understand That We As Kids Make Dumb Decisions . But Some Of You Feel Bad For Her And Some Of You Are Talking Down About Her . Have You Ever Heard The Sayingg ” Sometimes There Is Always A Story Or Reason Behind A Cause ” ? Well Im More Than Sure You Have . No one Knows The Real Story Of Why She Even Did This But Her . Who Are You To Sit There And Talk About A Child That Will Notice Her Mistake And Learn From It . You people Are Grown . If Your Not Going To Try And Even Support Her Why Even Waste Your Time Talking About It . She Made A Mistake !!! Everyonee Does . And iM more Than Sure She Is Dealingg With This . I Feel Like Its Her Bussiness Im Going To Support Her . Keep Your Head Up . It Will All be Over Soon .

    • mark says:

      i agree there IS ALWAYS a story she just didnt get up out the blue and start sucking dicks cause she is a whore, this was learned over time from part or all of her environment

    • Kim says:

      Thank you finally a truthful person 🙂 – your saying what Im saying, shes a kid shit .

    • Tiimmiiaa says:

      And This Juss Makes Adults Look Like Theyt Are Immaturee . God Forbid Butt If She Ends Up Killing Herself Because Of Cyber Bullyy And Etc . Then Thats When Everyone Is Going To Be Like Rip This And Rip That . Half These Adults Are Very Immature . And Its Not Cute .

  123. polly says:

    yea this is crazy…..lil kids these days be doing some nexxtt shitt…but who are we to judge? im not saying its rightt i just think we should leave the girl alone…yea she fucked up bad but who dosent? everybody dose dum shitt all the time its just not recorded like she was. stop talking shit about her leave her alone who gives a fuck its her life and she is gunna learn threw her mistakes everyone dose. GET OVER IT!!…….all of you are gunna make a big deal about it now but in a couple of months everyone is gunna forget and start talking about some other shitt. yea amber should have know right from wrong but it takes two….all of them are fucking dum. some of you people judge way to fast, you guys point fingers at her and call her a slut and what not?….but think about half the shit you did….exactly dont talk shitt because in the end it will come back to you. your shitt might not be out there like her but you guys arent perfect either

  124. Oscar De lee this dick says:

    I was getting some head gettin gettin some just the type of girl to make yo jaww droppppppppppppp

  125. Americans all over American are freaking out over this, why? someone could be dying getting raped, etc. But we want to focus a on a girl who need and seeks attention. And instead of giving her love and attention and help that she so desperately needs we are bashing her on the internet and pushing towards suicide.! Look at us all acting like we care about cyber bullying and bullying when we are doing right now and every time we talk about her. Because it does indeed lower her self-esteem and break her down even more. And even more horrible is those lost little boys that filmed it and just sat there wan watched. These boys have no respect for women in general and they are our FUTURE.?!?! wow what a disappointment to society. Stop judging THEM (her and those boys) and start helping them with there problems.!

  126. ish says:

    HAVE NONE OF YALL WATCH PORN BEFORE??????????? shit. get over it.

  127. shaquece says:

    me personally i really dont understand why people are feeling bad for her because she know better not to put herself in that situation…im sorry but i dont feel bad for her because she knew it was wrong in the first place..and to be on the school’s property makes the matter even worse….

  128. latonya says:

    I feel sorry for her and the family. I can only imagine what she is going through. I feel like no one should judge her because we have all did something wrong & we all make mistakes so nobody is perfect. She’s in my prayers. Keep Strong Amber !

  129. Mike says:

    This is funny because half the females that are commenting on this story know DAMN WELL they’ve performed sexual acts like oral in high school. Shut the fuck up trying to say she’s wrong for sucking some guy up and that the boys are wrong for videotaping it. I’m pretty sure most of you have done far more than this girl.


  130. Annie says:

    I really felt bad watching the video. This experience will be with her forever. when we’re young we don’t really think things through, we do the craziest silly stuff ever. We take alot of risks .We are humans we are not perfect therefore we shouldn’t Judge her. Let’s all hope she learns her lesson.

  131. KD says:

    Ahhhh shhhiii, Amba’ yu done lost yo mind gurl, kekeke. lickin dat skimp niqqa up n shiii dayum gurl lolll

  132. J.CARTER says:

    The age boundaries we as Americans put on this are really unrealistic. in other countries and older days people were often married by 15yr of age. The point is that they have the same sexual desires as a “grown adult” and the problem is as stated before…SHE NEEDS PROPER GUIDANCE. This little girl is obviously lacking the the attention she needs. and not to get religious but this is just the worl we live in and things are going to continue to get worst, the bible states that but people act like they are so amazed when something crazy like this happens. That fact of the matter is WE walk right by kids as misguided as this everyday and dont think twice about it. This is ABOUT MORE THAN AMBER COLE! this is about the world we live in and whats becoming acceptable. The standards bar has been lowered and anything goes. We as mature adults should take this opportunity to use this as a way to talk to not only our kids but kids in our communties to teach them. These are issues we avoid as parents or dont handle effectively. WE NEED TO STOP TALKING ABOUT THINGS LIKE THIS AND START DOING SOMETHING. im 27 and at that age there was plenty of stuff i like this going on. This doesnt suprise me at all. I just pray for my kids growing up in this world we provided them with.

  133. deee says:

    what the hell im 16 theres nothing wrong with having sex or partaking in sexual acts if you understad the consequences. she should have known the reprucussions giving someone head in public with people watching. Even if she didnt see them i find it sad that no one had the balls to take a stand to say this isnt the place for this. when it comes to sex and sexual activites age isnt the most important factor maturity is.

  134. G'd up.! says:

    look, im 15. first, all these adults on here feeling sorry for the girl and what she did. no.! she choice this and i see everybody view point of this situation cuz i read them, but she prolly din kno she was being video taped and they prolly din kno it was gone get dhis far. so for the grown folks using they be words and making no sence cuz its out context anf for these other teenagers looking down on her.. but like i sed im 15 and i just turned but i been in my right mind not to dew det.! them grown folks talm botu she no better.? nawl she new good and well but yet things happen with society and i love music to death lil wayne no dis but if u listen to some of these lyrics and getting into these boys heads this wat started it. i dont agree wat one person sed earlier aobut the montoring ang stuff nawl if you raise yo child right yean gotta worry bout watching them down they back. yal grown folk always talm botu how bad our generation is.. who u thought raised us.? OBVIOUSLY YOU GUYS.! but i jus wanted to put my two cents in cuz the poor girl aint so poor yeah its a shame itd had to get out this far but wat made you go suck a dick.? and too much money or peer preasure for that.. and the school.? dont blame nun on the school the school is to provide acedemic culture not something like not having sex that should be taught in the home.. parents TEACH YO KIDS, and KIDS LISTEN TO YO PARENTS..

  135. apple(allison) says:

    Just Leave her alone she made a mistake GET THE HELL OVER IT just leave her alone and let her be its a part of life yah so what if its early its her decison not the parents

  136. apple(allison) says:

    Im 13 1/2 and even 13 year olds make mistakes.. yall make it seem like a big deal this is for her parents to handle not america just leave her alone

  137. TC says:

    Ok, you have to be kidding me.
    What has this world seriously come to.
    Everyone keeps saying “shes only 14 this; shes only 14 that” EXACTLY! She is only 14. How did you think when you were 14! IF it really matters that she is only 14 then it should matter that she is more likely to feel more pain ! Ever thought that she may commit suicide over this foolishness!!
    She is a child and everyone makes mistakes! What if mistake you have ever made as a child was taped!!?? How would you feel…
    As for the immaturity of the males involved, if anything you should be ASHAMED of yourself! THIS IS NOT RESPECTABLE! You ruined her life along with YOUR OWN.

    As for A.C. keep your head up, you have not done anything that has not been done before and it will not be the last time that someone does that same thing! You are beautiful young woman. Always remember no matter what you hold your destiny in your own hand! Be positive and do not let this be the end of you.

  138. i think the juvenile system should get involved with this situation, & not only should she get in trouble the boys need to get in trouble for it to. That not acceptable.

  139. Get_a_Life says:

    I feel that she made a mistake and its not only her fault…the fact that the kid who video tapped it and put it up there he should have the only guilt on his shoulders.! but once the parents press charges and everything else we will see who gets the last laugh.!
    Amber hold your head up high and ignore what these lame kids got to say.!
    This is why we have so many teenage deaths in america b/c of cyber bullying and its about that time it comes to an end.!

  140. mandy143 says:

    Its very sad that everyone is talking down about this little girl!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah she does know right from wrong and should be held accountable for her actions. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!! You never know what your child will do when they are away from home or from you! All you can do is raise them and teach them how to act and what to be. And at the end of the day cover them in prayer as they walk out the door. You have did what you suppose to do as a parent but you just have to pray To God that they will stand for what you have taught them. You have to just hope and pray kids wont be rebellious…. So again I say stop down talking this little girl!!!!!! No matter if its giving head or skipping school it just show kids will be sneaky and do what they want. Half of the people on here prob dont know the half of what their kids say or do behind their backs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. Stephanie says:

    From a young girls point of view, everything is all about acceptance and acknowledgment. There are far worse things going on around the world. She didn’t mean for this to be put out on the internet like this or matter of fact get recorded. What she did is not right but understand when your that age the attention of boys makes a girl feel so special and make them do crazy things. Put yourself in that position.

    • DCviaNY says:

      unfortunately some of these adults lived a life or pure perfection, having NEVER made a mistake in thier lives, so they couldn’t POSSIBLY put themselves in her shoes. Even if they tried, they’d focus on the fact that it was “oral” sex, not realizing that there is a skeleton in their closet that had it been revealed when they were her age, would’ve been the “SCANDAL OF THE CENTURY”.

      Thank you for being able to step outside of yourself and put yourself in this child’s shoes. All I can say is, “Out of the mouth of babes”!

  142. Broolyn says:

    that girl is not 14
    shes too dam tall to be 14

  143. NyBadest says:

    Smh So wat babygirl wuz givin head…Who dont give head n 2011…Everybody running dey mouth about it If she Felt like Give ole dude sum Sloopy Toppy Dats on Her…Who da fuck is Anybody 2 judge her…

  144. Zamora Jones says:

    I find it very degrading that We as humans take such Little mistakes and turn them into a world problem. Yes, I understand that this Young Adult has made a Wrong turn in her life and come across a rough patch… But regardless or not she deserves just the same amount of RESPECT as any other Young adult in the world. Maybe her actions weren’t the very best, but as she grows she’ll learn.

  145. LOL Amber Cole………Amber Rose all she needed was a bald fade N she couldve got on wit Brian Pumper xD LMFAO ROTFF naw BUT 4real she bogus N my friends was talkin bout blame her parents……at 14 if u can count past 100 N fix whole meals than ukno not 2 put a dick in ut mouth……………—————->_________

  146. leah says:

    Idgaf this bitch is fucking 14 & a pro she doing it with no hands so this video isnt her first time with a dick in her mouth. She put her self in this postion! If she “women enough” to suck dick at 14 on school grounds she old enough to get charged for child pornograph. Her younge ass shouldnt even know what a damn dick is at that age!

    • deee says:

      what the hell i was getttin head a 12 that means nothig you take sex ed at like 10 so i think she should know what a penis is. did she ever look at the camera acknowledging that she saw it no

      • Moonecho says:

        Just because she may know what it is doesn’t make it ok to put it in her mouth! Didn’t your mom teach you to never put things in your mouth if you don’t know where it’s been?! But on a more serious note…..SHE’S 14!!! She shouldn’t be havin sex of any kind!!!!

  147. diamond says:


  148. lateesha says:

    I feel so bad for her,what she did was wrong but the fucktards recording it were too. Everyone can call her a hoe all they want,half of the middleschoolers are doing this shit they just havnt been caught. So before you judge her put yourself in her position,im not saying what she did was okay but damn people need to stop being so harsh on the poor girl hasnt she been humiliated enough???

  149. LaShanna says:

    first off child porn is child porn and that’s what exactly what it is, second of all the young men who were involved in placing this video online should be charged with distrubing child pornography as consequences for their actions .. oan ppl shouldnt just blame her parents or her upbringing because obviously this isnt the first time she has served him up before since she did it soo willingly therefore regardless if her parents talked to her about it or warned her she made the choice to do it and as preteen you are still are accountable for your actions. now these young men are also at fault because nobody taught them to respect a female even when she doesnt repect herself but knew enough to add on to the embarrassment.. It’s just sad how ppl in general dont want to feel sorry for this girl because she knew what she was doing but you should feel sorry because she did know what she was doing.and grown men and women are now watching this video saying she should have done it in private because this is the computer generation and kids are having sex younger and younger these days… what kind of exscuse is that? To be honest kids rob other kids have sex with other kids beat up and bully on other kids because nobody wants to give them the time of day since everybody is worried about their own problems you think kids dont pick up on that or take advantage of the adults who really dont seem to think that the children in this world are worth it proof is in the video ppl …

  150. Moonecho says:

    The fact of the matter is….children these days know a lot more about this stuff than we adults give them credit for. I bet I can walk into any junior high, observe for a few minutes, and pick out a kid that would sell you a bag of weed! Why? Because you can’t keep eyes on your children 24/7. So you don’t know everything about your child. Not to mention parents are too fearful of social services and other child protective agencies to set proper boundaries on their children. Not to say that her actions are her parents fault, or societies for that matter. The girls is 14! She should know right from wrong already! And obviously giving head to a boy on school grounds is wrong! So honestly I’m not sure who or if I feel sorry for anyone in this case. Everyone was taught a lesson here! And this is the reason I plan to home school my kids. So that I know they are given the proper examples of how to live their life, no peer pressure, and I will know my children by interacting with them on a daily basis.

  151. Jazmin Arielle says:

    EVERYONE in this whole video situation is WRONG. first of all, this little girl shouldnt be giving head, on school grounds, infront of other people. she should know better then to be doing that in public with people watching. then the little boy recording it was completely wrong in posting it on the internet, but the thing is that she is not the first girl that this happened to, and she will not be the last. it is hard having it go around to everyone in the town, but everyone in the country ? that is what leads young people to suicide . the problem here is not really her giving head, because you people explore with sex now, its the fact that it was outside, on school grounds, with people watching, and the fact that someone posted it online . that is what makes her, the boy she was doing it to, the other little boys watching, and the boy recording wrong . aside from that, girls giving head is nothing new .

  152. BigJ says:

    wow. I didnt even know what oral sex was at 14

  153. wisegurugirl says:

    What I find shocking is that ppl think that it didn’t occur to her someone might film her doing this. I’m 21 and in college and I hear about grown ass men taping girls so I find it a little hard to believe that it wouldn’t occur to this girl who is obviously fast n knows a little too much as it is, that some immature boy might do the same nasty perverted thing. The fact she did this in a public place and in front of several people tells us all that she wanted an audience. Even if she didn’t know she was being filmed, I bet it crossed her mind or u mean to tell me a girl who obviously knows what a bj is, never heard of the age old senerio where a guy films or photographs a girl without her knowing and puts it on the internet? How many teen shows has that been on? TONS. How many crime shows and law shows has that been on? TONS How many movies did that happen in? TONS How many reality shows talk about this sort of thing happening? TONS. I’m pretty sure she watches TV. We have to face the fact that she chose to be the victim here. She chose to do this with an audience and outside in public. The fact that she was filmed unknowingly or knowingly doesn’t matter. She had certain intentions and still thought doing this with an audience was cute. That to me screams that this girl has no one to tell her that this isn’t something a girl does and it’s not something that’s cute. I wondered what she thought would happen and how different that was from what actually happened. I bet she thought she was gonna become popular with the guys and thought the other girls were doing the same thing. We live in a world where every movie n every tv show now a days shows girls her age as active or as pregnant and they show adults as desperate for any type of relationship healthy or unhealty as long as there’s sex. I see shows that my 13 year old sister watches and it’s girls her age trying to act grown. We live in a society that doesn’t value youth. Ppl want kids to be objects, mini grown ups or invisble and then we wonder why some 14 year old girl does this. We care if she knew she was being taped. Does that make it better? If she didn’t know she still let ppl watch and did it out in the open. I’m pretty sure she knew they were going to at least tell all their buddies who weren’t there. It’s sad she chose to make the descion anyway. This is her consequence. I do feel sorry 4 her bc she’s a child and is still learning. The fact that she was in this situation shows she’s not being taught.

  154. Zakia says:

    I just want to say that I’m almost 16 years old, and 2 years ago I would have never done anything like that.

