Alot of people have been asking me if I had any updates on the whole Amber Cole incident that took place earlier this week.  We’ll I do.

According to Amber Cole’s twitter page (assuming it’s her) arrest have been made and she’s has moved on to another school.  She also squashed the rumor that she killed herself which she did not.

On Oct. 18th she tweeted:

On yesterday Oct. 19th she tweeted:

On today Oct. 20th she tweeted in regards to her new school:

And there you have it….and now my two cents.

Despite the incident that took place & regardless of how you may personally feel about it, we all need to be mindful that these are still children. Which means what exactly?

It simply means that by pointing the finger back & forth at who we think its responsible is not going to solve anything.  While some may disagree, the entire situation is not anyone’s fault, not their parents, the school or even society. However, some of their actions could have been a little better. But, that’s besides the point.

When it’s all said and done, the only way to move on from your mistakes it to “live and learn“.   Whether you want to admit it or not we all have skeletons somewhere in our closets, some at a younger age, some as a teenager and even some as adults.  None of us are perfect; if you think you are, you really need to get over yourself!

I’m not agreeing or disagreeing on who is right or wrong or who should take the blame.   In my eyes all parties are responsible for their own actions simple as that! Just like we as “adults” are responsible for our own actions & so are “children” of a certain age.

At this point we “adults” (including myself) need to be the bigger person & guide, support & mentor the younger generation.  We all know what it was like to be 14, 16, 18 & 21.  If you say you were nothing but a pure 100% angel at that age then….yea..I hear ya… 

In my head I’m comparing “underage drinking” to this incident which the majority of us have done.   Come on now don’t lie.  If you are grown enough to drink “underage” then you are grown enough to deal with the consequences.  Both situations go hand & hand to  certain extent.  So, before we judge other’s we first need to look back at our history and see where we arrived from……


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  1. @wetmythroat214 says:

    That is a fake Twitter page ….

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