So here I was doing a little research on the Internet for another post I was prepping and look what I found.  I came across an interesting article titled “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Beyonce“.

Now, four of the five things I already knew but who in the hell knew that Whitney Houston discovered Destiny’s Child? I damn sure didn’t know that one….well according to The Insider Nippy did.

The list read:

1. Her first group, Destiny’s Child, was put together by her parents in 1990, when Beyonce was just nine. The group was discovered by Whitney Houston.

2. Has been best friends with Kelly Rowland since childhood and is also a good friend of Gwyneth Paltrow.

3. The Oxford English Dictionary added the entry “bootylicious” after it gained popularity from the Destiny’s Child song Beyonce wrote to celebrate her curves.

4. As a child, she sometimes charged houseguests of her parents $5 to watch her perform.

5. Is allergic to some perfumes, but the scents she personally endorses were chemically altered to ensure she doesn’t suffer a reaction. [source]

Y’all better give Whitney her props…oh we can’t forget Bobby Brown too……

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