  155. mark says:

    wow crazy not that she is giving a bj at 14! girls have been geeting pregnant at 15 for a while now so that no longer shocks me. what shocks me is that she allow two other boys to watch! are children getting so desensitized about sexual acts that giving a blow job is like kissing in public now

  156. Paula Brown says:

    I just thought I’d add a somewhat fresh perspective. The problem isn’t that she’s a “slut” or that people are being too hard on her, or that she’s stupid or anything else. The problem is our society’s demonization of sexuality. As soon as you are “of age” things start happening to your body, we all know this: “the talk”. And pretty much as soon as that happens, people start to be curious. Kids will experiment, it’s only natural, and everything that anyone has to say about it being wrong is almost completely made up by societal precepts of what is “right” and “wrong”. This demonization is what lead to her being forced out behind the school anyways because everyone teaches them that this sort of behavior is dirty; to be swept under the rug or shoved into the back of a cupboard. So, while what’s happening to her because of social media is unfortunate, she is only wrong in the contrived sense of the word, not the natural one.

    • wisegurugirl says:

      I’m sorry but I want to understand what u mean. So ur saying that it’s ok for a child to partake in sexual activities bc of puberty? I’m 21 and I remember being 14. I wasn’t out of control with desire. Sure those desires were starting but instead of choosing to indulge them in a situation where it could easily become risky, I did what this girl didn’t. It’s called masturbation. There’s also kissing, or the age old game of I’ll show u mine if u show urs or some touchy feely. That is natural though we don’t like to think about other 14 yr old doing that, however giving a bj isn’t at this age. Nor is giving 1 in public with an audience on camera. That is teens not practicing self control. Sex isn’t demonized. Unsafe sex is. And so is sex between kids bc they aren’t responsible enough. I remember all the misconceptions I thought were true when I was the age. Every cartoon n PG movie has some kind of reference to sex or innuendo as well as the more mature rated movies and regular tv shows. It’s easy to say it’s normal 4 a kid 2 b sexually curious, however when u say it’s ok for a 14 yr old 2 give a bj bc of this curiosity, ur drawing a line in the sand. A 14 obviously isn’t mature enough to handle this sort of thing otherwise it wouldn’t have been such a big show. She let other guys watch n the boys are a bunch of inexperienced boys eager to get off by means. To me, I don’t see demonization of sexuality being the problem. I see it being ppl ready to disregard the different stages of youth. A part of youth is learning. Do u think at 14 children are responsible enough to meet their needs with someone else responsibly? Do u think they’ll always be safe and take it seriously if something goes wrong? How many 14 year olds know how to use condoms properly?How many 14 year old girls will tell the guy they like no just bc he doesn’t have a condom, knowing she might get pregnant? How many are surprised when they have unprotected sex and end up pregnant? Hell grown ppl act surprised themselves. Does she know STDs can be transmitted this way and that he should be wearing a condom even if she’s just giving him head? Planned parenthood n all kinds of sex ed organizations have plenty of customers who don’t. I’m sorry but just bc u have urges doesn’t mean they’re supposed to be acted on. At 14 you learn to tame your desires and until whatever timeline u set, for some it’s not until they are married for others it’s when they find true love. Either way it’s about being responsible and being safe and a 14 year old can’t do that. Otherwise those other boys wouldn’t have been there, they wouldn’t be at school doing it and there would be no camera. If they were old enough to be having sex, it would take place in a private place and it would stay between the 2 of them not made into a show and given an audience.

      • Paula Brown says:

        I mean, yes, there are different stages of development, and they are different for everyone. For some, they may not be ready for their first kiss until they are twenty one, for others, things may happen a little faster. There’s no “one size fits all” age progression. My point about society can be summed up in two main ways. The people who’s comments boil down to basically, “She is giving head. That is wrong. She is a slut.” are demonizing sex. The derogatory jokes at her expense, the way girls are ostracized or glorified based on their sexual experience and partners as well as kids who are kicked out of their homes for not having the sexual behavior their parents wish (whether it be in terms of orientation, race, or acts) are all examples of demonizing sexuality. I’m not saying she was necessarily emotionally ready to be giving head but the confusing influences of society, such as the TV shows and cartoons you mentioned, as well as pressure from boys, pressure from other girls, glorified promiscuity on TV, confusion in terms of religious teachings, media coverage of sex scandals just like this one, leave young people with too many questions and not enough answers. I think that people should accelerate naturally, and maybe a natural acceleration is more like the progress you described. What I think needs to change is that there needs to be more openness and dialogue and less taboo surrounding the whole topic. And protection and safety is a HUGE part fo that. We pretend like kids are too young to be doing this so we don’t educate early enough and by the time we do it’s too late. The importance of availability to information and protection cannot be understated. I’m not advocating a “free love” sixties mentality approach to sexuality. But rather an open dialogue that doesn’t include punishment for exploration or pressure regarding choices. If punishment and pressure, the demonizing stigma I was talking about, I think people would progress at a healthier rate, but because there is no dialogue and there is punishment, this girl is behind her school without protection.

        Sorry, that’s really long. Thank you for questioning, it definitely made me think more.

    • Floral says:

      I think this is one of the only sensible comments on this website. No one seems to understand the problems here. Everyone’s either concerned with separating themselves from the issue, by saying they’d never do anything like this. Or blaming Amber, but not really the boys, or making unfounded comments about her coming from a broken home etc. We don’t any of this. But regardless, America’s society needs to change it’s attitude about sex. Not to necessarily encourage it, but to provide the proper information and tools to discourage both slut-shaming and the peer pressure to have sex early. This virgin/whore dichotomy that changes slut-shaming into the root of all evils is such a huge issue and so few people see it.

  157. marisela says:


  158. Chris E says:

    I’ve seen the video and I’m in shock like honestly shit like this is scary. I pray for her family and the future that is beckoned upon her. Life is going to be tough for her now with everyone’s judgement. But honestly, WTF WERE YOU THINKING LITTLE GIRL. I just don’t get it. She knew they were recording her and she didn’t care. So with that being said, you make the bed you lay in. Twitter is burning rapid about this. God bless this child and please forgive her and forgive us for our misconduct and wrong doings. I just hope she don’t take her own life for her own mistake.

  159. Magic says:

    I dnt think it’s entirely her fault because for 1all of them should’ve been their behinds in somebodies class learning 2 the school should be blamed for not makin sure they got to class and 3 her parents need to be blamed I mean come on now people use your brain here I mean she had 2 pick up from somewhere,.come on let’s be serious here I’m prettt sure that she’s not the only child doing thar SHE JUS SO HAPPENED TO GET RECORED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. Janita Harris says:

    It’s obvious that the girl lacks self respect, but it also obvious that the young boys lack respect for women. They made a mockery of the young girl, and then streamed it for the world to see. I’ve read some of these post and the blame is directed only to the young girl like the boys involved are an innocent party! That is absolutely ridiculous and hypocritical. Every person in this video has fault. This video only asserts the rising epidemic our nation is facing with high teen pregnancy rates, girls are happily degrading themselves so that boys will like them, and boys are happily degrading women because it makes them look cool.I really believe we need to start implementing classes where we teach young girls to know their self worth and we teach young men to respect women as well as themselves. I really hope consequences are not only directed to the girl, this video exploits her making her a victim, although she was a willing participant, I don’t believe she knew she was being recorded and I don’t think she knew it was going to be streamed on the internet. If we don’t take a course of action immediately we will lose our children to this. And then what will be of the future?

  161. Shane says:

    This whole situation is stupid.

  162. monae says:

    Wtf is wrong with all of u people this little girl only took actions from what she saw and heard of all of you on here problly did shit worster than this i mean how can you guys sitt on here and talk about this little girl i bet multiple of yhu bitches on here was giving head younger than this and im not trynna say its a good thing but shit happens all kids go off of what they see and shit they see on tv so for you bitchs thats talking down on here yall can go to head because being a downtalker on a 14 year old girl is not gonna get you no where and you bitchs can run with that

  163. jcool says:

    4 real ppl r talkin about her lke they never seen a porn video before thts sad y they just dont leave her alone i think she learned her leson

  164. Beye4805 says:

    Whomeva viewed the video should be locked up for viewing child porn,they clearly knew her age and people are still viewing,the boys who video taped it should get probation for bullying the young girl by posting it for the world to see,she needs counseling and a good talking to from her mother,hopefully the mom can instill some morals,not to late,hope she’s okay and dont end up like Tyler,good luck Amber..

    • Dunia says:

      well i viewed da video cuz i saw it on my fb news feed but no i dnt think i shud or anybody shud get locked up for such thing….i didnt know how old she waz cuz apparently i dnt have a twitter but i do have a fb soo i saw nd i waz just like wow she a baby nd i knew by da uniforms i wasnt shocked cuz dis type of shyt happens but wat can we do? yes we got freedom of speech but who wud bother to have the time to hear us low class? but anywho blah everybody has thier own opinion

  165. Lololi says:

    No one knows what was going through her head when this was happening. Did she REALLY want to do that? Was she scared? Was she thinking about just getting it over with? Was she thinking that this small amount of male attention was better than nothing? Was she regretting doing that? Was she thinking about the guy she REALLY liked and wished she could be with him? Then to turn around and find someone videotaping you? How horrified would YOU be? Don’t judge her for making a bad sexual decision because at least once in your lifetime you will do the same. The only difference between you and her was the time, place, and the fact that YOU didn’t get videotaped. She is in my prayers. Hopefully, she won’t do anything drastic to destroy her young life because I know how traumatic making a bad decision can be and I can’t imagine the horror of it following me around for the rest of my life. I’m praying that she finds peace of mind in time and support from people instead of hate.

  166. MzOneNOnly says:

    So have any of yall actually checked this girls Twitter page? this lil supposedly innocent girl is VERY proud of wat she did and all the “fame” she is getting rite now, claiming to be the baddest around on 2 knees n claiming #teamhead… r u kidding me rite now, this lil girl actually thinks this nonsense is gon make her famous…thinks she gon b all over tv n computers…..smdh…so wit all that being said any of yall that r out there sayin oh poor girl n all that…stop it, the girl is her biggest fan, so all of u please stop contributing by following the whole # crap wit her name….that’s all I got to say.

  167. Devin says:

    Everyone here blames America, the parents (who of which are partly at fault), the shcool, the other boys, and the boy friend, but nobody has enough courage to say who’s actually at fault here. Amber is old enough to know not to do something like this, expecially in public. You can’t blame someone else, or an entire secioty for one persons actions, who of which made it on the internet (because we all know more and younger girls have done this and been taped), we can only blame the person or persons who did it and left evidence. This young girl has no class about herself and doesn’t desirve to have pity thrown at her because she did something wrong, imagine if it was your children, brothers, or sisters in this. You know for damn sure you wouldn’t see this the same way

  168. Meghan says:

    I am a 19 year old female from the Birmingham area and I must say that I am shocked at this, not at the fact that this young girl was performing sexual acts on school grounds, but at the fact that so many imperfect people are judging this little child that has obviously made a huge mistake (how many of us havent?). If people would read and understand the story they wouldnt be so quick to judge her. Amber was in love with the young boy receiving the favors, and was willing to do anything to get him back. As a young child, I can understand her feelings, and thinking that she was in love. Initially it goes back to her upbringing. I was told daily that I was beautiful, and taught self worth at HOME, and we must realize that all children arent. Instead of bashing, and slandering them, we should be understanding and encouraging to them. Teaching them that they are worth so much more than some of them think. Most importantly, the bible says let he who is without sin cast the first stone. So all of you “perfect people” who have never had sex before marriage, or bore children out of wedlock, or even participated in oral sex obviously have to say these hurtful things to this CHILD to make yourselves feel better. TALK TO JESUS!

  169. NLB says:

    People are making to big of a deal about this. Yes at 14 you shouldn’t be partaking in such acts, but it’s not unusual. I’m 17 and most my friends lost there virginity at that age or 15. She made a mistake. There is no substantial difference between her and the millions of kids engaging in oral sex or sex.

  170. Neeyuhlee says:

    wowzers imm 17 yearS old godamn whaa is wronqq width these younqq females i try too set a good example for myy frands and lil necies tell them that u should never go down a road like thiss like really are u serious she knew exacally whaa see wass doinnq suckinqq summ kidd uhpp shakinqq myy fuckinnqq head that makes mehh wana slap her reallie if she was myy sis i would have beat the crap out of her she made her selve look bad and it makes us females look bad females need to respect there selve girls younqer thann her havinqq babies wow #COLDWORLD

  171. jasmin says:

    i feel like no little girl should b doing that in its jus sad in it breaks my heart they all need there little ass whipped smh and on school grounds it startes with the parent we gotta do better at home so our kids dont look for love in the wrong places i send my prays out to her in her family in hope she make better choices in life little 14 yr old girl do this every day they jus dont get caught on take smh sad sad but thee love for our kids start at home

  172. Symone says:

    I think it’s ashame what these boys did to her. She’s a child but she should also know better. Maybe if she had the right guidance in her life this might not have happened but who knows. For all the people that’s reposting the video should be ashamed too. This girls life is in ruins and with her life being put on the world wide web it could lead her to hurting herself, god forbid.

  173. wow!?!?! u people are so judgemental! damn -_- yea shes 14 yea its outside in public but still shes young dnt judge her people mak mistake wen there young nd imature she dnt know shes just a lil gurl a bby! nd maybe shes got low selfeseem nd they peer pressured her in2 doing it lik telling her “oh no1s going 2 c just do it please” u never no! dnt look dwn on her your no angel ur not innocent so stfu! shell learn 4rm her mistake not 2 do it again lik they say u liv and u learn nd she did(hopefully)

  174. monae says:

    The little girl killed herself because of people bullying and talking down on her now does that make you guys feel better another black baby gone but never be forgotten people just dont no when to stop this is crazie you muffukas on here bullying a little girl i no yall mommas done caught yall doing some crazie shit but yet yall sit on this internet like yall have never did anything

  175. Marcus Lee says:

    ah hoe gon b ah hoe aint no way around it~ Future

  176. SUPREMEkilL666 says:

    lolsssss lauqhinqq myy hiqhh yellow ass off rightt about now ohkaye Mmmm letss ghett down too the bizznes imm younqq u feel mehh lolss how old? DONTT WORRY BOUT IT BITCHH (serious face)thiss hoe knew WHAT she wass doinq im pretty sure thiss bitch knew she was getting taped because if she dint she would of got off from suckinq hiss weiner and snatch the camera from that one foo at 14 i dint even know what pussy was?? bitch must be watching porn herselve doing all thiss shirt under the sun while her mama ain ther now shit hit the fan where u at nowhere ? bitch justt want 15mins of fame well HERE IT IS SMILE FOR THE CAMERA BITCH SNAP!! SNAP!! SAY CHESSE!!!!!!!#mannyis such a monster!!<<<<<<++++++666

  177. asiaa says:

    Okay , Well as a young 16 year old girl I was shocked when I saw this.
    I immediately felt sorry for her, not for what she did ( I felt she knew what she was doing was disgusting but didn’t care) , but for what the outcome would be. I’m pretty sure she didn’t think that this would be all over the internet , & people would see this. . But at the same time you have to take certain things like this into consideration. With me being a youth ORAL SEX is the norm. People do it all the time as if its okay ( i don’t agree with it , i feel there’s way to many STD’s going around) , but a lot of young girls mind sets aren’t were there supposed to be. & i think what really makes this so bad is that she was outside & it was other guys around .. & she made a twitter after this , Which makes me think maybe she wanted the attention? Maybe she wanted her name to get out there but didn’t know how to do it in a positive way so this was the only way she go about it? Or maybe she really is sorry and made a mistake.. so in this situation you never know . But i feel , she is/isn’t the victim .. All i can do is pray for her !

  178. kamrin says:

    First of all, the boys penis was abnormal. It was at least a foot and a half long which leads me to think this was all a joke and she wasn’t really giving some boy oral sex…but still this is pitiful.

