……juelz santana still ain’t put a ring on it & she may of had an abortion

A few weeks ago I told you guys that a cast member on Vh1’s “Love & Hip Hop” was pregnant. We’ll after Emily revealed it wasn’t here (see here), the cat has been let out the bag. Or shall I say someone has been quite busy working their “kitty kat”.

On tonight’s season finale of “Love & Hip Hop“, Juelz Santana baby momma Kimbella reveals her big secret that she’s carrying yet another child.   Maybe that Erica chick on the show was right about her.

The Scoop:

Kimbella broke the news to both of her parents “We’re having a baby” says Kimbella to her mom, who responds with: ““I wish Juelz would put the ring on your finger already.

In addition, some folks are saying she may have had an abortion, she has been spotted making promo rounds looking non-pregnant. We’ll I did a little research and according to the recent pics (as of last night) on her twitter page.  

Just last night (Jan.22nd) she tweeted the following photo saying At Club Hiro last night… S/O @AciNae for another dope jumper made just for me!!

Then she went on to tweet: “Fun times last night!! Feeling good/looking good!!!”

Clearly she does not look pregnant! Either she had an abortion as the show was filmed months ago or she just lied for some attention or she had a miscarriage.  

At the end of the day whether she had an abortion or not is her business! I’m not here to judge her nor attack her let me make that very clear.  So you be the judge ………..

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  1. it was really good seeing kimbella shes beautiful 🙂 …. i took a picture wit her on the 22 of jan at club hiro and i cant find the picture … plz can you send me the picture 🙂 …. thnk yu xoxoxoox

  2. starshine says:

    At first I didn’t like Kimbella from Love and Hip Hop but in thee end she is a woman with issues just like every other woman out here. I can relate to her drama, I was able to easily stay connected with all the drama since I have TV everywhere. Between school and working at DISH, I was able to stream all my channels I get at home, right to my iPhone on my breaks. In the end, I wish every one of them ladies a best of luck wish for this year. It’s only the beginning.

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