On Wednesday 50 Cent paid a visit to “The Gayle King Show” to speak about his new book & being bullied as a teenager.  During the interview, the two became quite close after flirting on-air, especially after Gayle told 50 Cent he could one day be the step daddy to her kids.

After the interview aired 50 Cent than took to twitter to proclaim his love for Gayle King.  But wait! he also said “I think I love her“, and then went on to discuss her fat a** and announces they are married.  So of course naturally Gayle responded.

The Scoop:

After the airing 50 tweeted:


 50 Cent then went on to say:

Than later on Gayle King tweets:

And 50 responds back:

Obviously these two were just joking but deep down inside I think Gayle King want that d*ck just as much as 50 Cent want that a**! Now run tell that homeboy! LOL

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