  179. Dunia says:

    This is just all bull i swear idk how u ppl r being caught up on dis amber shyt knowing dat thiers worse shyt going on in this fuckin crazii world…like stfu about this like certain ppl care nd certain ppl dnt like come on she gave head woop woop u wanna have a drink nd wack off like wtf ur not da one dats gon be embarrase walkin out dat house trynna hide ur face nd shyt nd i know damnn well da parents wud be ashame of it as well but how wud she know how to give head anywayz? maybe da parents didnt teach her right nd she got her teachin from skool or otha ppl…my point here is dat dis is not a big deal to us but it wud be a major deal to her nd her family. So plzz just cut da bull shut up nd go to sleep

  180. Teehajah Washington says:

    Ppl need 2 get tha fuk ovr this video so wah she suck i bet every fkn female det commented on this sucked dick b4 get tha fk on nd leave her alone its natural at least we kno she aint fkn gay nd out there eatin pussy

  181. Get the fuck off Amber Cole dick yall need to leave her alone she is only 14 I can name a couple of people who suck dick this and to all you boys who keep calling her a hoe yall can not talk cause yall fuck ever girl you can that’s all yall worrie about is pussy and yall eat girls out so stfu this is what you call cyber bullying and to those boys who put that video up there yall can Drop dead ass wholes

  182. xavi says:

    We live in a culture that doesn’t support “morals and values” as many as you call it….people making asses of themselves on reality tv for 5 minutes of fame or moderate fortune, every young celeb is sexualized….there is a high value placed on being desired and/or valued by men, and the ways that women are shown to do that is not based on morals and values….young women see that stuff and say “this is what I need to be desired/valued/popular/loved etc…” I think all the kids in this vid have issues with respecting themselves and other human beings….it’s not okay to disrepect someone just because they allow you to do it….a person with their own morals and values wouldn’t do that

  183. Nicole Jolie . says:

    I honestly feel bad for amber cole – i know that the story runs much deeper and its not just her giving head- as most of us teenage females know men can be very manipulative to vunerable young girls and only the strong survive.

    I was an Amber cole – but now I’m a mother and I see this and it just terrifies me to think that my child is in a world where people are so cruel and judgemental .

    my heart goes out to her ❤

  184. Nicolette says:

    She knew wat the hell she was doing she though it was funny when he put it in her mouth all the way so I feel she took it as a joke nd shit she jus ah hoe in the making it’s nothing no one can do bout it she want it nd I kno once she got done she looked at the video nd I bet she though it was funny they need to show her face and lock his ass up because that was wrong she look slow to me because who would let some niqqas do that shit to the that’s no respect as a girl as a women she dnt need to never have kids she might let them do this

  185. Saphire says:

    So maybe people don’t remember what its like to be 14 … The peer pressure , that 1st year of high school , young and naive . not all of us were doing things like that but believe it or not its more common then anyone thinks . why is it just the girl getting called out. How about these Disgusting boys taking advantage of this 1 girl . Its ashame how blown up this got, when dang near all these girls are doing this same thing, with pictures floating around of them

  186. HJHA says:

    she was actually the one to post up the video first.. so why should i feel sorry for her?? im a 17 yr old teen and have never felt the need to any type of PDA. this is just something else, this is like a cry for atention. she needs some serious help & i do truly hope the best for her..

  187. Spock says:

    Saddest part is that she’s put to shame…yet the boy is going unnoticed! Both parties have to take responsibility!! Parents need to be brought in!!! Unfortunately, these things happen all the time but this incident happen to be uploaded all over the net. I don’t know what to say but as a parent, this is disturbing!

  188. bigdawg says:

    ok…we all know that she is not the only teenager in the world doing that…The million dollar question is did she know she was being filmed. Now if she didn’t know, some boys just don’t have respect for themselves or other (until they get caught)….now if she did know, obviously she doesn’t have respect for herself and others will take advantage of it…..

  189. keediee says:

    Look at what Some Of yall are Writing ! Seriously , I Know this is Horrible & Explicit in so Many Ways but Its a Little girl , Shes 14 Lost in this world , ! I DONT Feel sorry for her , But i feel for her and her family ! Seriously as AFRICAN AMERICAN Were not setting a Good example for our race , and its not just that ! Its The Generation of teens theses days ! All TV Talk about is Sex , Thats all that is advertised to these Young Young kids , which make them soo CONFUSED

  190. Mark says:

    14-year-old Amber Cole is caught on tape giving oral sex on school grounds

  191. Jess says:

    i can’t say that i really feel too bad for the girl. I mean i know people participate in these activities, but save it for the bedroom (or somewhere private). I don’t see how it didn’t seem to even bother her that his two guy friends were standing there…. i feel like she should’ve known that if two other immature boys were watching they were going to video it. She should have known better than to do this where she did. I don’t know her background or her home life, but a 14 year old girl should have some morals and value herself a lot more than this. I don’t care if she’s going to give head, like i said do it somewhere else. Hard lessoned learned for this girl. She’s gonna have a hard time recovering from this.

  192. emiboo says:

    this is not her fault. she is young she doesn’t kno any better. instead of taking time out to make her feel bad someone needs to teach her that it’s not right. when she goes online there are porn avaliable to her and then the music the kids all talk about it and they get curious and they do these things. in this time people need to help comfort her. have a heart.

  193. No judgement says:

    Honestly im 15 this isnt something that I do or would ever recommend but i’ve seen worst only thing is people didnt spread it 1. hopefully thats all she’s doing and not actually having sex 2 the parents do play a part in this I respect my mom way too much to ever do something like this and when the day comes that I decide to become sexually active I will consult with her because she makes me feel safe and loved so again I wouldnt want to dissapoint her , 3 She has a lot of the blame as well if your gonna do something with a guy you like atleast make it private even if you didnt know that these guys could go and tell the whole school what happened and then the school couldve called your parents but dont regret it cause its already done just deal with the consiquences 4 music and tv and movies arent the only problem I think it’s alright to listen to the music and stuff as long as you have proper home training, I havent seen the video I just know some people who go to school with her so I dont know all that much but honestly lets let the girl have a little peace she’s probably got alot of critism all ready and besides we dont know her maybe the guys threatened her or something it’s very possible ( not saying that if she did do it on her own will that its not her fault, cause it is ) 5 the guys have some blame as well cause it was wrong they ruined a young girls life by sharing the video she may never get a job now which means she may go into prostitution or pornography 6 I would feel horrible if I talked bad about her and then found out that she killed herself 7 again I know people who have done worst I mean literally having sex on camera and towards the beginning they may not know theres a camera but towards the end they definetely know its there and then they bragged about it only this is the whole world didnt start sending links and crap honestly in the situation people should be disgusted and not wanna share it just pity the people

  194. Paige says:

    honestly, woopdef-ingdoo. i know girls younger than that doing worse than that. yeah it’s sad to say that, but seriously we have a lot more in the world to worry about than this kid giving head. let her parents deal with the consequences however they want, and everyone else should mind there own business. if you gave children maybe you should keep in mind that they may not be as innocent as you would like to think.

  195. KEIKO says:


  196. rick_awesome_oct4 says:

    why the hell are ya’ll making a fuss about some little slut.. , hoe wateva.. I mean,, c’mon guys how were those guys able to talk her into giving head in public, wit all of em watchin, in school!? I’d say shes a pro at it, probably the skoolz slut. Dat asshole she was blowing, sure aint her boyfriend.otherwise why would he post it on the web?wit her real name & shit..unless he didnt know his buddies were recordin.. 50 bucks says she was payin a debt or somethin lol . Maybe she’s retarded,, watcha think?lol a 14yrs old should be able to tell right 4rm wrong, right?.. Or was she a part of the whole recordin thang was she tryin to get popular?.. Lol Dunno wat think.. posting this video was mean tho,, mean as hell..

  197. rick_awesome_oct4 says:

    why the hell are ya’ll making a fuss about some little slut.. , hoe wateva.. I mean,, c’mon guys how were those guys able to talk her into giving head in public, wit all of em watchin, in school!? I’d say shes a pro at it, probably the skoolz slut. Dat asshole she was blowing, sure aint her boyfriend.otherwise why would he post it on the web?wit her real name & shit..unless he didnt know his buddies were recordin.. 50 bucks says she was payin a debt or somethin lol . Maybe she’s retarded,, watcha think?lol a 14yrs old should be able to tell right 4rm wrong, right?.. Or was she part of the whole recordin thang was she tryin to get popular?.. Lol Dunno wat think.. posting the video was mean tho,, mean as hell..

  198. NoSympathy says:

    Look everybody talking about the dude that posted the video is wrong but sympathize with her I don’t fault her for doing it but if you sucking dick behind a school and all his home boys watching she was gon get exposed regardless they 14 year old kids they was going to run their mouths about it the next day in school only instead of getting exposed to the school she got exposed to the world #Simple

  199. ijerk says:

    mane fuck all dat if it ws me i would of did da same tng………… owell she knew wat she ws doin………. an she ws njoyin it so fuck it…………….. shill gt ova it

  200. bottom line reallly it was a situation tht cudda n shudda been avoided..from the parents to the public all the comments/posts n attention they r recieving may have been exactly wat they wnted either way its how we rspond to these actions to avoid a repeat is wat is gone mk the difference

  201. diamond walton says:

    Too much shit goin down on twitter and im sick of it. Its sad i have to defend these lil girls gettn peer pressured to do something SO unruly and STUPID, i blame the parents for not having that ” Serious Talk”, and the people peer pressuring them, and i 1/2 & 1/ 2 blame the lil girls for not havkng common sense….. Cyber bullyin IS NOT COOL !, young ladies yall have to do better!

  202. SnowBunnyA1Suave says:

    Seriously everyone on here calling a 14yr old girl a slut, and sitting here talking shit about her is PATHETIC. Are you kidding me? Yu people act like you’ve NEVER done something outrageous before. Amber Cole is NOT an abandoned child, or a love sick puppy OR a fuccn slut, she’s a fuccn teenage girl, so wat if she sucked him up at school, big fuccn deal. Is it REALLY that shocking, that it has to be BROAD CASTED ALL OVER THE WORLD?? No.. an if you disagree yur fuccd in the head.. The only people ANYONE should feel sorry for, are the perverts watching an underage girl succn dicc. Clearly yu kno her age.. yet yu watch it anyways, fucc the fact that its outside btw cuz that is no argument, sorry. Because if yu really wanna get on that subject, if yu say a girl succn dicc n yu knew they were at an middle school would yu stop n watch? No. So wtf is different from sitting at a computer watching it? Exactly NOTHING. IT’S FUCCN AMERICA WE ELECTED BUSH INTO OFFICE TWICE, WHY THE FUCC ARE YU PEOPLE MAKING THIS GIRL FEEL HORRIBLE AND POTENTIALLY RUINING HER CHILDHOOD AND POSSIBLY SENDING GET INTO DEPRESSION??? Cuz uh… I’m right… doesn’t depression lead to MORE teen Suicides? Nice job America way too bust down on underage Prostitution, but post child pornography. Thank god I’m not american, yu guys ate fuccd up real shit.

  203. Thomas Jackson says:

    I’m Not Surprised That Its A Black Girl.
    Only They Would Stoop So Low…

  204. yazzBreezyBabbyyyy says:

    i agree with you, but it’s so sad how grown ass adults are also bullying this child… this poor girl mights kill herself because of Ignorance and cyber bullies, but those little boys really fucked up and they better be prepared for some charges

  205. Atavia says:

    I seriously think that is mess up because first of all she is a young lady and second no young lady shouldn’t be doing anything like that!!!!! She is setting a bad example for our future children but yet she maybe didn’t mean to do it….. Maybe she was force because I would dare let nobody video tape me doing that!!!!!!!

  206. Rika says:

    Im sorry to say I dont feel sorry for her at all she knows right from wrong shes old enough to understand her actions….i do however feel sorry for her parents…nobody wants this to ever happen to there child but im under the assumption she did it for attention but it is what it is she doesnt have my sympathy at all!!!!

  207. A feed up Teenager says:

    I’m so tired of people talking down about the 90’s genertation! We only can control what we do we can’t control wtf noone else does uma junior in high school and SEX is apart of life oral sex and all the face that she was giving head is not the problem the fact that she was on school grounds is the problem I will be so damn glad when Americans learn to mind their own fucking business.. Your child is probably sucking dick The only time yall are concerned with us Memphians is when there is some shit like this going on I say fuck all ya’ll get a clue this is real fucking life, Superhead is somewhere sucking someone’s dick now…

  208. unknown lady says:

    she crazy she need god in her life ama pray for her

  209. Nyemah says:

    I heard about a video of a 14 year old, ” Amber Cole” performing oral sex . I haven’t, nor would I watch that pornography. Shame on those who did. Each person who re posted can be found guilty of distribution of child phonographic images. If her mother sues , shake in your boots, if you sent it to someone else or re posted. There is a electronic record . It’s illegal people. Shame on us for glorifying in someones else’s anguish.

  210. Thank, Q says:

    The only thing new about this event is the fact that it’s on camera. Although I do think that kids are sexually active at an earlier age than 20 years ago, I do know that these types of things went on when I was in high school. We just didn’t have cell phone cameras to film it (thankfully). I do feel very sorry for this girl and her family because something like this is next to impossible to live down. The internet can sometimes make a person a star in the worst way. 😦

  211. Britt says:

    It’s a sad day when entertainment involves child pornography. I don’t know the circumstances surrounding it, and I don’t judge anybody b/c I’m not a saint. I’m disgusted by grown ass men and women calling her a slut and things when at 14 some of them had more than candy in their mouth. One of my followers was pregnant with twins at 14 and had them at 15, so for her to be talking about this girl is a ho set me off. Details are slowly emerging, and the guy was basically like, “If you want to get back with me, you need to give me that dome.” We all do and have done stupid things while in love–puppy love or true love. How do we know this wasn’t her first time? I refuse to watch the video because it is child pornography, but the cyberbullying is a mess. I am an attorney, so I would love to reach out to this young lady and her family to let her know what courses of action are available. I would start with Photobucket and Twitter. they are allowing this video to be on their respective websites. They don’t monitor exceedingly close, but I know someone told them. They remove offensive trending topics, so they were aware and let it continue. They should have blocked all access and not allowed a minor’s name to become a TT. Photobucket or whoever the original video was posted through, needs to suspend the account before the Feds get involved and shut the whole thing down. They know whose account it is, and with a court order, they will sing like canaries. Then, whoever posted the videos. I would slam their parents with so many civil torts that their great-great-great grandchildren would still be paying. Off the top, the following torts apply: Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Invasion of Privacy, Libel, Defamation, and the list goes on. This is cyberbullying and cyberstalking, as well.

  212. Athena says:

    That’s what she gets for being a disgusting little hussy who has no idea how to say no to guys nor how to defend herself if they get close. I don’t feel a bit sorry for her. Saying no and pushing guys away are skills every woman needs. Wait-she’s just a kid, she isn’t a woman yet. Doing lewd things like that at school is just asking for trouble. Smart individuals do those things when they’re alone in their rooms, not out in public. Good luck getting a job and other things in life, Amber. This wouldn’t have happened if you were smart enough to say no! Have fun getting arrested!

  213. Grown ass woman says:

    Where the hell are the adults in this situation? His parents, her parents, school officials…..that’s what’s so disgusting.

  214. Casey says:

    FIRST and FOREMOST- any one that intentionally searched for a video of a 14 year old CHILD having oral sex with another CHILD needs to be in prison for watching child pornography! SECOND, if for any reason your computer is investigated for any reason it will show that it was searched for and watched and therefore you WILL be charged for it. THIRD, how can anybody say they don’t feel sorry for a child who, although, willingly doing the act was violated because I’m SURE she didn’t know whoever recorded it was going to put it on the internet for the entire worl to see. Kids are growing up much faster these days and like someone said before she obviously needs some counseling and guidance in life. No matter how you look at the situation she is a child and as a child she is suppose to be protected. The media and everyone involved with the spreading of this story should be ashamed of themselves.

  215. joslyn says:

    she should of known that what she was doing was wrong even at that age ! im only 13 years old, and i would never do anything like that ! until i am married ! now that she is doing this…. others may think its cool to ! and its not ! but at the same time… its bullying… this could drive the girl crazy to where she would want to commit suicide because people don’t think about what they do… and with boys around… people these days are going to record it ! the boy knew it was going to happen , he should be ashamed of himself ! for allowing it to be done , and having someone near by recording it ! if this young girl commits suicide this wouldn’t surprise me , things arent the same anymore in this world, the boys should be punished , just as she is, even though they wont be punished as bad…. they should still face justice or something for doing this to this young girl , i wouldn’t want to walk around knowing if someone knew my name. that they would start singing a song about me , or they wouldn’t like me because of something i did…. i just wish people would stop following these music videos, and things they go on TV… its nothing but sex…

  216. Krissy1148 says:

    Everyone is saying that she did not know she was being tape, that may be ture, but I have the say even I know most teens keep a phone on them. I am 25 and can remember a time in school where you only heard someone was giving guys head there was no poof so, most people didnt believe it or that it was hear say. Her age means nothing to me, Im no fool I no kids are out doing this, I have a 14yr and 16yr sisters so I hear the stories, its the fact that THEY are out in the open with it and she allowed them to tape it, even if she didnt know the fact that she didn’t think about the boys watching would not tape her tells me she did not fouley understand

  217. Candace H. says:

    It is just sad that this generation considers oral sex to be the same as just plain old kissing. They are doing it anytime and everywhere. In this case it is sad that this young girl has subjected herself to this form of pain. She clearly isnt old enough to understand what she is doing to herself and/or her self esteem. Nobody really knows what she is going through or what she was thinking at the time. Its easy to say her parents are to blame for her acting out in this manner but im sure its deeper than that. To be able to perform such acts in the manner that she performed it shows a very clear and advanced knowledge of sex. Was she abused? Is she reaching out for attention? WHY did she do it? These are all questions that no one but her can answer. We can all leave comments and voice our opinions but what really is anyone doing to give the youth of this generation proper knowledge of sex and maintaining healthy self esteem? Who is reaching out on the internet to offer support to young girls/boys in this or similar situations? We can all stand around and comment but when are we as adults, professionals, parents, PEOPLE going to help these kids? After all, THESE KIDS ARE OUR FUTURE! Right now its not looking to bright. Something has to change!!

