Without a doubt Steve Harvey is considered one of the best comedian’s (next to Cedric, Ricky Smiley, Bernie Mac, D.L. Hughley, Monique, Sheryl Underwood) of our generation.   

After earning the prestige title as one of the original “King’s of Comedy“, Uncle Steve is gearing up to hang up his mic.  Steve Harvey broke the news via his radio show “The Steve Harvey Morning Show“.

The Scoop:

The “Family Fued” host said that he plans to retire from doing stand up—and that his last stand up routine will be performed next year at the 2012 Hoodie Awards.

Harvey disclosed the news after reading an email on the air from a listener who had heard rumors that Harvey was quitting his syndicated radio show.

“This is my Jamaican background,”Harvey joked. “I don’t quit no job. No, sir. That’s not me.” [source]

Man I hate to see Steve go but he had a run like no other.  I’m sure this will not be the last we see or hear from him.  As long as brother man keeps bringing his “church” jokes to BETs’ Celebration of Gospel, Im good! LOL Congrats Steve!

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