Look at what we have here!  Who didn’t see this one coming?  Last night (Jan. 22nd) Chris Brown & Rihanna apparently reunited in a West Hollywood club.

The once ex couple were caught on camera leaving the club in two separate vehicles & to make matters worst Chris Brown has his new piece of meat (aka girlfriend) Karrueche by his side.  I wonder how she feels about all this? 

The Scoop:

According to reports, they both left the club separately, but there was lots of speculation that the two had gotten back together. 

But that’s not true — according to Chris’ rep, the singer was with his actual girlfriend last night.  An aspiring model named Karrueche Tran… not with Rihanna.

The rep adds, Chris and RiRi are just friends.

Chris Brown may have been there with hsi girlfriend but Rihanan was indeed in the building as well.  The question is: Did they both know each other was going to be at this club? Ummmm…..  What do y’all think is really going on between them?

Why Chris? Why Rihanna? After all that drama in the past why do they continue to give the media more fuel to the fire.  Something just ain’t right here…………

Photos: Via Splash

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