It’s looks like Nicki Minaj’s image has finally took a turn for the worst.  BET has finally done something right for a change! They have decided to officially ban Nicki Minaj’s new ignorant video “Stupid H*e“!

A few days ago Nicki Minaj dropped her new video (see below) and boy was it a mouth full!  To be honest, the song itself is ignorant as heck and I’m not even sure to why she even feel the need to release it.  It’s 2012 why are woman still referring to one another as “h*e’s” ?

In addition, the video shows Nicki Minaj gyrating all over the place as if her head was cut off like a damn chicken.  Oh what such artwork!

The Scoop:

Don’t expect to catch Nicki Minaj’s latest music video “Stupid H*e” on BET — because TMZ has learned the network is REFUSING to air it. 

A rep for BET who wouldn’t specify exactly why the network has banned the video — simply saying BET will not be broadcasting it.  But sources at the company tell us, the ban was put in place because the video’s just too explicit for TV. [source]

I’m sure Lil Kim is somewhere laughing her azz off about this right about now….mind you Nicki was “allegedly” referring to Lil Kim as the “Stupid H*e“.  Clearly that plan back fired on her azz………..

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