President Obama is currently on his 3-day American Job Act Bus Tour through Virginia & North Carolina to push the important crucial bill.

Last night while many of you were sleeping the President’s 3.2 mile long motorcade rolled into my hometown Hampton, Virginia.   For those who may be unaware, Hampton is also home to Langley Air Force Base & Hampton University, one of the nation’s top HBCU’s. 

If you live in the immediate Washington D.C metro area (where I’m located now) most of us are accustomed to seeing the motorcade roll by but for those who aren’t it’s definitely a sight to see.   So off course folks along the route were excited to see the President roll on by.

The Scoop:

President Barck Obama ended a day of campaign-style, town-to-town barnstorming with an after-sunset drive across the James River Bridge, up Mercury Boulevard and into Hampton Tuesday night.

State and local police lined the intersections along Mercury Boulevard, snarling traffic on the Peninsula’s busiest thoroughfare for about a half hour Tuesday night.

Two dark-colored buses carrying the president, his entourage and the national press corps followed a string of 25 Virginia State Police motorcycles, blue lights blazing, to the SpringHill Suites, the hotel where the president would spend the night.

While the presidential motorcade crossed the James River Bridge, about a dozen people who had gathered on the James River Fishing Pier watched the swarm of flashing blue lights illuminating the bridge.

Today the President will visit Langley Air Force Base Wednesday morning, where he’ll be joined by first lady Michelle Obama for a speech about finding jobs for veterans and their families.  [source]

Quote from the video uploader:In front of Genesis Christian Fellowship Church one night after Bible Study…guess who rolls through town? MY PRESIDENT!!

Hilarious! I love my folks down in Hampton, VA! Like Young Jeexzy say’s “I put on for my city” too! LOL

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