While Terrence J was away from BET’s 106 & Park this Summer shooting his new movie “Act Like A Lady…”, celebrity guests were filling his shoes.  Apparently, what we didn’t know is that there was a lot more going on behind the scenes between Rocsi & her guest co-host Webbie then one can imagine.

According to Rocsi, rapper Webbie “allegedly” sexually harassed her which as a result lead to him being banned from 106 & Park.  In a new interview with NBC’s “Nightcap” she talked about the incident & how both Terrence J & BET stood by her side.  In addition she also talked about her new acting career & upcoming book.  Peep it out.

I applaud both Rosci & BET for not putting up with that type of behavior however, I as I look at the picture above of Rocsi & Webbie I can help but to say the following.  By looking at the photo above and how Rocsi is all over Webbie can considered “sexual harassment” to Webbie as well. Like the old saying goes when it’s a fine a** dude it’s considered flirting, however when it’s an ugly” dude it’s considered sexual harassment.

Whether woman want to admit it or not…some do pick & choose their battles.  I’m not saying I agree with his actions cause I don’t. Regardless of the fact, no man or woman should “sexually harass” anyone point-blank. But like i said, some folks can & do get away with murder based on their looks.


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