  218. ylopez says:

    Well no matter what was the sitution weather she knew or not, its ou. And what she must be going through no one should ever have to. This just goes to show that children no a days try to grow up to fast. And ithas a lot to do with all movies and music that are being put out in songs. ( and it would be shameful if any artist had any type of lyrics refirring to this matter). THis is not what you want to look back to 10, 20 years from now and know you were rememebered for this world wide. Im not trying to make her feel bad about what she did, but honestly she is old enough to know what she did. And the boys that where sitting there recorded should be more ashamed of them selves for sitting there watching and thinking its the coolest thing ever. My advice to Amber would be to stay strong and know that this will eventually fade away, dont let all this bring you down.. but from now on be sure you think twice about what your doing.

  219. Krissy1148 says:

    cont. What she was doing, and if she knew they were taping her then I cant feel sorry for her, I have sis and would beat thier asses, cus I know I have talked to them about sex, and told them guys , if they think you have/ act like you have no self worth guys will teat you like ur worthless. so this shows them that I am not joking. Not saying thats how the girl feels.I blame the boys to, its just the girl had the power to say no, or pick other place. No would care if she did it in a room and no one was taping it, sad but ture

  220. Tasha Henderson says:

    I think that this damn girl needs to get her ass beat. Why would you do this and you must not have any respect for yourself and you dumb bitch you don’t care. What kind of bet did you make anyway. You didn’t have to do that shit, But you wanted to and that is why you did it. You must have liked it to because he would have gotten his dick cut off fucking with me. I would make you suck your Daddy and your brothers dicks because of that shit. And eat your mama’s pussy.

  221. Adarri Rowe says:

    Alot of people are judging Amber Cole but truth is every one does what they want to do and some of the people judging her do it to, but they just haven’t got recorded in school like her!

  222. Denise says:

    Most likely, she knew she was being recorded. Then again, you don’t know how her school looks, or how it’s set up. For all we know, that place outside COULD have been a private area nobody went to. In my school, there are tons of those. She had good intentions, I mean she was in love. You have all been in love, and would do anything to be with who you love. She was dumb for letting him take advantage of her like that, but the real problem is the asshole who recorded this, and the other asshole who let him.

  223. no-nee says:

    i think she did make a mistake and she is to young to be having sex but we are all human beings nd we all make mistakes nd she will have to learn but when we say mean things that doesnt help nd i feel for her because and someone in a school i attend, same age did the same thing at her boyfriend house nd he told everyone in school nd she was ready to kill herself nd not come to school. she did it because she loved that boy nd was tryna be with him nd make him happy. none of yu know what she is going through so i think yu should leave her alone! also to all us girls boys aint shyt they only want one thing, your prize possesion nd nothing more so do yu nd stop worrying about boys nd worry about school! nd all my prayers go out to amber cole nd her family!

  224. Angel says:

    well i think if she really cared about wat dey was putting on the internet she would of stop doing it but she wanted to contiue so all i got to say is she wanted to make boys like her by bein a dick sucker so if she really wanted attention she could of been herself if it was me first of all i wouldnt do it and second y the hell would u do it on school grounds where people could see you like if u really want to be a hoe do that shit at home and behind close doors DUMBASS

  225. dezarae says:

    i feel bad for her because she’s 14 and girls like that wants attention and people making it out of a big joke thats something serious kids parents need to take heat to this and really try and do something about there children’s life cause they can’t be living like that . okay she made a mistake we all do but that boy should not have did that to her reguardless i don’t care how wrong she is he wronger then her , that childish and he need his ass whoop for that come now like they force her to that , people talking about her shoes okay maybe she don’t have it made like other people like people really need to grow up cause thats not cute nor funny and i know her parents are really upset cyber bulling is getting out off hand they should just make twitter , myspace , facebook for people who CAN ACT LIKE ADULTS AND TAKE MATTER TO THIS SITUATION IAM 16 i don’t think this is cute at all i think the adults are acting inmature by giving people sites to look at a young girl give oral sex . i hope they proud cause they taking another child’s life away from her and thats disgusting , and the boys don’t even care , yah can make fun and say that young girl wrong but its pressure i know i help young girls like this to keep them up , sad … people really need to get together and get off that girl back she already got enuff stuff coming from her if she didnt kill her self

  226. Call Me Tex says:

    Amber Cole Is a slore for dat.. And she a hoe.. Im mad because I went with her.. but its wat ever.. shidd, She sucked my dick to..

  227. nybear91 says:

    Why has people become so wrapped around this amber Cole situation. All the bashing and shyt talking about her is not koo. That’s why suicides happen in our youth these days. I’m quite sure everyone has givin some head (whether your male or female) in there lifetime. Just stop and let it be. She’s a human being, someone’s baby, someone that has a heart and feelings. It’s crazy how everyone judges people when they have no right to say anything about anyone unless there god. She’s young yes, but there are way worst things she could be doing. Just know when yall hear on the news about the suicide of amber Cole just know yall made it happen.
    #stfu and figureout your life and stop worrying about the wrong things.

  228. dboy sellinq dat says:

    jus leave her alone ihf she wanna do dhat den let ha den lke frreal doe yall are pitiful real niqqa shit

  229. osobad says:

    I Feel for the little girl….i saw the video and not to judge but she does not look like she is well off…..her pants were floods and her sneakers not in the latest style….i feel like she was targeted and maybe persuaded into doing this so she can “be one of the cool kids” or maybe not get picked on. Its sad regarless of what the case this girl shouldnt have done that, Im 9 months pregnant with my first child and its a girl. I hope to teach her right from wrong and let her know that negative attention is NEVER good attention. Follow me on twitter @o_so_bad if you agree

  230. LinnLinn says:

    I don’t feel sorry for her . She made her bed and now she has to lie in it. She knew what she was doing . Point.Blank.Period.

  231. NADEA WHITE says:


  232. Jayson Macksonni says:

    Leave Her Alone She Young. Young People Mistakes But She Will Now Learn. But She Doesn’t Deserve To Get Embarrassed Like That The People Watching….. WOW NO LIVES. SMH

  233. jessiva says:

    I think it’s virtually impossible to stop teenagers from engaging in such activities so there would be no point in suggesting that. What I would like to know is why was she ok with the fact that there were other people present and why was it on school property? Surely she should have knowledge of right and wrong so why not go in a private place at least? Why was she not in her lessons? I know we can’t all blame the parents as not every parent isn’t aware of what thier child is up to but if your child is below 18 years of age, why do you not know where they are or keep tabs on them? I’m 19 years old and I wasn’t allowed to even go to the mall with my friends until I was 16 years old. My parents knew where I was at all times and if I left without telling them where I was going or who I was with, I wouldn’t even enjoy myself out because I knew when I got home, there would be a large price to pay ( no phone, computer, television, and grounded).

  234. chyna says:

    wow. Not interested in seeing what this young lady did. But as an adult this just tells you that you are what you live. It’s obvious that there is a breakdown some where in the home. Girls need fathers to teach them as they are he only men that don’t want somethin from them. They also need mothers as we teach them how to be ladies. This is a learned behavior…. Kids are so sexual these days but they are never taught about the diseases that accompany sexual activity when having unprotected sex. They are also ignorant to the fact that certain diseases only affect you if you have a certain sexual preference. The lack of education in a lot of the young kids lead to the demise of an entire generation. Educate these kids they think sexually transmitted is only thru penetration. You can catch something by putting an infected penis or vigina in your mouth….. herpes, hiv, etc………

  235. LOKI says:

    Not cool. Her image is probably screwed for the rest of her life. Due to a juvinile mistake. I also hope that th government tracks down people spreading and downloading the video and charges them for child pornography if they are of age.

  236. lee says:

    Wow this don’t make no since at all!!!! i know the feeling even tho this didn’t happen to me!!!! the children need to get a beaten of their life time for doing some mess like this!!!!They lucky I’m not their parents cause i would of beat them like a grown person!!! At the age they are at the shouldn’t even be thinking about sex or even any sexual activities. Another thing whoever posted they video online need to be put in jail for child pornography!!!!!!!
    My prayers do go out to Amber Cole and her family!!!!!!

  237. DTalyon Woodruff says:

    I believe that we all make mistakes but it’s none of our business what she does and those who watched as it was recorded & done you should be ashamed especialy the person who posted the video;( I’m on 15

  238. Jessicca says:

    I heard about this last night and i youtubed it on my cell phone and seen a reaction video and found out about how this little girl did that, but at the end of the day i feel bad for her because her business is now all over the internet but also that was something she should have been doing privately and not with an audience. Many people are talking about her negatively as though they have a place to say something, no one person is perfect and weather you have sex (in any way, shape or form) or not, you still at some point think about it. we all make our mistakes so to end this i say get over it and leave that 14year old girl alone to make her own decisions.

  239. jasmine says:

    okay , i have seen the video and as a 13 year old girl i honestly think that is nasty and un-lady like i understand if your having sex or whatever but that is PRIVATE. if you are to be having sex at that young age do it behind closed doors . because of what she did now her life is probably ruined . At a point i do feel bad but then again she did it all to herself . SMH the things girls do for attention.

  240. yb swag foe says:

    mann honestly i think she made a what she did wrong yea,wus she too young,yea but thats he problem young people dont think and i think thats all it was

  241. young says:

    shes a young hoe like the rest of em in this world that’s why she shld bw left alone. I have a bby grl.nd a son nd honestly all the shit that’s said about she deserves cuz if it WA my daughter is beat her ass straight up. Especially when ahe shldve had her ass in school. she put herslf in the position Shes in so don’t cry now because ppl are tlkin about u. respect urslf nd ur family enough to keep that shit in a house if u ARE gonna be doing that. which u shldnt b ANYWAYS at age fckin 14. Smh.

  242. Yemaya-Ogun says:

    OMG… this poor child… misguided, lost… she has a chance to turn it around if she is redirected by someone who was once in her shoes, or maybe even someone who can show her “Her Inner Queendom”. As mortified as I am, and although my heart is truly heavy right now behind this situation, I come to the conclusion that no one is at fault for the situation but everybody is responsible for the outcome of this. Indeed, it takes a village to raise a child, but the whole world to raise up a nation as a whole… My prayers go out to all parties responsible for the children… I hope that this situation sheds light on the effects that the media have on our children.

  243. Alexis says:

    The thing that bug me is half the girls calling her a slut know that they have done it to but haven’t got caught with think about most teenagers now are sexually active they don’t realize how bad it is but i think amber learned and the people bothering her are making it worst she is talking about taking her life because of it what if it was you!

  244. SheenaBeaan says:

    Ok Personally I think they are all young & they all Need they ass whooped . The Boys should get into more trouble because believe it or not the Girl Has to suffer from this her whole life . . While the guys on the other hand are probably getting pats on their back from their peers . I just hope Amber Cole doesn’t Hurt herself from all this embarrassment . & I’ve seen the video she did NOT know she was being recorded if you pay attention to the boy recording he keeps lowering the phone everytime she turns her head .

  245. weeeeeee says:

    i feel bad for her & stfu guys actin like shes the only 14 yr old givin oral sex like grow up its not her fault and dont blame her and like seriously artist makin songs about her? what if that was ur daughter how would u feel? smh

  246. Angelo says:

    Instead of talking about her & laughing, we as ADULTS & a RACE OF PEOPLE, ought to pray for her. Nevermind the foolishness!!!! None of us are PERFECT!

    Please Lord God in the name of Jesus, deliver this young lady! Change her today to grow …into the woman she was born to be. As youths we all make mistakes. Let this incident be to her advantage to achieve dreams that she hasn’t dreamed! Deliver her God & let her be an asset to the Kingdom of God. Those that reprimand & belitte her, let them be her foot stool! Amen…

  247. Shaquille says:

    ok..i have been hearing about this little video every since it happened. and i feel like if she let it get that far then she got what she deserved. i have not seen the video first hand but the thing is she should have not put herself in that kind of situation at that age anyway. at the age of 14 she is still very young minded and she is only doing what she has seen or heard or what has been around her. so there fore the boys thats in this video sound all be punished because no woman or girl deserves to be put on a world wide website such as twitter or even facebook.

  248. TheNiggaAmberColeWasSuckinUp says:

    nobody should feel sorry for her. she knows what she did was wrong.. she wasnt lookin for love. she was bein a freak and thats just what it is. I got my dick sucked plenty of times at school. its nothing new. she should have been more careful if she didnt want it recorded. maybe next time she’ll suck sum solo dick instead of doin it around a lil group of niggaz.

  249. Shawdhiie1996 says:


  250. Kerri says:

    Why does everyone decide to jump on her ? I understand it was completely WRONG. But what about that skumbag of a boy?

  251. weeeeeee says:

    like just out of curiousity if she knew the boy was bringin friends why did she still do it? and that guy who brought friends why would u wanna let another dude see ur p—–? gay !

  252. Ki Blackmon says:


    • rayvonne says:

      i under stand u , everybody who talks shit is hella stupid and needs to grow up cus if it was thier kid theyd feel real different about it

  253. #LovePeace&Soul says:

    okay lets get this straight she is at school. there for she is there to get an education. not to learn how to suck dick. and yea the media is somewhat at fault but at the age of 14 she knows whats right and what wrong. she knows that if anyone ( her mom , dad anyone) in her life there or not would be ashamed… if the kids at school make fun of her or call her names thats what she gets for doing that. its called cause and effect. and if you do a bad thing you get a bad thing because of that. so yea i dont feel sorry for her and i do not care what anyone has to say cause IF THAT WAS YOUR KID YOU WOULD NOT LET THEM DO THAT. so dont sit on here making excuses for her. but i do hope she can move on from this and learn something.

  254. jennifer says:


  255. OK , My Opinion On The Video Was That She Did It For A Reason , A Stupid One At That , All She Wanted Was His Love Back , And He Said For Her To Suck His Dick , I Don’t See Why She Wanted To , Plus Why At School She Made The Dumbest Decision Ever ! Plus Why Have Other People Watch You Suck Him ?? Plus Why For Your First Love That’s Dumb A’F ! There Alot More Fish In The Sea Don’t Worry About The Prettiest One . Worry About The Ones That Fit To Your Characteristics . That Video Had Me Pissed And All The People Who Used It To DEFAME Amber Cole Let Her Be Who She Is She Aint Hurt Nun Of You People . I Know You Havent Noticed It But Maybe Your Mothers Probably Sucked Your Dad Dick , Did You Ever Think Of That ?

  256. Kimberlyn says:

    This young lady has no idea of her worth! She thinks of love as something sexual bt has no idea wat it really means! I can only pray for her future

  257. TJ says:

    I’m a high school teacher and considering the number of times students have been busted having full out sex in school, the fact that kids are giving/receiving oral at school does not surprise me. I’m in no way condoning what she did, because I don’t think 14 year old kids have any business doing stuff like that, but she made a mistake.
    She should have known better than 1) to do it at school and 2) to do it for an audience. Even if they hadn’t recorded her those witnesses would have talked, and the whole school would have known anyway, but it wouldn’t have been out there for the whole world to watch. I have no desire to watch the video, but I saw comments about how it appeared that she knew she was being recorded and others about how it appeared that she didn’t. Even if she didn’t know it, kids now are permanently attached to their cell phones and they’re always recording and posting videos and pictures, so she knew there was a risk of her being recorded, no matter how small she thought it was.
    Yes, this girl made a mistake. Yes, she should’ve known better. But we need to realize that all teenagers make mistakes… It’s part of growing up and learning to be an adult. The difference here is that her very large mistake is out there for anyone in the world to watch, which I find very sad.

