The drama surrounding Fantasia & her baby daddy Antwaun Cook seems to never end.  Now, that Fanny Mae has given birth to Mr. Cook’s child she is demanding that he steps up to the plate & help raise his new family.

The Scoop:

Fantasia needs to work to support her children but hates the prospect of being separated from her new son.  In the meantime, sources say Fantasia and Antwaun are not living together.

“Fantasia has a lot of people to support,” explained an anonymous member of Fantasia’s camp. “She’s still financing an expensive lifestyle and touring constantly to pay for it. She needs to work -but her baby needs her too!”

“What Fantasia really hopes is that he will step up now, marry her and help with the care of their family,” the source continued.“She’s tired of carrying the whole load by herself.” [source]

The man does need to help take care of the child since he helped create it. However, didn’t she know what she was getting into when she decided to jump in the bed with a an “alleged” married man?  

Come on now! What did she expect?  I love Fannie Mae and all but I guess she was under the impression Antwaun was going to leave his wife & kids for her……Lawd!

And besides all those grown a** people Fantasia is financially supporting; they all need to get up off their a**es & support themselves……Fanny’s only responsibilities should be herself and her children…point blank!

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  1. Sharron says:

    I am in tears aftyer watching that beautiful wedding!! I pray that GOD give this family the strenght they need to endure. Praying with and for you

  2. Destiny Barbarino says:

    Antwaun was our friend and neighbor. He told us about this. She knew he was married with children. His marriage was in trouble, he had no money, problems with jobs, and responsibilities that he could not manage. She took advantage of it, giving him and everybody money. Not for love, but for some sick superstar ego tripping, give me all the attention. Big mouth, slanging her oversized, hanging out with dykes, homewrecking ho ass. She tried to buy this guy, she did a # on his wife and family. Let’s see what Karma does for this faking to attempt suicide cow lipped, all about her BITCH.

    • Eva Brown says:

      You was Probably another Bloodsuckin’ Bitch that had your hand out. You are no Better then Fat Lip Hoe, Antwaun and her Family. Since you Knew about it .Birds of a Feather flock Together. It take a Hoe to talk about another Hoe .

    • Carlotta says:

      So tell me this, just because antwaun said this makes how he lied to both of these woman rite…him and his broke ass wife probably plotted on fanny from the come out….woman lie, men lie so the only ones know the real is him her and God…stop it I say, yall act like yall was the nutt out this man penus and the words off his tongue, do you really think if a bitch on the fuckery that they gone tell the truth,HELL NAW…i only fault fanny for being nieve and not more alert to bullshit, but as far as her helping the people she helps, thats the perpose of

  3. tamika says:

    to miss fanny mae you knew he was married . If he cheats on his wife with you why would he respect you. You let this man use you for fame and money an now you are paying for it. no child should not have there dad in there life but you should have better common sense by now you were already a single mother of child why did you not learn i will pray for you and the baby but step up take care that baby anyway because he is not going to.

  4. Shenika says:

    fantasia u r a sweet person dont worry about what these dam people say. They talk about me to.

  5. Carlotta says:

    Look all of us women have been deceived in one manner or another, alot of marriages on photo tells a thousand lies as well, saying that to say just because a couple are married does not mean that its a happy one..i know plenty of couples that are married but seperated, so its not on Fantasia, put the blame on that lying ass nigga..she is just a woman that has feelings and fell victim to societys fucked up ass disapppintments(man)

  6. Jala says:

    Fantasia is not the blame that man lied to both women.So stop blaming Fantasia and blame that man.I am pretty sure if Fantasia new he was married she wouldn’t have a baby by him she is a nice women.I am sorry Fantasia that people are blaming you even though you are not the blame if i could help you i would do my best

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