It’s not that often we hear about the positive effects of Historically Black Colleges & University’s especially when it comes to the mainstream media.   However, slowly but surely some of the nation’s top HBCU’s are shinning bigger & brighter than ever.

For all us who know what’s it’s like to attend college but at the same time have to worry about the massive debt (student loans) that can accumulate after graduation can be challenging.

However, for two of the nation’s top HBCU’s more students are graduating with less debt according to a new study.  According to sources, Howard & Hampton University have been named in the top 10 colleges alongside ivy league schools were students have less debt after graduation.

The Scoop:

Kiplinger has come to the rescue, with a provocative Top-10 list that attempts to rate how well colleges actually do in making themselves affordable. It’s a list of colleges whose students graduate, on average, with less than $20,000 in student loan debt.

The resulting list shows a slate of schools that, despite their selectivity and undeniably high tuition, tend to send graduates out into the world comparatively debt-free.

Here is the list:

1. Princeton University. One of the first schools to enter the “full need”, Princeton is arguably the nation’s best higher-education value. The average graduate carries $5,225 in debt.

2. Williams College. Parents might find it hard to believe, but this $55,000-a-year school yields graduates with an average debt load of $8,369, according to Kiplinger. (My own data source, College Insight, puts the figure at $15,520, still a comparative bargain.)

3. Howard University. The flagship HBCU has surprisingly low tuition (around $10,000), and its average graduate has $9,863 in loan debt.

4. Harvard University. The wealthiest college has one of the most generous aid programs, one that recognizes families earning $150,000 as “needy”. As a result, the average graduate has $10,102 in debt.

5. Claremont McKenna College. This liberal arts school, a rising star on the U.S. News rankings, boasts one of the sector’s strongest aid packages. Kiplinger puts its student debt average at $10,280. (My source puts it at about $15,000.)

6. Hampton University. Another elite HBCU, Hampton is just as affordable as Howard. Average graduate debt: $11,334.

7. Rice University. A top private national university in Texas, one I remember from my college-applicant days for charging no application fee. (Sadly, that is no longer the case.) Average graduate debt: $13,944.

8. Pomona College. Claremont McKenna’s sister school, even more academically prestigious, Pomona leaves the average graduate with $10,592 in debt, according to Kiplinger. (College Insight puts the figure at $15,600.)

9. CalTech. Graduate debt averages $12,214 at the nation’s (arguably) finest math-science school.

10. Stanford University. With an aid program to rival the Ivies, Stanford yields graduates with an average debt of $14,058. [source]

By the way I attended both schools…so this is extra special to me! Despite some people feelings on obtaining an education at an HBCU, they are making difference just like the ivy league schools.  So let’s hear it for two of our HBCU’s for making the cut……


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