  258. Dyneishia says:

    SMH.. dis girl is giving “head” at da age of 14… now im not saying dat she was right 2 do dat but at da same time you have 2 feel sorry 4 her bcuz she didn’t kno about them videotaping…so we have 2 remember dat she is jus a kid.

  259. Guess who says:

    she claims she did it cause she was in love with lil dude. She said it is her first love and he told her in order for them to be back together she had to give him head. Supposedly she regrets it and supposedly she didnt know they were actually filming!

  260. dontworryaboutmyname says:

    i honestly have to say i do but i dont feel bad for her like i mean if she wants to have oral sex or sex at that age is none of anyones business but to do it on school ground with people watching she was literelaty asking for it… i dont know if she knew people were video taping her but who ever did it shame on you that is none of your business so shame shame shame… i just hope she is okay.. but i also have to say shame on her she should do it on private not on school ground like do it with as many people as you want but dont do it in a public place when you know people are going to talk and judge and say a lot of shit( sorry for the language)

  261. Boob Face says:

    Soo… Anybody got the link still ?

  262. jwright says:

    I’m the same age as that girl, and that would never cross my mind! I could never think about anything like that without mentally slapping myself

  263. LIsa says:

    i feel sorry for her but at the same time I more so feel sorry for her parents. What are they going to think when they see this. Shit his parent too they might be ttrying to tech them right from wrong but where is it getting them . Both of them might just be trying to get attaction and they got it. To everyone that say it on her shit you might have been doing the same thing when you were that age but they didn’t have i phone and that that when you were growing up be real. You might be doing it right now so don’t judGE. when you do the same shit!!!!!!!!

  264. MIMI says:


  265. MELISSA says:

    Ive seen so many smut pages on facebook and this one time they decide to attack Amber Cole like why couldnt these people just let it slide how they did to the other girls , smh .

  266. siscupcake02 says:

    I personally didn’t see the video and don’t care to. But thanks to facebook I see enough info to realize there’s a prob. Everyone is so quick to judge. Not saying this is not way wrong. Because it definitely is. But who has taken the time to pray for these kids and their families. And ALL the kids and ADULTS that are watching this video. We have all done some craziness that would hurt ashly of people if it got out. I know I have. None of us are perfect. We ned to teach our youth. By example and talking. remember we will be judged the way we judge others. God bless!

  267. chime11 says:

    What happened to innocence?
    I found a really interesting article about the secret sex lives of kids and have posted it on my blog – read it and the whole Amber Cole scenario becomes much more understandable. I am not saying that I agree with what happened just that I can understand it a little more after reading this article.

  268. Janae Turner says:


  269. lilniqqa says:

    i was there when this happened it was so funny

  270. Joantress says:

    Well all imma say is leave the damn girl alone if she chosed to do it its on her not u so idc. Leave her alone.

  271. gee says:

    Ummmm sorry no at 14 I wasn’t doin anythng like that so I wouldn’t have been caught on tape….. this is the consequences to your actions

  272. Unknown says:

    We all are sittn here sayn that she’s wrong she’s wrong.. Yeah, she was wrong.. Buhh, where were the school cameras when she was on her knees.. The school is suppose to have security around to “watch” the kids.. Nobody thinks about that.. And, children are exposed to so much sex these days its not hard for her to decided that she wants to give head.. our whole generation is messed up.. From the way we walk, talk, think, and especially in the music we listen too.. Yeah, I’ll admit that she was wrong for giving head.. Buhh, look at what she’s exposed to.. Also, we don’t know what her home life is like and we don’t know if she was forced or not Americans are so easily amused its ridiculous.. We have to do better as a whole.. I feel bad for Amber Cole.. Seriously..

  273. Ravie says:

    I think its really ridiculous to see how low the standards of people are, and its really sickening. Like I can’t understand why anyone would ever do that let alone have other guys standing there watching, incredibly idiotic.!

  274. Amani says:

    Omg Amber Cole Goes To Mih School EVERYBODY Was Talkinqq About ihdd Todaay

  275. What has happened to this child is vile and illegal. It’s called child pornography.

  276. Lizz Fabb says:

    I pray for the child and her family, b.c she has to have learned this from someone if it wasnt her parents. She is only a child she needs help and guidance…I wont write nothing bad about her b.c we never know what shes dealing with. This is embarrassing it spread world wide..Hopefully this is a lesson for all young girls who think they know it all. You can ruin your life by doing something like this.

  277. Honesty says:

    I’m so tired of people trying to make excuses for what she done.. talking about she made a mistake uh no her 1st and 2nd mistake was she had oral sex at school people keep in mind while she was suppose to be at school learning she was skipping school to be on her damn knees now she is 14 old enough to know right from wrong and she knew damn well that it was wrong before she even done it right and not to mention im pretty sure she knows having sex in a public place is illegal but i’m guessing that was all mistake to . 3rd she does it while two other dudes are watching her but thats a mistake to though no people that shit was not a mistake. skipping school, sucking dick, and sucking dick in a public place letting two other guys watch damn how many mistakes can ya’ll give the damn girl. she is a whore but not because she suck dick but because she sucked dick in a public place at school while letting two other guys watch that’s what made her a whore i have no sympathy for her at all getting caught on video served her ass right maybe now she’ll go to school in learn something instead of worrying about deep throating a dick. If you make an adult decisions be able to take an adult consequence! AMBER COLE

  278. Stephanie says:

    As a teenager now, i think people are making to much out of this it is not that serious at my school girls do this all the time, like really who cares that’s her business. I’m pretty sure more than half of the people who are talking about are doing STOP being a hypocrite! True, she could’ve had more respect for herself, but who knows maybe she don’t have some at home to tell her they love her and she is beautiful.sometimes without that you have low self astem and look for in other places, and by talking about her you will only make her wanna do something extreme like suicide then everybody is going to be looking dumb LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE!

  279. Nikki says:

    Who ever posted a video like this should go to jail. These lil boys knew what they were doing when they decided to get a crew and tape it and if you want to be an adult then they should be treated as such

  280. Bob says:

    LMFAOOOOO! you just gotta chill .. Smoke a doobie Amber “/ I smell you

  281. Rosey says:

    Waitt pause hold up this was in virginia im all the way in east harlem n i know about this every were i go i see niggas singing” lil bitch dat sucking dick i call her amber cole i call her amber cole ” or i see the sponge bob picture sorry buts its halerious dat says ” Yeah amber cole sucked my dick ” – first of ma im 14 also i neva done that ever i may be a freak n all but never n second if you gunna do it dont let them record you or let others watch you can never really tell the good people from the bad

  282. unknown says:

    This is so sad and the part that makes it even worse is that people that should know better are judging and then you have the ones that don’t doing the same. My daughter just told me to google this girls name and I asked why and she said that she couldn’t say just look up the name. I intentionally did not click on the links for video but I did click for this blog. I agree with some of the other comments on not knowing her story. I know a girl who at the age of 4 was expelled from “pre-school for commiting the same act and she was the oldest of then 4 kids (All had differnt fathers). She lived with her grandmother who had her first at 15 and followed by 4 more kids, and her aunt who at that time had 3 kids, another aunt, uncle, and grandmoms boyfriend. They all lived in a 3bdrm house, and I know for a fact some of the things that happened in that house when the kids were awake. I know of another young girl that was adopted who was 15 and in the 8th grade that had sex in the school yard with several different boys. I can go on and on. Society as whole value things of no importance and the very things that should be cherished and protected are left neglected. There are alot of girls like this….So instead of saying how nasty she is cause clearly she has made a very hard left somewhere be part of the village.

  283. Lola Monroe says:


  284. Khia says:

    Idk yy people are qettin worked up ova dis she neva sed her name so its probably made up nnd she never showed her face which was smart cuz she did some bull shit

  285. leo88 says:

    yea she was wrong for what she did. but what about the people that had the nerve to put it on the web. is their no blame on their part. everybody saying oh i would never or i have never, how do we know what you really do or did. nobody but god can judge that lil girl. just leave it be.

    • Joyce says:

      In my opinion I feel like this situation goes both ways. On Amber Coles Part if she gives head, WhatEver! Thats her business. But doing it on camera, in front of a school? Now thats where the problem begins. Wanna have sexual relations with someone? Do it in a private area & not where 2 other guys are watching, Plus youre 14? SMH. But on the other hand, people on the internet ridiculing her, making her feel bad. thats not good either. People are cyber bullying her. What if she Begins to have suicide thoughts? Are Ya’ll gonna feel guilty? Or say thats good for her? SMH. Idk Man, I Wish The best for her and her family ! But WAIT, How did they find out her name ANYWAY?

  286. Dabromu says:

    I guess you could say…..This thing must really BLOW.

  287. Erin says:

    The boy who caught this on tape should go to jail. That’s distribution of child pornography and it was the cause of Amber’s death.

  288. nicole says:

    Likee ! Wow , From my point of view , she dumb ass fk , if she want too fk him den she should have jus went to her house or some to make sure it was jus him , but honestly i feel her pain but i dont feel srry for her . . she should have known better < – – – SMGDHH !

    # Point Blank !

  289. L H says:

    She’s dead. She killed herself from all this shit on the internet, for all you people that dont feel bad, you can go to hell.

  290. tiketa says:

    i understand the point of love and all that, and other BS. but if you know your in front of boys..havin oral sex, now these days kids move so fast, and technology has imporved. you should know consequences of this action, such as this one, your 14. at that age now a days, girl’s and boys seem to know most things about sex even startin at a low age as 5 mayb lower. i know a couple of friends who knew about sex at 5. like yeah many people had it rough , and could understand this girl’s pain BUT, you should really think about wat your about to do instead of goin to do it.

  291. Destini says:

    I feel bad cause the video is going to follow her for the rest of her life. It was wrong to post the video and even make it she just a girl giving head who got caught. Most the females do it but just never got exposed put your self in her shoes. How would you feel if you got caught doing something like and the whole world almost know about you. But at the end of the day she knew what she was doing, she knew the boy friends were there soo I just think yall should just leave it alone move on its more important things going on in the world.

  292. chicagogal says:

    How could this take place at school?? Their teachers didn’t miss them? Are there. Not enough truant officers? Wtf? This obviously wasn’t her first time either…what is goin on in her life that makes her think this is OK? What happened to her because she is acting out screaming for some attention. So many questions smhh very disappointed with this

  293. Anonymous says:

    I think it is a sad thing. I don’t know the facts; I haven’t even watched the video. It IS child pornography and the uploader has just given a pedophile some immense pleasure. Of course, the young lady should not have been doing this on school grounds in the first place, but that does not give anybody the right to upload it, whether or not she was aware of it. The uploader deserves the full punishment of the law. As for Ms. Cole, her life is changed forever. She will never ever be looked at the same way, and may find it hard to get into college, find a job, etc. She may not be able to take all the cyber-bullying and may even commit suicide. Again I state that she had no reason to be performing that on SCHOOL GROUNDS, but the uploader had no reason to upload it. Both are at fault, and since Amber is reaping what she sowed now and in the future, the uploader deserves his/her punishment also.

  294. wtf? says:

    I think she is proud of it. I watched the video. Not the whole thing but the ending. I guess some of you missed the last few seconds when she looked at the camera and smiled and giggled and went back to doing her thing, as if though she was proud. I think its a shame. But hey, she does what she does, she will later regret what she did to be doing what did [Though I reckon she is already paying for her actions now due to the fact that the whole world knows she’s a 14 year old slut]. Its her life do let her whatever she wants, okay, i agree with that but seriously? That’s disgusting. I think that the girl needs help in being guided in the right direction. Everyone is pending this on Amber Cole but no one is saying anything about the boy’s actions? Why is it all just her fault? The boy’s did not get any argument from anyone nor did the person who was recording. I’m 15, I know I shouldn’t be watching things like that but I had to speak out about this. The boy’s however are boys. Of course their gonna want to engage in sexual activities, All teenage boys do, But girls however you would think they wouldn’t want to though, but Amber [I think] has no respect of that being. I feel sorry for her parents and what humiliation they have to go through.

  295. I think that the boy should be talked about. Because he messed up that gurl life. That is something you dnt just put up everywhere. This is stuff you should just keep to yourself. Most people would just show their homeboys but these boys put this out for the world to see. They have ruined this gurl life. Even though she had no business doing it they still shouldn’t have put that gurl business out. Giving oral sex is something I kant do or I kant see myself doing but if a guy kan give oral sex to a gurl without nobody talking about him why should should this little gurl have to suffer with people talking about her because she gave oral sex to him. I don’t know this little gurl but I’m still mad because she is still young…..this is ridiculous

  296. sasha says:

    I believe that Amber Cole put this on herself; I know that she is only fourteen, but that is no excuse. She should know what is wrong and right. Her background has nothing to do with what she did, there have been millions of books and movies out there that show those who have nothing become great. It all depends on what you want to be in life, and choose the correct path. I am not saying that it is to late for her to learn about what path she should take from now on, but I do not think I should feel sorry for her. We all make choices in life and we all know the consequences of our actions, and those who call her a VICTIM is full of crap. Your only making her feel as if she can be pushed around, viewed, and criticized by anyone who comes around. The media has nothing to do with how people are, it has everything to do with what we let go and decided to be indifferent to what we see. There are still shows were people say and show the right things. There are books with great morals and examples of life. There are movies that helps us build ourselves. Do not blame the media for things that everyone lets go and says, blame yourselves for not giving yourselves voices. We live in a country can be ruled by the people, but that can not be when more then half the population does not vote or does not care. I blame only her because she let people watch, it does not matter if she did not know about the video camera; she knew people were watching. Shame on the boy who did not say no, or pressured her into doing this. Shivery is not died. No one makes you do anything it is all up to you and you must live with those choices. The person you become after these choices is what makes you different from those that just give up on life. I am not judging Amber. I am simply telling her what was wrong because she needs to know to become a better person. I only hope that you will learn something from this, and i also hope that younger girls look at this and see that doing these things can only lead to bad choices and humiliation for the rest of their lives.


  298. tutu says:

    omgee!!! I feel bad fa hea budd she stoopid af fa agreeing widd it..wat would make ha do sumin like dat especialy since there were ppl were around nd RECORDING it wooooooow dude nd she claim she regrets it realllly if she did why the fckk was she smiling nd giggling nd den wen bckk to ha job um nt trynna be green or nun bud as i said she was dumb af fa doin it nd twu make it worse it was at skewl

  299. Miesha says:

    i feel that people should just leave the girl alone already…ya she gave himbrain..yea she had no idea she was being recorded….what ever the case maybe she made a mistake!!! yea she wrong for even doing somthing like that as young as she is but come on now lets take a look at our world while this generation is in existence…we got kids from the ages of 11 to 15 getting pregnant nowadays so who are we to judge!! and yess i understand everybody is entitled to there own opinion….STILL…who are we to judge her!! im pretty sure if not positive that most of the people who degrading her and talking trash bout amber has done something involving “sexual activity” way worst but jus so lucky wasnt caught on tape!!! leave the girl alone!!!!!! everybody is not perfect…and everybody makes mistakes…thats why its called “you live and you learn”…she’ll learn from this!!! but if people keep bullying her she may not be able to cus sooner or later she gon feel the need to commit suicide!!!! amber i support u and if you ever read this i just want to say i lov you no matter what the circumstances cus nobody is perfect!!! ❤

  300. Sjay says:

    So many of these young teenages don’t think before they do things. They just act. Maybe if she would have took a moment to think about what she was about to do she wouldn’t be in this situation. The embrassment that her family most feel, and Amber her self. I pray for strength for her and her family because it’s going to take a long time for this to cool down. And when it does someone is going to remember it. This is going to follow her for the rest of her life. And as I tell my children anything you do remember good or bad you have to live with it. You have live with the consquences. She needs to no none of us are perfect. And that God loves her no matter what she do.
    Be Blessed the Cole Family…………………..

  301. aGurlWhoDOntGiveAAFuck says:

    like ok obvisously this little 14 year old gurl knows what she did was wrong… having the media and the entire country now know HAS to be a big weight on her..people think about it..what if u did something bad and embarrassing..and LITERALLY EVERYBODY found out about it…this gurl amber is probaly goin through major mental,self esteem, and emotional problems….im 15 and i dont give a damn about what somebody u dont even know did…IT HAS NOTHING to do with u people…like seriously, get a damn life and leave this troubled kid alone….

