As each day goes by; the divorce between Kobe Bryant and Vanessa keeps getting interesting by the second.  In a new revelation, Vanessa’s ex step-dad is now speaking out & saying Vanessa’s mother told her when to divorce Kobe. 

Put it like this! Her mother basically told Vanessa to put with up Kobe’s B.S. until their marriage reach the ten-year mark so she could suck his a** dry! We’ll why you ask? In California, the law considers ten year’s a “long” marriage and Vanessa can clean house! Damn! Pop the hood for the receipts.

The Scoop:

Kobe Bryant should have known his soon-to-be ex-wife would take him to the cleaners in their divorce … because she learned the wallet-raiding playbook from her mother … so says Vanessa’s ex-step dad.

TMZ spoke with Stephen Laine — an inventory manager for a food company who was married to Vanessa’s mother from 1990 to 2003 … and helped raise Vanessa from a child into adulthood.

Laine tells us, “Her mother taught her well to wait for the ten-year mark [before divorcing].”  He explains, “In California … it’s considered a long term marriage and then she gets paid for life or until she remarries … just like her mother is doing to me.”

Laine continues, “I have to pay her mom $1,800 every month and clearly they don’t need it.”

Sources close to Vanessa tell us … Kobe’s soon-to-be ex-mother-in-law is currently living in one of the BBaller’s mansions … and we’re told Vanessa is very good to her.

Laine gripes, “I have a six-year-old daughter and that money could be used toward her college fund or something … you’d think she’d care .. but no, she’s spiteful.” [source]

After all that “playa-playa” sh*t Kobe was doing on the side it looks like he just got “played” big time by Vanessa & her mother. I hope all that kitty kat he was getting on the side was well worth it……

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