Last night Jan. 25th rapper DMX was “poisoned” while spending a little quality time at his baby mama’s crib in Miami.  Dang! Can a father visit his kids peaecefully…geesh!

See now, some of y’all are already thinking that his baby mama’s must have tried to kill his ass or something but see it’s not even like that.  Here’s what went down…..

The Scoop:

DMX had the plane ride from Hell last night — throwing up all the way from Miami to Charlotte, and then rushing straight to the hospital after landing.

According to DMX, he had some “bad shrimp” at his baby mama’s house in Miami before he got on a plane — commercial — and then spent most of the flight tossing his cookies in the lavatory.

X tells us … as soon as he touched down he went to Gastonia Memorial Hospital outside of Charlotte … by limousine. Puking, but still balling!!

X spent about four hours in the emergency room getting treated for food poisoning, and then headed home. [source]

Hope X get’s better however, one can’t help but to wonder if his baby mama gave him that bad a** shrimp on purpose.  Ummmmm……

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