  302. Misha.. says:


  303. Lee says:

    The only reason why this blew up is because of the video, and her age. If there wasn’t a video or if she was of age, no one would be talking about. I say let the slut be a slut and wonder what kind of parents she have. Even that shouldn’t matter. She could come from a very stable home and still be slut. Oh well.

  304. Chris.E says:

    Let’s get this straight…-.-…This girl is NOT dumb she knew EXACTLY What she was doing..I mean come on?..Your tellin’ me a 14 year old in this day and age not know wat she was doing?…Thats BS she damn sure knew how to suck a dick though…all I’m saying is she either had it coming to her and she should’ve known this was gonna be recorded…or she knew exactly what she was doing just to get attention..I mean to me this is just dumb and people are blowing this up more than it even is..I mean don’t act all surprised when you hear a 14 year old giving oral sex..because i guarantee you there are alot younger ppl doing it…she was just stupid to do it in public.

  305. I am not your "Bitch" says:

    She knew what was up.
    She knew there were others around her
    She knew it was on school grounds
    She knew the consequences for her actions
    She knew.

  306. powernailer says:

    I think that if your gonna fuck up you might as well do it early and get it the fuck over with. Who really cares. This society is pathetic, America is becoming hopeless, and this generation is so fucked its not funny. I say we move to the next video so you can all point, judge, and find some kind of satisfaction in your miserable lives. I hate posting on these things but i guarentee the ones bashing this are the ones who post john lennon and bob marley quotes all day. This society sucks. And to the bitch who said “you do those things when your married” HAHAHA shut the fuck up.

  307. rayvonne says:

    first off im 17 with a baby so yes i started fucking at 14 . whatever so what . yall needa leave this lil girl alonr . yes there is a time and place for everything and that wasnt the time or place . yes she is old enough to know right from wrong , butwhat if her mama suck dick too so thats what she thinks is right . look at the child background before u judge her . some of yall are grown adults and should know better . like lets be real all yall was fucking and sucking dick and eating pussy before u should have u just didnt get recorded . now when this lil girl kill herself cus she cant handle the emotional slander and all the ridicule i hope all of u feel hella bad cus itll be your fault . how about some of u reach out to try and help this girl instead of talking shit about her . cus it could be your daughter or son out there getting recorded for doing shit they shouldnt . grow the fuck up and do something better with urself than talk about a little ass girl .

  308. Stranger says:

    Hmm not sure if my last comment posted? Well, I have little sympathy for this child. I am judging her. Just as many of you viewers are judging me by reading this, just as all of you have judged every person you’ve come across. Sure, shes young &naive, but she KNEW it was innapropiate. Regardless of how she might feel at this moment. Its like breaking the law then having ignorant individuals stand up for you JUST because they feel sorry? I feel sorry for any youngins that are growing up in society today. Many of them are confused &being raised the wrong way. She knew that #1 – a school is a place of education and these behaviors are not allowed(which is why she was in a corner trying to somewhat hide her actions) #2- she glanced back at the camera, smiled &STILL continued. #3- she noticed the boys were watching(obviously) but had no shame. & #4- she knew it was being recorded as well. Amber is clearly raised by the wrong people but that is NOO excuse to do this. & at the age she is at? Its disturbing. The reason why our world is crashing down is because the very people in these comments! Saying that “she has done no wrong.” “that we all do it.” ha. I pitty you. Ignorance must be bliss. Hopefully this girl gets guidance &HELP because she truelly needs to feel good about herself, and have some pride,& act like a ladie. However, I do feel sorry for her &a stupid decision shouldn’t haunt her for the rest of her life. I wish her the best with the outcome. I don’t believe we should dwell on this for as long as we have because we are only human &all of us make silly mistakes but I am American &have the right to speak &will do so. This is all for now. 

  309. maria says:

    exactly what about that boy too everybody talking about her like what a slut what this and what that, shyt what about the boy too he was just as wrong…! he got his dick all up in the air gettin it wet but not one person got on him about that…they both wrong for it…”BOTH” instead of talking shyt we need to reach out… fucked up world we live in

  310. coco says:

    I agree that she knew what she was doing, but from a legal point of view this is child porn. Whom ever recorded this should be arrested and they all should be expelled from school be this is clearly this is illegal and against school policies.

  311. WATEVER says:

    You guys have it all wrong!! Don’t feel sorry for her at that age she would know right from wrong because obviously she knew they were filming her and she most likely knew what she was doing. And yes she did made a choice that caused international publicity. And don’t blame it on any generation or anything like that; its not our fault its her fault plain and simple. We all control herself and she chose to with her own mind noone else did. Plus, if you see the video correctly she was excited when she was giving head because she was all giggly and started to smile then goes back to do her ” stuff “. Alot of people grow up in insacure homes but its there job to fight it and to never give in but that doesn’t always lead to sexual behavior. But, nowadays its based its based on attention. In her case well it looked like she was enjoying it and now look what it has gotten her , she has been humiliated! Not even to mention at the time she WAS on school grounds also knowing the consequences of having it filmed even though she KNEW. So people dont blame it on ” our generation”. And as I said before its her fault plain and simple and I don’t care if anyone disagrees but the truth hurts rite.

  312. taymanloc ! says:

    Alright, Alright, ALRIGHTTTT ! you go learn amber cole be sukk’n dikk today! lol

  313. membreyn says:

    Honestly, this is not something new. I am a part of “this generation” and I know a few young ladies that have allowed a boy to record them while having oral sex. It’s just never been posted online.I agree that society as a whole affects situations like these and even stimulates this behavior to some degree. Moreover, I am sure that these acts have more to do with family/parental issues than any external factors. Also, to all the people that say she brought it upon herself and deserves what comes to her…please take a psych. Or child development class. The least you can do is google up some information on child development.The preteen and teenage years are when a child is most vulnerable and find it difficult to really understand who they are. Especially if they are having troubles at home! All in all, I hope this causes awareness in parent’s and everyone in general.

  314. InspiRAItional88 says:

    This entire ordeal is sickening, saddening, and truly shows this young girls cry for attention. I in no way condone of this, and my opinion on this goes both ways. Firstly, she knew that she was being recorded, she even laughed a couple of times throughout the video, so I truly doubt that she was pressured. Makes me wonder what was going on in her mind? What did she possibly think would happen with the video? These are young boys who would earn cool points amongst their friends for the video; so I doubt the reason for them spreading it was to ruin her rep but mainly to be recognized for what appeared to them as being cool. most teens would know right from wrong by these ages, but may not think of the consequences that follow. Amber is lost…either yearning for attention, longing for acceptance, or crying out to be loved. We can’t blame her parents because there are things that each of us may have done as teens, outside of our bringing up but it may not have been as serious as this…and often times a parent can be the best parent,giving their children all the love they possibly can but our children are steered off in the wrong direction by peers, celebrity idols and influences, and Society as a whole. We should be figuring out ways to establish guidance for our youth instead of bashing them…Let’s pray for our children and be the best mentors so that they won’t astray…

  315. name_2014 says:

    Leave her alone its no point to talk about her when half of yall give major dome anyways yall have no life i’m 15 and everybody around this age is having sex it’s not making it any better but still yall HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE HER

  316. Jae says:

    fuck that alot of girls do that shit every day and guys startin to piss me off cuz they want it and wen it happen they quit to call somebody out like yall wrong to shit she kno wat she did get the FUCK OVER IT. she was wrong and i think she kno she was so wtf are yall judging her for yall need to do something better with yall life rather than talk about her cuz yall know its all these girl that do that where yall live.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  317. yosh says:

    Its a lot of OLDER people joking on this girl but go home from a club and let a random dude bust on they lips while being taped then the dude post it yeah its all about the age but she was grown when she put it in her mouth all the put down are not even worth it and she may not care but how would you feel if it was your child

    • myra says:

      i AGREE , these older men and women don’t have no idea,Their always putting younger kids well teenager down because of our generation.So YALL REALLY SHOULDN’T BE HAVNG NO…TYPE OF FEDBACK unless its positive cause yall know damn well yall be coming to club and let any nigga get between your legs.SMH think before you do stuff ! #CommonSense

  318. Dannee Shawdae says:

    What this all boils down to is str8t peer pressure because we don’t know the background of her upbringing or what values are being instilled in her. I feel bad for her and her family but she needs to know the consequences as well to what she has done. Whoever posted this video knew what ramifications were behind putting this on the web. I pray people will leave this child alone and quit trying to look for the video to view. Remember she is 14 not Karrin Steffens.

  319. Hazelangel says:

    For everyone who says its all her fault, therefore you dont have sympathy for her… have you ever known anyone who cut their wrist, or even commited suicide? Would you also post for the whole world to see how stupid they were ? I doubt it.. Instead we take them under our arms, we love them and help them work through their pain and struggles. Amber is a young girl, who very well knows right from wrong, but most likely lives a daily struggle. For all of the high and mighty who have never had a life changing problem, or who have and has risen above them perfectly with no down falls, congratulations… You should be the ones counciling and loving those who cannot overcome their problems so easily. We all deal with pain in different ways, amber chose to go about hers this way, but we are not to judge.. I pray that all who knkw her have stepped in to intervene .. To show her a better way.

  320. Shawn says:

    i think it doesnt matter and every one needs to leave that girl alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  321. myra says:

    Forreal , yall older people are really immature & childish talking about this girl instead of downing her how about you give her advice and encouragement ! I am 15 years old . . and yes us girls sometimes do things with out thinking well , not me but , i think its really sick that people are talking about this girl just leave her alone its nothing different! i mean nobody should feel bad for except herself she’s the one who decided to suck a dudes dick at schools that her choice that she made ! and i bet some of yall probably suck dick too when yall was 15 or so, yall probably didn’t do it by a school but yall did it so why are all you coming at her neck like that i just don’t understand people sometime.Everybody should just let this “Amber Cole” shit go cause you guys are really not making it no better.And as for yall keep talking about her she might get so mad and overwhelm that she JUST may kill herself.But, as a teenage perspective you adults/older people should just stop all of this and at least put some positive comment up here instead of being childish,immature,cruel,and shit thats all i have to say !
    follow me @CARYyourAss_

  322. HAli says:

    iDnt Feel Bad Either She Knows What She Was Doinqq Soo iTs Her Problem She Should Have Been In School Instead Of Suck Her Bf Dick Regradless . iThink She iS Stupid Bc Of My Bf Told Me To Do iT iN Public iWould Say Noo && Walk Away Bc That Shit iS Nasty As Fuk !!

  323. A level headed individual says:

    I just had to look up amber cole because everyone is talking about her and all i can say is what is the big deal?! this happens at every school, its a school matter it sucks for someone to go though the rumor mill of school but for it to be national news she dosent deserve that its a bigger problem of the dumbass adults blogging about it and making it a big deal. it happens grow th fuck up and move on

  324. Phoenix says:

    It shames me to see some of the comments made by intelligent adults on this blog. I don’t understand how you can judge any of this situation without being there as a physical witness.

    There used to be a time when 14 years old was considered a child. In this society, 14 year olds are living in the streets and surviving without adult supervision. HOWEVER, it does not legally make them adults.

    I did not see the video, but some facts do present themselves through the discussion: The girl was 14. The girl made the decision to perform oral sex in a public place and on school grounds. The boy made the request (?) and received oral sex in a public place and on school grounds. There was an audience and it was taped.

    Whether any of them knows right from wrong really remains to be proven, however, I believe they thought what they were doing was cool based on what they most likely have been exposed to in their short lives…

    We do not know what or who coerced the female into making such a poor decision. We do not know her motivation. Giggles and jokes do not equal willing participation on her part in no way whatsoever, its amazing what the mind can do to cope.

    The boys should be disciplined and held responsible for their actions right along with the girl, all parties are responsible EQUALLY. The school also needs to bear some responsibility, especially if it is in an urban environment. Its incredibly naive not to have security and areas that the children can easily access unsupervised. Those areas should be locked down at all times.

    It was an incredibly stupid decision to make on ALL parts and it has ruined her life for now. It does not mean her life is over. If she has the support of any type of family OR mentor-type people in her life, she can get over this and learn from it.

    Yes, it can take a village to raise a child, but also, it can simply take ONE positive person…

  325. Mel says:

    I seen the video and I’m not surprised at the fact that she was doing I was surprised at the skills this girl had!!!to do this at this age and with the skills she had clearly shows that wasn’t her first time doing it and since she was laughing at the fact that she was disrespecting her self clearly means she knew what she was doing and didn’t care.I’m 21 and when I was 14 I graduated junior high with 3 pregnant girls in my school so this is nothing compared to what I seen and heard.I can’t tell ya how many girls at 12,13,14 and 15 years old were giving oral sex or having sex in school,roof tops,parks and in there friends how’s while their parents think they at school or in a friends to me this means nothing she just got famous for being a young hoe simple as that.Also I lost my virginity at 15 and got pregnant at 16 but I was smart enough to know him and wait a whole year to have sex with him unlike other at my that age that meet a boy today and tomorrow they having sex-_- so again people just watch what your children do and teach them about safe sex that’s all you can do cause at the end of the day they’ll do it behind your back.To does who are wondering I’m still with my first boyfriend,we only have this one child and we are married now.

  326. Aprik hamilton says:

    I think its sad that anybody would record her post her on the internet thats,somebodys child no matter wht she have done she,dont deserve all the she is getting she deserve respect no matter what…an them boys desrve to be punish this,has,went to far my prayer go’sout to her family an her

  327. michele says:

    How can you blame a 14 year old girl.???? Ok she shouldve known better but the nice guy in there is an adult he is damn near 20 yrs old! What is he doing with a little girl!!!!

  328. unknown bee says:

    i dont feel sorry cause she know better than that shit that aint cute at all

  329. Mila says:

    i say her stupid ass shoulnd be giving head 2 anyone in the first place…well now the whole world knows dats what she get

  330. MIsz.Kandiie says:

    Well i don’t feel bad at all for her she is old enough to kno right from wrong becuz 16 & im nt dumb enough to do tht type of bs at skool (fckin dumb), Im sure she was well aware of the video tapin becuz she looked back at the camera and started smiling and went back to doin her business….jus sayin!

  331. Sterling_NC says:

    Ireally don’t blame the guy, cause Most Guys (her age) would’ve let her did it too. Our generation (1992-persent) is different from pervious Generations.
    But they should’nt have recorded her, That messed up that little girl’s life forever

  332. Bill says:

    Im not suprised. I knew girls back in grade 6 and 7 that were sucking dick and having sex already. In fact they were down to give ANY GUY HEAD as long as they KNEW THEIR NAMES…THATS ALL THAT MATTER TO THEM. So me hearing about this amber cole girl im not suprised at all. The only difference is that it shows actual FOOTAGE OF A GIRL DOING IT, if this didnt have video FOOTAGE HALF YOU GUYS WOULDNT BE TALKING ABOUT THIS SUJECT OR EVEN CARE. Many young girls are like this when they are young…OH WELL ITS JUST THE WORLD THAT WE LIVE IN. RATE THIS!!

  333. Bill says:

    What if the guy was giving her oral sex? Would that be a big deal too? Yes they are both young but its a double standard…would it hunt the guy for the rest of hes life? Probably not. So as a female you should know your place and know better. A guy will only be with you if you give him oral sex and you actually do it? LOL HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE? I dont care if your 14 years old ITS BASIC COMMON SENSE. Yes she does need some help but guess what SO DO MANY OF THESE GIRLS. So what are we really going to do about it? We love to talk about the difference and what changes we should do BUT THEY WONT DO SHIT! RATE THIS!!

  334. DropDread Kutiiee says:

    Did she try to kill her self??????

  335. All Y’all done suck a dick before (women and some men) SO wtf Y’all mad cause she 14 and Know how to do it better than you Y’all bitches go take a class cause behind close doors I bet Y’all be going HAM on those dicks And might suck 3at time deep throat bitches “That Bitches” Don’t act like y’all fuck ass holla “PINEAPPLES BITCHES

    • anonymous says:

      first off bytch i feel tht u need to shut the fuck up bytch cuz u proly the main hoe around yo scwl nd u need to no tht it is not cute n im not replyn becuz i thnk its afensive to me cuz its not so hop off nd shut the FUCK UP SLUT @patrinawilliams

  336. Destinie Walker says:

    Amber Cole is 14 years old. At 14 years old, you are naive. She is young. Yes, she knows what she was doing, but we have all done something to be ashamed of, but fortunate for us, we weren’t caught on camera. I feel for Amber because I know if she knew what she did would have caused all this she would have thought before she did this. No one is commenting on how the boys that recorded this are really jerks. It’s one thing to record it, but to put it on the internet. They should be humiliated and just as much ashamed as Amber is. Little did Amber know she messed her self up for the rest of her life for a decision she made at 14. But leave Amber alone. She is not the only 14 year old giving oral sex, she is just the only one who was exposed. If some of us were recorded for some of the things we did we would be just as much embarrassed as she is right now. She is 14, most of us are way past that age and to be criticizing this 14 year old child over one mistake is childish on the ones who are doing so. This is a hot mess, I confess but Amber did not know what she was getting her self into.

