For the past few days rumors has been swirling on the whereabouts of Beyonce and her fetus.  Rumors first suggested Bey checked into a NY hospital & “allegedly” reserved an entire floor to herself.  We’ll that rumor has since been denied by the hospital staff.

According to, a hospital staff member dismissed the rumours saying that there is no section of the Labour unit booked out for a VIP guest. [source]

However, now today (Dec. 29th) new reports have surfaced via Global Grind saying Beyonce checked into a NY hospital last night to give birth.  In addition, sources say Tina & Solange Knowles were also in NY as well.

The Scoop:

According to reports, Beyonce has been admitted into St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital in New York where she has gone into labor.

It was reported that she was believed to have checked in earlier this week, but last night she officially checked in and is set to deliver the baby. [source]

We shall see how this plays out……….

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