While most 61-year old grandmas are busy watching the grandkids this one had something else on her mind.  Bonnie Pointer, one the legendary “Pointer Sister’s” was arrested in LA this morning for having a little “something, something” in her possession. SMH.

The Scoop:

Bonnie Pointer a founding member of the famous Pointer Sisters singing group — was arrested early this morning in Los Angeles for possession of a controlled substance … TMZ has learned.

According to law enforcement, 61-year-old Pointer was busted for felony possession of a controlled substance at 12:39 AM and hauled to a nearby station– where she was booked and held on $10,000 bail. Pointer was released from custody around 4:30 AM. [source]

And I thought younger folks were bad…what in the hell! Now, she know’s damn well  she is too damn old for this B.S.! I guess grandmas nowadays wanna get high & shyt too! Lawd…….

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