  337. chelsey says:

    Awl poor amber ! i feel so sorry for her because she got blew up over oral sex. but i also dont feel sorry for her because for one she should have never stoop that low and degraded herself to even get her knees and do that while his friends were their and to do that while his friends were around. I hope she doesnt think about considering suicide. I also think she or any girl should wait to do that or have that type of state of mind until they are married or you know that your going to be with that person for a long time. NO girl should wanna even think about having sex or having oral sex. # JUSS sayn!
    P.S.. amber i hope this a lesson learned for you and move one =)

  338. Bianca says:

    Personally I think Amanda cole is one disgusting bitch..she deserves everything that she is getting..a 14 year old sucking dick at a school? Pretty sure when I was 14 I probably didn’t know what sucking dick was all about..and yeah I herd the story she didn’t know there was a camera it was her ex boyfriend..the girl looked backed seen the camera and was giggling like it was funny she was giving head at the kid..and yeah I’m sure after the fact she is gonna think of a story and start saying he was her boyfriend and she was trying to get her back it was her first love blah blah blah but sweetie your 14 that’s not love your not in love..and the way that dude was acting pulling her head every which way looked like he thought she was nothing but a hoe…which is she..sorry amber come you get no sympathy

  339. asia sims says:

    now i feel tht she shuldnt hve did wat she did escially at scwl she new wat she gettn herself nto before she did it thts wat she get nd den u look bak at the camera nd kept doin it thts fuckn nasty u put yo name out for everybody to no nd not n a good way now every nigga gne use u jus to get sum dome but u got wat u askd for u wantd to b noticed now u gettn attention there is no excuse for wat u did point blnk period yo mamma shuld b ashmed i no i wuld b nd i dnt even no u

  340. James says:

    She sucked dick IN PUBLIC WITH A MALE AUDIENCE. I don’t know what you call that except being a whore. She sucked it now she has to live with it. I don’t know why everybody says she did nothing wrong. She’s a fucking 14 year old!! She should be keeping her head in them books instead of between boys legs.

  341. pizza girl says:

    hopefully she dont get STD’s or Pregnant at a young age thts all i can sayy ….

  342. Certifide says:

    Well since she really aint payin attention n school atleast she got one thing down pack lol. Da bad thang about it iz she got dude str8 n she still was tryna proove a point. Atleast da dude was on da look out she technically didnt give a fuck! One comment was right about da last few seconds too I agree. Foster kid r not. Theres sumbody n dis dirty world dat cares 4 her like everybody else n dis world.Somebody have sumbody who they care for. How yu think she got da clothes she got on?? Sumbody!! She probably happy about it r about to commit suicide one.Who knows?? No matter how good sum ppl sound n takin up for her we all judging!S N. Sumbody n her fam had to whoop her ass!!! N i mean physically.

  343. Miyah says:

    Since the girl was giving head, she wasn’t using hers correctly because she did it at school. Dumb bitch

  344. Certifide says:

    Im glad I dont got no girls!!!!!!!!!

  345. BOB JOHNSON says:

    maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan i no sum of yall gurls gave head before she was jus caught on tape leave heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAT SHIT WAS NOT MENT TO BE SHIT SHE AINT NO BETTER SO FUCK YALL WHO IS LIK GIVE ME DAT AMBER COLE AND DAT SHIT ( THE PEOPLE WHO TLKIN ABOUT HER FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  346. sally says:

    Everyone is is talking about the girl in this situation, and yes what she did was horribly wrong. But does anyone see how this effects teenage boys out there? The media shows boys that they have to be dominant, and that women are there to please them. I could say a lot more about this but quite frankly people won’t care and will continue to cast blame only on the girl and not the entire group as a whole. What she did was disgusting, but what the boys were doing was just as bad if not worse.

    • Phoenix says:

      I completely agree with you on this. Its unfortunate, but its true, nobody will blame the boys as “boys will be boys”

      The people who post positive and educational comments to this blog are ignored and the posters who defame and belittle the girl get the most attention…go figure

  347. Shikeereya says:

    Ok this is mi view on this 1 off she goes 2 a skool in montgermey AL called lanier shes a freshmen jus sum facts 2 clear that up 2 ok she was caught givein a boy head not a big deal but da big deal cums in wen she allows an audince to look on and allows her self 2 b filmed dats where da hoe part cums in now this is what I wud do if I was her im 15 so,i can sumwhat relate 2 her wud gone head n sell mi story 2 life time n get mi lil 15 mins of fame n keep it movin

  348. pretty85 says:

    so so so sad….i agree with everything you said

  349. thedrumguy says:

    I just heard about this myself today. Of all things to do at school, thats not one of them. Where is the shame, the self-value? Yea its a America, but also yea your a kid and got better things if not more important things to do than that. Come on now…at school really…smh retarded…

  350. AtlantaMom says:

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

  351. Sasha says:

    I like how everyone places the blame solely on her and not the boy. It takes two people. I’m not dismissing what she did was inappropiate but still, why she the only one getting blamed and not the boy that was involved? In any case, they both should be getting blamed not just her.

  352. Dee says:

    I honestly believe that it was wrong to put it on the internet or to even record it.. I mean im young my self i jus turnt 16 and im a male but i wud neva do somthing that wud ruin someone’s life at that ruin a young girl’s life.. All we can do now is jus pray for her and her family

  353. Shareemah Collins says:

    here is the deal. i dnt feel for her one bit. she is 14yrs old. Not 5yrs old. she know what she was doin when she did it. The word arnd the internet is tht she did it because she really love the boy tht she was givin heead to, and she wanted him back. now i have been 14yrs old before . i had boyfriends before… and when i wanted to win a boy back. i talked to him and try to work things out. try to fix watevr made us break up. not suck no dick. Also she said tht she didnt know tht she was being recorded. common sense whould of told you tht there are all these boys arnd me while im sucking this one boy dick.

  354. Joolz says:

    She knows what she did, bottom line her looking back and smiling says she don’t care. Alot of kids are doing sexual activities at the age of nine. That’s why discipline needs to step in big time, ass whippings or something. This is a disgrace.

  355. Hannah Bone says:

    This is definitely and most importantly just a reflection of our American Society. More specifically, the negative impacts of Media, Music, and misguidance from elders. It indeed does “take a village to raise a child” and we all need to raise our youth. From every part of the country, and even more so, the world. Do not let this go by as a simple video to laugh at or girl to make fun of, but a Wake Up Call!! To all of our citizens and especially young adults who can better guide our youth to help this world, our world, a better place.

  356. kathy says:

    dooo yall see how muchh yall are arguing about thiss ? she a litte 14 year old && doesnt know right from wrong..dont judge herr . its HER damn life..she dont needa be told how to live it unless u herr mom orr dad or older relative….people have given her enough shit for it..she gone end up suicidal at the end if yall just dont STOPP.

  357. Ria says:

    Okay i get how some of you all are like leave her alone, i mean the girl is on sucide watch, but still she got caught giving HEAD at 14 freaking years old! I’m her age and i havent done that, but now because of 1 act she will be remember nothing more then that whore who gave head outside the school. I do/dont feel bad for her, because i mean she is getting sorta buliied, but then again who put her in this situation, she did. so i mean all the people who are like leave her alone, i get you i mean you are thinking about if it was you in the situation, but then again, would you ever put yourself in this situation?? Answer that then tell me to shut the fuck up =) and all the people who are call her a hoe and slut and stuff, come on she’s 14 lay off.

  358. Kaitlyn says:

    I don’t believe she should be “Bullied” over it. We all Make mistakes. We all aren’t proud of things that we have done. and when we are doing those bad things we don’t think about the consequences, you are stuck in that moment. Im 15 and i have made many mistakes maybe not as bad as that, but she should not be treat this way because of it, has any of u guys read about teens committing suicide over things like this. ITS WRONG. Yeah its on school ground yeah sure she is only 14. But we all grow up different we all do things at different ages. Now wen she puts her name on a college application or on a job application and they search her on Google or Facebook. this is going to come up its going to ruin her life, not just her teen life but her whole life

  359. crystal says:

    iam a 14 year old girl and personal when i watch this video i was horrorfied i new thins type of stuff is happening with our generation but never though someone would allow them self to be cought on video but at this point i dont think we should be jugding her we all make mistake in our life right now she has to learn from this one and you it as an exmple in life and use it as a testimoney for people around the world to wake up people and parents all around the world to now this is happening in our community ,homes , schools, our own backyards and to take effect 🙂

  360. I feel like she was a child taken advantage of. Yes she was wrong but she isnt the only person to blame for this. She did the act but there are many teen girls these days taking part in many lewd acts now a day. While we are out bad mouthing her look at what she has to look up to we’re out giving Kim Kardashian money when she sucked a dick for the camera to! The only difference is this was a child. This is a serious act people need to show there children more love and affection so they dont have to worry about there children going out into the street to find it. Society as a whole is completely corrupt. To pay “Kim” and give her praise when all she did was fuck “Ray J” then slander a child who made a complete mistake and didnt know she was being filmed make me wonder! She’s not the only one to blame. As a country we have made acts like this except-able for “white America,” but when a minority takes part in suck a lewd act we blame it on the parenting. Stop passing Blame and step up as an individual.

  361. Ebony Wylie says:

    ii agree with alot of people above. for one she is too young to be doing anything. two the guys took advantage or her. three video taping like what the fuqk excuse my language. its a time for everyhing. they need to let this shit go she did what she did so move the hell on.

  362. DaNewAmberCole says:

    Most of these females talking about Amber Cole done sucked some nigga up and these gays who talking about her have too…so don’t get on the net talking down on her when ya’ll do it yourself…

  363. Im Like Really Shocked @ This Situation..But Im Gonna Say If She Was My Cousin Or Little Sister I Would Be There For Her Regardless Of Tha Fact..Yeah Us Woman Will Do Anything To Fit In With The Popular Girls In Boys..But Like My Momma Say Be Yourself..But That Girl Has Her Parents To Deal With..She Don’t Need The Whole World Judging Her..Why You Think Its Girls Out Here Killing Themselves..Because They Get Called All Kinds Of Stuff…Yeah She Stopped & Looked At The Camara But She Didn’t Know What Them Boys Was Gonna Do With That Video..Im 24 Yrs Old..I Did Some Horrible Things But I Let God Handle The Negative People & Stayed Positive..& As For Them Boys They Know Better Than To Post That All Over The Internet…”KARMA IS A BITCH”…(If A Dude Did That To Any Of My Cousins…Oh Im Going To Jail)

  364. T it says:

    Well we had different parents with every generation we get looser and this is what we have next there gonna be in class in front of every body to see its not the child its the parents they don’t wanna seem to strict they don’t wanna grow up and still lacking there parental skills they did not wanna ask for help or broken homes but how ever it is it starts at home take care of our youth and if you need help ask for it.

  365. Lauren says:

    I feel that it is unfair to justify her actions because of her age. I am 15 years old and have never done anything like this. I do feel sorry for her and hope she can overcome this.

  366. BISMARCK says:


  367. Dude09 says:

    Okay people. Yes this girl is 14 but she knew what she was doing. She agreed to giving kid head. It was her choice two. Not just the guy. So saying she’s a victim is wrong. And honestly does it matter in your life. No it doesn’t. It only matters in her, her family, and maybe the kid who taped it. So hop off her jock and leave the girl alone.You are only making the situation worse.

  368. Brittany says:

    Amber Cole made a huge mistake(and you do know what a mistake is don’t you, if not look it up!) and some of the things said about her can be expected but she DOES NOT deserve some of the things people are doing such as making a music video about her! Half of these females are doing the same thing behind closed doors, so stop calling her names! Things like this cause people to commit suicide! I just pray that God be with Amber and help her to deal with all of this non sense! Yes she made a mistake and I hope the person who put this video up gets what he/her deserves! It was wrong but…Support Amber don’t be against her!

    • kingd353 says:

      i know i’ll be bad mouthed for saying this but i don’t find anythign wrong with this people have hte right ot make their own decisions sure it was kinda slutty for her to do such a thing at a young age but we are human she wanted to ahve fun she had her fun don’t hate her or think badly fo her for what she did the media will already do enough of that

  369. Diamond says:

    I think it was stupid . Amber looks like a smart girl & shes very pretty why do that to yourself && be proud of it ? Theres.always consequencess for actions you takee , ! But she’s gonna learn fron her mistake I hope . Im just frightened what her future be like .. Her children , husband , but its life I guess its gonna erase offa people mindd sooner or laterr ! oh and idk why shes on the internet ! Thats what making it even harder for her , as you can see theres lots pf people commenting bad , neqative comments I did too at first until I realizedd shee needs help but thats between her and god not everybody on twitter with this #team Ambet Cole shit , child pleasee !
    Anywayss add me on fb : Dedee’ Johnson .



  371. GeezGuys says:

    Listen. This goes out to some people, not all of you. Before you defend or attack her, LEARN TO USE PROPER GRAMMAR. It’s hard to respect your views when they’re so friggin’ hard to read.

  372. Destuhny says:

    I honestly don’t think that this is such a big deal. I mean, yea it was on school grounds and she shouldn’t have done it at school and she should’ve waited to get home or something to pull off that kind of stunt. But in all honesty, there are people who just like to have oral sex. She is obviously one of them. There are a few people who wouldn’t dare give oral. But then there’s those people who don’t mind doing it. And most people do it to please their husbands or lovers. I just don’t think that everyone should beso judgmental.

  373. justafather says:

    My daughter is only 3 and hearing stories like this makes me wish i’ve never had her. A parent can only do so much to protect their kid and children are going to do what they want peer pressure is worse now then ever with the social media sites I rather just not have had her

  374. Shaunice says:

    Okay so she want him back … Personal I believe it starts at home … Speaking from my own experiences of having sex young … It was to fill a void I long for which was to be loved … As parents we need to learn to watch our children a lil more closely as well as educate our children .. I understand u cant control everything your child does but talking to your children helps we need more fathers in the home who are taking care of business she needs prayer, love ,and some tuff love , and guidence… Instead of talking about her which can be mentaly abusive someone needs to take her by the had and explain to her love doesnt come that way and any man who loves wouldnt tell u to do those things to win him back nor would he have u do it in public..and the little boy who asked her to do it should be in just as much fault as her wrng is wrng and as it says in the bible spear the rod spoil the child so whoop there ass good and put that ass on punishment …. Stick to um like glue they will get the picture

  375. uMad? says:

    “@CHILD+PORN+WATCHERS+GO+TO+HELL” You’re probably one of the dumbest, one-sided, mentally brain fucked ass people I’ve ever met on the internet. Secondly, saying someone is going to hell only justifies a reason all the more to save yourself a spot right next to person you’re threatening. Third of all, you’re telling us all to enjoy hell, while you’re sitting on your ass, calling everyone “shit eaters”, for watching the video, when you probably did yourself, now fourth of all, how do you expect anyone to take your posts seriously when you type in all caps like a flaming idiot, and on my last note the only losers present is everyone who is putting their 2cents within this girls business, like you, and yes I happen to be in it myself, but an extremely less extent than the people watching it, spreading it, and constantly talking about it. I’ll end this with a question, how many of you are here now, talking shit about this girl giving a BJ on school grounds, when you know full and well, you’ve had sex on the schools campus, only difference is the fact that your ass didn’t get recorded. People has done way worse things on a schools campus, like drugs, murder, assault, even rape, and you all jump on this girl like she’s swimming through razor blades in the middle of a shark frenzy. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  376. lisa kay says:

    man yall wrong for deleteing the video of her….if i get it imma put it back here

  377. Dev says:

    I think its not all about tech now a days but the media, government ect… they are basicly promoting sexual behavior in young children. I say this because they have “gay parades” though out the country and now most states same sex marriage. How you explain to ur kid why so and so have 2 dads or 2moms for parents? Which would make them wonder and ask more questions bcus that’s wat kids do. And Gay parades on the news or within your community, now I don’t have a problem with ppl doing watever they do behind close doors but now they rubbing it in our face and this generation coming up going to think its ok to explore there sexuality at an young age which would cause more teen pregnancy if there not gay already. Society is falling apart, wtf do u need a parade for because u like the same sex? And kids this age are killing their selfs because they a being picked on for being gay, ask me it starts within the home. If parents see there kids becoming sensitive(boys) and always into the opposite sex activities, that’s an flag for what’s to come if they dnt set them straight from the get go. But society shows its ok to be gay an have a parade to let kids think same sex is ok to do. Also I believe most politicians let that same sex marriage pass just so they can have their vote and to avoid the backlash from the gay community

  378. nate says:

    Damn when I first heard this story all I could say was DAMN then I saw the father of this little girl on the news ranting on and on about how this should not have gotten out and should not have been filmed so what I am getting from him is it was alright that his 14 year old daughter to be giving head not just giving head but giving head in school just as long as it is not filmed and put into the public she learned this from some were and it was not the first and won’t be the last time

  379. Courtney says:

    why u all trippen over this your acting like this is the ONLY girl who had sex in her teens ! my friends tell me they lost there virginity at 9 Years Old ! this is not new. im even surprised she made it to HighSchool with her virginity . i tell people im a virgin there like “Your Lying” im like no really i dont need your thought. Amber shouldnt feel proud or “Famous” of this crap u dont know if something happen at home to her why she’d get a idea or maybe her parents dont care but it doesn’t even matter because really maybe she felt a certain way about or thought different but im pretty sure not all of u know amber cole so stop judging because she isnt the only one.

