As the new season of Basketball Wives Miami gears up for its Feb. 2012 premiere date, new details are emerging on all the scandalous drama surrounding the upcoming season. From the rumor of Evelyn going up side Jennifer’s head at Shaunie’s birthday party to Jennifer’s beef with Royce, to the new two cast member’s and even old cast member Meeka Claxton.

In a new interview with TT Torrez on Richmond, VA’s iPower 92.1 Jennifer Williams spills a few beans on what’s going to go down this season. Jen also revealed that she is no longer speaking to her once best friend Evelyn Lozada & does not even know if their friendship will ever be repaired. Check it out!

Oh yeah…this season is about to be off the chains!  Jennifer is finally a grown woman now! I guess she finally grew some balls…usually she’s running around chasing after Evelyn’s stale breast milk……..

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  1. These women are rediculous! I hate that I have seen their show in the past but it may be the last! These women are class-less and have no morals! Especially that Evelyn chic! Doesn’t she worry how her daughter feels or how she is percieved? It’s never to late to clean your act up but I must admit that for a woman it is always much more difficult.
    Nonetheless – this is what reality TV has come down to! Shameless women gossiping, fighting, and talking about “their” men. You don’t see men doing these shows. Desperate or what!

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  3. Jean Elery-Leonard says:

    Evelyn is a trip!! How much class does she have. She is always in somebodys face talking smack, you need to approach a real woman and get your a** kicked. I think you are stupid and should really think about how class less you are.

  4. sharon mcmillan says:

    I think Evelyn is very class less no class a SLUT, HOE ,LOOSE: Yes all of the low class names you can think of she will not step to a real women because she will get her neck snapped quick…. They make real women with class look bad , no real women acts this way or talk like that at all, Jen is better than her, she don’t need a friend like her, Tammi plays the middle and everybody, not cool. They make Black women look very stupid, it’s not cute nor funny just ingonart, grow up .

  5. valencia king says:

    I feel that evelyn need to get over the whole situation and leavejen along and Tamil is a bull that need her but smack and stop being so fake. Susie is a troublemaker people needs to watch their back

  6. rvp425 says:

    Evelyn needs to grow the f*** up, she had a nice guy and didn’t appreciate him, no wonder she got hit in the head, she got what she deserved. Evelyn needs anger management classes.

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