That’s right DMV! “The Big Tigger Morning Show” w/Free (former co-host of BET’s 106 & Park) on DC’s WPGC is OVER!!!  I don’t know all the “drama” that took place behind the scenes but I do know folks all around the Washington DC area were “shocked” when they heard the news.

According to the Washington Post, Big Tigger was “fired” from his on-air position for unknown reasons.  But wait check this! Not only did he get fired but today (Dec. 22nd) is also his birthday, some damn present huh?  Pop the hood for the deets.

The Scoop:

DCRTV first reported that the morning drive host aka Darian Morgan, who’s birthday is TODAY, has been fired and his last broadcast was this morning.

Tigger, a native New Yorker who started working at PGC nearly 20 years ago as an intern, started his morning show about 18 months ago and was in a fierce rating battle with Hot 99.5, WIHT. He has been a fixture in DC – area radio for more than a decade.

In an internal memo snagged by DCRTV, Jason Kidd, WPGC’s new program director wrote: “I want to let you know that Tigger will no longer be hosting mornings on WPGC. Tigger has been a huge part of WPGC over the years. He started as an intern at PGC back in 1993 and eventually moved into nights in 1996. He came back later in the 2000s for afternoons and then, most recently, mornings. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.” [source]

Tigger confirmed the report on Twitter however, according to Big Tigger it was a mutual agreement. Here’s what he had to say:

As for Big Tigger’s co-host Free, there is no word on if she has been released from the station as well however, she did have this to say via her official blog:

“I will miss working beside Tigger every morning and I wish him the best of luck in all that he does and will do.

Sending you love as you move on to conquer more mountains! Respect.

You can still hear Tigger and I together on the weekends on “Live in the Den,” the syndicated radio show.

Now besides all that, it’s Tigger’s birthday today. #HappyBirthdayTigger! Many more, my brother. Many more.”

Love you,


On the flip side despite the news Big Tigger also thanked fans for their support and invited everyone to come out to his birthday party celebration tonight at “The Park“, downtown DC.

To get fired is one thing but did they really have to do it on the man’s birthday….well…damn! However, it’s all good cause he’s still the official DJ for the Washington Wizards.  I wish him well and best of luck in his future endeavor’s, he will be missed.

*sidenote: After all the charity work & contributions Big Tigger has made both on & off air in the DC area, I can’t believe WPGC pulled this B.S on him………

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  1. Big Tiger says:

    PGC, ur pure garbage !!!!

  2. Cody Coleman says:

    Big Tigger – I celebrated you Birthday with you yesterday: Remember Kunta Kente “Give Us Free”

  3. Cody Coleman says:

    Big Tigger – I celebrated your Birthday with you yesterday: Remember Kunta Kente “Give Us Free”

  4. QueenBeeDC says:

    @Big Tigger, Boo keep ur head up! You are still the best damn morning show host in the DC Area! F*&$ WPGC, the Bammas!

  5. Doreen Jones says:

    I believe the public has the right to know the truth… ratings down? I don’t think so Tigger is loved by the DMV……Trigger this will only make

    you BIGGER……. MUCH LOVE TOO YOU Tigger

  6. SMH.. says:


  7. KEYSHAWN says:


  8. Dee.M says:

    Bigg Tigg, I once was an intern at PGC also.. worked with Flexx and Non never had the Opp to met you,but you were my reason for interning at PGC… I appreciate all the class that you’ve brought to that station. Only a few of the originals left there now. You left your mark Big Homie. Trust and believe we GONE RIDE 4 YA… I turned my microphone in for the badge and THIN BLUE LINE… Bigg Tigg Love ya mann.
    Yo South Osborne rd Brotherl

  9. Michelle says:

    I will not listen to pgc again. Nothing against Free because both Tigger and Free were great but I have been listening to Chris Paul, Donnie Simpson, Michelle Wright and Big Tigger for the last 20 years and I can’t support shady businesses. Good luck to you Tigger!

  10. NhiDemand says:

    There’s a running joke about getting fired on your off day, but daYum on the man’s birthday?! Great timing, I guess this will garner some much needed attention???! Tigger I know the genius you are and the words of wisdom you got from D.S. on his way out so I’m sure your contract was GUARANTEED! Word of advice SYNDICATE your whole DAMN project like the likes of T. Joyner, M.Baisden and R.Parr, etc.!!! Glad you”re not a sellout like FLEXX and opt to go to different slots to keep your job!

  11. Donna Briggs says:

    I know him personally and knowing how he is this will be a stepping stone to bigger and better endeavors … Happy Birthday a new year a new beginning …Remember when one door closes a new one opens

  12. Barrett says:

    People do not want to believe it but look it up Tigger`s ratings were not good except for 18-34 and i love Tigg. Donnie the same thing and it is because of PPM the new ratings system WPGC and WKYS have taken a ratings beating.

  13. J hall says:

    People stand up for what u believe and dont support no mess we keep the ratings up…

  14. kenneth sanders says:

    BIG Kenny Sanders from G M U basketball the hell with em tigger keep it moving bottom line p g c has lost.

  15. kswiss says:

    If they could do it to Donnie Simpson…what makes you think that anyone at PGC is safe from being fired?

  16. RWM says:

    Donnie Simpson and Big Tigga knows how to intermingle. They are the life of the party. What PGC
    want is some ole un-articulated guy who sits in a room full of people, not even a part of the conver-
    sation; just listening to others talk and share their experiences. But that’s how it is, they might as well
    hire a department store dummy, to just sit DJ room, behind the selected music, and name and play
    songs all day long. No request line, speak-up on the air, or nothing. If they fire ppl. for stupid
    reasons like this.

  17. sumbrez says:

    i wondered what happend to Big Tigga. i dont listen to that station anymore since he was fired. it is very dry and not worth the effort. However came up with the idea to fire him needs to be released as well. and i know the ratings have dropped.

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