  380. Tracccy says:

    It’s not like people her age isn’t getting pregnant at least she knows just to do oral. But she is 14 she should be thinking of her future an not this and boys because he is not going to marry you let’s get real. I myself is 13 and I’m waiting for marriage and I hope her friends are because mine are. I hope this passes over so she cam move on and make a better life and do school work in school not this.

  381. Takella says:

    I feel so bad for Amber, even it what she did was wrong. I dislike how everybody acts as if, they never did something
    like that or similar to that to be loved before. It’s sicking how these people are. Media is a ass for making it worse.
    I have an idea, I’ll write a story about her and dedicate it to her… ON TWITTER!

  382. Shun Jackson says:

    I am very upset by this footage. On this day and age, it has become very hard for children to fit in. They have to have the right clothes, the right body type, the right hair….etc… So kids are already suicidal because not everyone fits in. So to have your name across the web is horrible. I feel sad for her, and hope she is a strong enough person to get past this.

  383. Shay says:

    These days everybody wants to be politically correct and blame society for people’s refusal to take personal responsibility. At age 14, not a nary soul can tell me what amber cole did was right unless she is was molested as a child, I have zero sympathy for her and the incident. people need to start holding themselves responsible.

  384. TrueHonesty03 says:

    To be honest, I feel sad for her, Amber really doesn’t know what love is and if she really sits back and think about it, he don’t love her and now that he see she will go out the way to do this, he probably will brings his boys in to run a train? Love ain’t love if all this has to come with it. Now, I haven’t the video but if she’s smiling and everything, she must know what they doing. I think her head was propped up into what he saying. She known for this, what dude is going to be with her now? This is wrong and my heart goes out to her. Let this not only be a mistake to her, but a lesson well learned. #Forreal..

  385. princessyaya16 says:

    im 16 and i still would do that. i mean ifi was married yea maybe MAYBE. but her wrong is not sucking it letting outer ppl c/ video it she should have did it some were privet. Amber is 14 yea we kno but there are bathroom, houses, or she shoulnt neva did it in the first place .Some say she didnt it because they broke up and she loved him sooo um hay u only 4 u have plenty of time to find love ok he just a boy lookin at hat in ya pants. You mingt ask what a 16 year old kno about well im 16 and im engaged so i dont care but just keep ya head up and all the people out there just need to shut up. It not Amber’s fault it the worlds fault. Next time be safe and dont b a ten mom because sucking is how sex starts. grow up in ya life and admit u did it because mistakes happen and this will take a while to blow over ..
    much support …………………

    • twe much twe say face ! says:

      i feel whadd yhu sayin cause the people dhats makin fun of her gone hate her when she start shining dhis was just minor and people need twe let her be………….

  386. haha blackbeauty says:

    The girl was in love.!!! when your that young love would make you do crazy things I dont think anyone should judge her bout it. do ya’ll understand that if a guy would say i love you and im willing to do any thing if you do one thing for me like what that guy did to amber would you believe that he would honestly put videos up…. nooo cause you young head over hills for this guy you would do anything i dont think the boy should get away with this at all okay so the parents wont press charge but still come she under age and who to say that she was in the right state of mind and sooo she said she agree to it but the boy still shouldnt get away cause its child porn he should go to jail and people she leave amber alone trust me if anyone knows it should be me

  387. million jacson says:

    i think that no one should shame her cuase the people that are probaly did it but didn’t get caught like she did


  389. twe much twe say face ! says:

    well to be honest she did something very bhadd twe be real bhud shes young nd didnt no betta i mean she said dhat was her first love how many of yall whea crazy about yo first love how many of yall still go wid yall first love i do !

  390. lily Valdez says:

    in my opinnion i believe that this girl was doing this because she is very STUPID who in the world would do something like this at school and especially outside? i mean not supporting this chick or whatever but she could of avoided the issue of being videotaped by not doing it, not at school, or in the restroom…..main point shes a stupid ass hoe

    • lily Valdez says:

      i mean yeah i blame her for her fault but yeah i mean that is the reason that we mess up in the world and do something wrong because we LEARN from our mistakes and thats exactly what she can do but NAWL yall wouldnt let her yall kept on and on up until yall practically killed the chick. so yall couldnt leave her alone that yall led her up to kill herself i mean really who does shit like that?………………… wait aperantly yall do!

  391. I feel bad for amber but then again I don’t. It’s real unfortunate that she got “caught out there” like that. Sadly, she is not the only young girl out here doing things like this. Now she has a reputation that is tarnished and this has probably messed up her family relationship as well as her self esteem. I think what’s real bogus about the whole thing is that nobody is saying about this little boys involved. They aren’t getting harassed, they aren’t been called “hoes, sluts, this, that & the other”. They getting hi fives and people making them feel like they got that game on lock. That’s the unfair part. If the girls do it then they harass her but the boys run free. Exactly why we will never get anywhere!! I hope that amber can pick up the pieces cause it’s a long road ahead.

  392. NELLY says:

    Listen i respect everyone’s decision but i kinda feel bad for her but then again i don’t. I don’t fully blame her i also blame her parents. Those boys were wrong but so was she because she is old enough to know right from wrong so its not fully there fault. I’m 17 and when i was fourteen i knew better. My family raised me too respect myself. They always say treat others how you would like to be treated and PEOPLE WILL ONLY TREAT YOU HOW YOU ALLOW THEM TOO TREAT YOU! SHE IS 14 PEOPLE!!!! I’m not saying she grown but she old enough too talk, write, read and, let alone know whats right from wrong! If she had respect for herself she wouldn’t be going through this right now. AMBER YOUR 14!!! You shouldn’t even be aloud too have a boyfriend at that age! Everyone saying we wouldn’t act like this if it was our family. WELL IF IT WAS ONE OF MY COUSINS THEY WOULD BE HEARING MY MOUTH TIL THEY OLD AND DIE (unless i die first!:) lol ) But its PARENTS faults because some parents fell that there child is too young too learn about sex…WELL PARENTS ITS NEVER TOO YOUNG…let me put this in a way you will understand ITS NEVER TOO YOUNG TOO CATCH A DISEASE! My parents started talking too me about sex since i was young and i pass it on too all my friends so they know as well in case there parents don’t tell them. Those boys in the video and there parents are also at fault because boys only repeat what they see at home and what there parents cheer for because when little boys think there dads are cool and when they dads think something a man did (THAT IS WRONG) is cool then children try too make there parents happy. Amber should have had enough respect too either do it behind closed doors NOT IN FRONT OF PEOPLE or not do it at all then she wouldn’t be going through this. She brought it upon herself…she was looking for the attention because she knew people were going to find out about it but she didn’t think it was going too happen like this. She thought they was going to talk about her in school BUT INSTEAD IT SPREAD AROUND THE WORLD. I strongly feel that GOD DOES EVERYTHING FOR A REASON and she must have done something really bad for god too punish her like this.. Well i’m not here too put anyone down so with that being said KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AMBER COLE AND REMEMBER LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES. HOPEFULLY EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT ON YOUR HALF BUT DON’T DO ANYTHING STUPID AFTER WHAT HAPPENED BECAUSE NOT ONLY WOULD YOU BE LETTING YOUR PARENTS DOWN (IF THEY CARE BECAUSE I FEEL THEY DON’T.) BUT ALSO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE ARGUING ON YOUR BEHALF TO CLEAR YOUR NAME..
    -love NELLY!(:,17

  393. Chyna says:

    Alright bottom line is, if your doing something like that, like having sex or whatever don’t have do that in private. She’s 14,to me that is old enough to know right from wrong but A mistake is a mistake I do think people should leave her alone because there are more important things going on in the world and the bullying is getting out of hand and this is how kids commit suicide, so to h Amber Cole, dont let any dude talk you into anything girl, stay strong.

  394. Tbabi says:

    Sheeeeesh .

  395. Young'n313 says:

    The boy fault that she should be ashamed. He just wanted some head. Almost every male would have took the head on video camera at that age. Plus the braggin rights are priceless. Hope she overcomes this but no one made her suck it.

  396. Young'n313 says:

    It’s not the boy fault that she should be ashamed. He just wanted some head. Almost every male would have took the head on video camera at that age. Plus the braggin rights are priceless. Hope she overcomes this but no one made her suck it.

  397. Emoline Lockhart says:

    Kids all over America are doing this. Its just different that this is on tape. Big deal.

  398. lookiehere800 says:

    Goddaumm….. shawty was really munching on that kahunna…. i wonder wat her mom does for a living… they should send that video to tosh.0, put 20 seconds on the clock and see how many jokes he can come up with

  399. Lil Wayne says:

    How can you guys say she has low self esteem. Maybe she prides herself in sucking dick. she could be happier than you. maybe she can’t be happy without a dick in her mouth.

    and there is nothing really wrong with watching that video. they are both basically the same age and age is just a number. they dont look like lil kids to me.

  400. Trent says:

    We as parents have to pray for our kids I have a daughter this is mind blowing that someone at the school is not watching our kids at school what’s problem with our kids today. This is a said story to know that this young life is gone because she has been put in the spot light and now this will hurt her every where she go.

  401. Laquitta says:

    Everyone is on;y worried about the boys they are nt worried about the boys that were there they had a part in everything… they guilty just like she is … im not taking up for her or nothing but come on lets me real about the situation…….

  402. moochie says:

    welll i feel sorry for her cause she has to wake up and here ppl say really bad things about her nd its sick how some of dease boys say they wish they had amber cole and thats jus disrespectful case wat if that was yhour sister wouldnt you gt madd just think about it cause this is ggonna crush all her dreams foreal

  403. I honestly believe the girl is wrong for what she did, like she should be ashamed of herself. Especially outside in the back on school grounds. She had the mind set of a choice whether or not she wanted to do what she did so people calls her sluts, and whores and what not but the decision all came down to her. She could’ve said no but she decided to do it and she has to deal with the consequences due to her actions..sorry to say it but thats what the girl gets.

  404. Donna says:

    I haven’t seen the video and don’t want to. I think it is unfortunate that everyone keeps forgetting there were two participants. All the focus is on the girl but what about the boy, who not only felt it was ok to participate in the sexual act but let his “boys” watch and video tape it. As children we all do things we regret when we get older. The difference in todays society, is the internet. Situations that would have been handled privately are now “world” history. I think there should be more monitoring of those sites where the video was shown and some type of consequences. I pray for her families of all involved. Teens who are reading this, take notice that what you do behind close doors come to the light. It is neither cute or cool to be video taped doing sexual acts. Videos do not go away.

  405. Trace Reimer says:

    you know who ever posted it, is in deep shit, don’t think for one minute that the DA won’t pick this up on Child porno distribution… and it doesn’t matter if the person who posted it is a child themselves sometimes laws don’t protect the Children from themselves ….

  406. pee843 says:

    i dont feel that this is that serious this happen everyday she is just messing with little boys will she a little girl but you live and learn i dont fault her for her mistake long as she learn from it and leave that dude he’s no good for letting someone tape it thats y’all personal business for real

  407. POOKAH says:


    • beye4805 says:

      i believe they get what they deserve,although i dont know the whole story,i know the basics,she was only a 14yr old child.i believe she was taken advantage of all the way through.sure she gave a man she loved oral sex outside,young and naive people do dumb things,but for the boys to use the video as a tool to blackmail her was completely wrong,well atleast thats what i get out of the 1st initial statements i see everyone posting,i feel sad for all the adults on here juding a childs actions,calling someone a slut or whore is so wrong,if she were a whore or slut she would’ve did the friends too and none of us would have known who Amber Cole was..think before you start judging a child,your child maybe on video also but agreeing to the terms,so her video isn’t out yet..

      • beye4805 says:

        let me make this clear though,although i believe the boys should be arrested,i dont think they should go to jail or anything but probation would teach them a lesson,hopefully

  408. Julia says:

    In my opinion I do not think these boys should be getting arrested or charged for some little girls stupidity. If she did not want people seeing her partaking in such promiscuous acts she shouldn’t be doing them in public AT SCHOOL. I don’t understand why everyone is showing her sympathy, if she made the decision to blatantly give a boy oral sex in the middle of the school grounds- I don’t blame the children for video taping that seeing as they are also CHILDREN! I don’t think their actions with putting it on the internet was morally right, but she shouldn’t have been doing that in the first place, and she could have stopped when she realized people were watching. If it’s done in public the public has the right to tape it regardless of the context.

  409. Elizabeth says:

    i honestly feel worse for the people hating on her. they are saying horrible things when they dont know what its like to be her. there could have been something deep in her heart that didnt have anything to do with the boy that made her make this decicion. young teens dont think much about what they are doing when they do it they just act because of what they feel. the people hating on her are just ignorant a**holes that think everything should be their way or no way. example: “there is a time and place for doing this at your home and when your married” does this person know that chastity is a joke these days? no one cares! that is their thought and they should keep it to themselves. saying that just hurts innocent people (amber cole). i say she is innocent because i know girls who have done nastier and more self- denigrating things at YOUNGER AGES but they just werent caught on tape. hell, i sucked dick at 13 for the same reason she did. i regret it but i can’t do anything about it because it is in the past. i just hope this girl can get over this and move on with her life without be afraid of love.

  410. lourdes&jonathan36 says:

    i wanna wach the video

  411. Mrs. Davis says:

    I’m all about self-worth and having dignity and respect for yourself, but we are all human. Yes she was dead wrong for doing what she did but the real issue here is clearly that she got caught doin it. Amber Cole is just another lost teen who had to learn the hard way too bad this will follow here forever

  412. giselle says:

    Okay . EVERYBODY calm down bro .. we GET IT ! she’s a 14 year old girl giving a boy head on school grounds.. & everyone’s blaming our generation ? o.O Well apparently your forgetting who raised us.. but anyway . HALF of you don’t know the entire story . ALL you know is her name and seen a petty video, Also probally a couple rumors here and there. Everyone’s on her case but seriously ? There are LOTS of girls out there that do these type of things on a regular basis but they don’t get “judged” cus they’re good at hiding what they do .. well most of them . This whole Amber Cole situation got OUT of hand. All I hear is “Amber cole this Amber Cole that” OK . It’s obvious that she’s 14 and knows right from wrong but so does that nasty bastard getting head as well as them immature idiots watching and recording them . None of this was needed at all.. I’m totallyyy against what she did but they BOTH made a wrong choice, SO let’s not be inconsiderate and give all the blame to her because She was an idiot and he was a heartless bastard.

  413. Marlen says:

    Amber Is Young & She knws what she is doing but if thats the kind of things she does at school i dnt even want to think what she does at her house & maybe just maybe her family doesnt show her love but her sucking dick isnt ganna make them lover her am pretty sure every person on here has either a daughter or son & they would not raise there child to do this not for money or anything else she does not have respect for her self & its really say cause shes so young thats just my opinion on this girl

  414. Raven says:

    2 words – dumb skank

  415. She’s a kid! Hormones can be crazy! But at the same time who ever filmed it should be registered as a sex offender! They r a sick mother fucker!!! We can only do the best we can “CPS” said we cant do anything else. Bull shit!!! they cant control our kids it’s a money thing! But at the same time, some parents shouldn;t have kids!!!!!

  416. Madeleine says:

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    Thank you

  417. elsiejp50 says:

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