Drizzy Drake took over my old stomping ground the San Fransisco bay area for this latest video “The Motto” featuring Lil Wayne & Tyga (lived there when I was in the military).    The cut is a bonus track lifted from Drake’s “Take Care” album released on Nov 15th.

While in town for his video shoot bay area rapper E-40 (who also has a cameo in the clip) played host to the young money crew and showed them around his hood.   You know the “bay area” where my girl Keyshia Cole is also from.

In the clip Lil Wayne proceeds to “ghost ride the whip“.  If you ever been to the “bay area” then you definitely know what that is however, for those who don’t let me explain briefly.   Its’s when a person puts a vehicle’s transmission in gear then exits the vehicle while it is still rolling to dance beside it or on the hood or roof.

Now, when I lived out there it was don’t quite frequently in connection to the bay area’s “hype” movement.   Check Weezy is action starting roughly around the 1:47 mark.

And here’s how they do it in Vallejo, CA where I used to live:

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