I’m quite sure at least 90% of you have experienced some type of issue in your life when it comes to the subject of how to behave online when you are in a relationship.  

While some are quick to throw out the statement “as long as you trust your partner, then it’s not a big deal“.  We’ll in case you didn’t realize by saying that all you doing is setting your relationship up for failure. It’s not even about trust; it’s about carrying yourself in the proper manner out of respect for the relationship you have.

Trust I know this story all too well. Anyways, check out this clip as my homeboy Durrel (who’s a fan of the site) give us five important steps to take to keep you’re a** out of trouble online.  You just may learn a thing or two on how to have a much stronger relationship.

D was definitely on point with those steps! I can count the numerous times I have tried to school the person I’m involved with on how things should be done when it comes to social media sites.  I will admit that I’m even guilty of “spying” & “twatchin” someone I’m with but I think that’s normal.  We are all still human.

When it’s all said and done you can have all the trust in the world…but what is that without respect? I rather be single by my damn self than be involved with someone who simply refuses to respect me and my feelings. Some of us definitely need to take a few or them steps into consideration, including myself. LOL


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