Who in the hell really wants beef with Tami Roman? We all know Tami ain’t afraid to whoop some a** however her ex-manager Jerry Silverhardt is not going down without a fight!  Sources say Tami fired Jerry and now she “allegedly” refuses to pay him wages for hours worked.  Off course now he’s suing.

The Scoop:

Jerry Silverhardt filed the lawsuit Monday in L.A. County Superior Court — claiming he was instrumental in securing Tami’s “Basketball Wives” gig … but instead of being grateful, she fired his ass.

Jerry claims Tami paid him for Season Two — but then left him out to dry after she ended their relationship in February … refusing to pay for work she did on the recently completed Season 3.

According to Jerry, Tami’s oral contract with him is crystal clear … she owes him 10% no matter what on all “Wives” paychecks for seasons 3 through 6 — and she better pay up, stat. Calls to Tami were not returned. [source]

An “oral” contract though, really? Looks like he has no case at all. If it ain’t on paper, signed, sealed & delivered then there is no contract.  Another win for Team Roman.

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