Earlier this month Big Sean addressed allegations against him after he was arrested & accused of assaulting a 17 year old girl at one of his concerts.  Although, the rapper has repeatedly denied any involvement in the incident sources are now saying he will not face charges nor jail time.

The Scoop:

Big Sean has dodged a serious bullet, he will not be charged with sexually assaulting an underage girl back in August … but he’s not entirely in the clear.

Big Sean — real name Sean Michael Anderson — was charged with 3rd degree sex abuse, forcible touching and 2nd degree unlawful imprisonment.

But now, prosecutors agreed to drop the first two charges on the condition that Big Sean plead guilty to misdemeanor unlawful imprisonment … which carries a $750 fine. 

Sean’s lawyer Scott Leemon tells TMZ, the rapper has accepted the terms — and has paid the fine — but still insists “he did not engage in any type of sexual misconduct.” [source]

It’s crazy even when you are “innocent” the legal system still has a way of making somone guilty just so they can walk away free.   If he did not do the crime the man shouldn’t even have a “misdemeanor” right? Buy hey maybe it’s just me….

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