I’m a true fan of Nelly’s but I swear this incident right here had me at my desk laughing my a** off!! This morning on Twitter, Nelly send out a series of tweets in regards to him being in the studio with the “legendary” Dr. Dre. The only problem was he couldn’t seem to get his spelling right and in return his country a** got more than he bargained for!

The first tweet read:

After the first tweet he attempted to clear the air by stating he meant to spell “legendary” as “legend dairy“.   But then…..he f*cked up yet again! LMAO! Peep the next tweet.

The second tweet read:

LMAO!! I’m going to need Nelly to enroll himself in a college class on English ASAP…Here’s what a few folks on twitter had to say:

Twitter reactions:

I still ride with Nelly but I guess that’s what happen’s when you try to be a smart a** ……………….

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